Prois hunting and field apparel not just for the hard, high mountain hunts.

By:  Mia Anstine- Wolf Creek Outfitters

This past weekend, lady Prois supporters, Deb Ferns, Camp Director of Babes with Bullets, Mary Ann Dabney, Camp Cook for Babes with Bullets, and Chris Quam, Director of Sales at HIVIZ Shooting Systems  joined Mia Anstine owner of Wolf Creek Outfitters  to harvest their own bison.

 The ladies desired bison because they, like many of us, wanted to fill their freezers.  Bison meat, being one of the leanest and healthiest meats is the best money can buy.  The animals they were after were free range bison.  They have no antibiotics and no hormones in their systems.  Bison meat has a high nutritional value and is high in omega 3 fats which among other things help prevent cancer and lower cholesterol.  The ladies were excited to fill their freezers with healthy meat without the extremes that can come with a traditional hunt.

 A traditional hunt can entail a lot of hiking, spotting and stalking.  The harvest allows a person to provide healthy meat for their family with out hours of sitting, hiking and silence.  Deb showed up with a walking cast on her foot and was able to face the challenge of maneuvering around to get to the animals.  Chris Quam had not hunted before.  The harvest would be a first for her.  She took the task serious, as every shooter should.  She sighted her rifle in and had a shot grouping with in one inch at 200 yards.  Mary Ann is a long time hunter and was prepared to take down the big bull bison.  It took some maneuvering around, but the ladies were able to harvest bison ranging in size from 1600 to 2000 pounds. 

Mia Anstine, Deb Ferns and Chris Quam, members of theWOMA wearing their Prois gear.

Mia Anstine, Deb Ferns and Chris Quam, members of theWOMA wearing their Prois gear.

  • HooAhhhh Ladies! Liking the big P on your shirts!

  • Wow, nice kill ladies! Lookin great in your Prois gear!

  • First time hunt/harvest and opportunity to wear my Prois gear – loved it! The harvest was a fantastic experience and the Prois gear was fantastic! Can’t wait to try out more on a spring turkey hunt!

  • Katherine Browne

    You ladies are a bunch of badasses!