Prois Hunting Apparel Caption Contest – September 2010

Jump in and take part in the fun!  Prois Hunting Apparel for Women is sponsoring a monthly photo caption contest which will be posted here, on the Prois Community Blog. 

How do you participate?  Simply supply a unique caption to go with our posted photo in the “comment” section listed below. 

Why should you participate?  Well, for starters…it’s fun!  BUT- the winner that is chosen by the Prois staff will become the proud new owner of a Sherpa Gaitor in Max-1 or Realtree AP

What are you waiting for!?  Give us YOUR caption!




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  1. Well there Since it seems there might be and issue with the photo and i can only see a small little blue box with a question mark in it i will simply title it: “what the????”. Hehehe

  2. Momma and Poppa Bear in hot pursuit after catching Goldilocks red-handed with Baby Bear’s fish….

  3. Whoa!! His fish is WAY bigger than mine!!!

  4. Even as a young girl, Katherine always felt a need to bring home the first fish!

  5. LOL, I was not that chubby as a little girl Jeff

  6. Wanted: Bear Repellant Tester
    Candidate should possess desire to learn, daring and the ability to run at over 40 MPH
    Applicants should apply in person at Prois Hunting Apparel

  7. Ok Daddy you skin these 2 and I’ll get 2 more for you!

  8. Whoa!, Why am I running? It’s your fish she took!!!

  9. OK! You Win! Your fish is bigger AND better eating than mine!

  10. “My brother said they were hibernating!!!!!!!!!!”

  11. “Where’s my Mathews Mission Menace when I need it?”

  12. Them bears are right on her bass! Good thing she learned how to play dead… but to bad she forgot…

  13. These Biggest Loser contests are sure getting out of hand!

  14. I thought it was kids free fishing day!!!

  15. “I should have had a V-8!”

    Mama TOLD me not to have seconds!”

    “You don’t have to be faster than the bears; just faster than your chubby little sister!”

  16. I’m never listening to a Don’t Feed the Bears Sign Again!

  17. This is how track stars are born. When you live near the wilderness, you learn early on it’s all or nothing. See you at the Olympics 2016!

  18. ” I found him first, and I call him Squishy!” “AND HE SHALL BE MINE!” MY Squishy! MINE!! NOT YOURS! ” Get your own Squishy Fishy! Silly bears ……fish are for kids! Bad bears! Bad!!!! Now run like hell!

  19. “Even as a young girl Rosie O’Donnell loved animals… almost as much as she loved seafood!”

  20. Battling horrendous track conditions covered by several inches of water, “Little Runda” struggles to maintain her lead and prepares to hand off to team mate, “Running Griz”, in the annual “Charity Salmon Relay Race.”

  21. “I thought they said Beware of Salmonella…not SAM and ELLA!” AHHHHHH!!!


  22. Okay DAD….next time you get your own damn fish!!!

  23. “The ice cream dad promised me for getting this fish better be BIG”

  24. “Last one to camp is a rotten egg!”

  25. “Finders keepers, losers weapers”

  26. “Mommy said, “if I can hold the fish and run fast enough I could tryout for Chicago Cubs.”

  27. How now Brown sow see if you can catch me now !

  28. MAW…These Bears are alot meaner than the kids at the park I take ice cream from!!!!

  29. When everything’s coming your way, you’re in the wrong lane.

  30. Little Annie discovers she is not always at the top of the food chain.

  31. Holy crap! Where’d they come from?

    You have the mom, you want the baby fish too?!

    Where’s the 416?!!!

  32. Orphaned Alaska girl raised by grizzly bears!

  33. Eat it, or throw it? I can’t run and think at the same time!

    Bait, It’s a family event!

  35. Screw the Wii, THIS is how to get your kids to exercise!

  36. “OH NO YOU DON”T!”…I love fish like a fat kid loves cake!!

  37. Big Girls don’t run!!! or When fear is all you have. You just got to GO!!!

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