Prois Home Hunting Parties Gets A Facelift! Now EVERYONE Can Join the Fun!!

Do you love Prois? Do you like to party? Do you like to make money? Do you want to go on a Colorado Mt. Lion Hunt? CHECK IT OUT! We have made some exciting new changes for 2013! Welcome to the Prois Home Hunting Party Consultant program!

Who is eligible to become a Hunting Party Consultant?
You are! Prois is in search of women like you who are energetic, outgoing and ready to invest in their future to earn some additional income. A love for hunting and shooting is a must, and well, since you are already interested in this unique program- you must love the outdoors as much as we do! Simply set a party date, contact Prois and throw your own Hunting Party!

How do I become a Hunting Party Consultant?
It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…
1. Contact us here at Prois Hunting Apparel.
2. We will help you set up a personal party and send you samples for your party.
3. Throw your shindig…fill orders…earn rewards! How cool is that!?

How do I prepare for my own party?
Once you have contacted Prois, our Home Hunting Party Coordinator will help you identify what gear may be best suited for the time of year, your geographic region and the wishes of you and your friends. We will send a small package of samples, catalogs and ordering instructions. The sample package will not be charged to you, but the cost of the package will be authorized and held on your credit card until the samples are returned to Prois.
Prois will also provide an e-template for invitations for you! The rest is up to you! Party down in the true Prois spirit! Share our amazing products with your friends and family. Place orders at the time of your party and partygoers will receive a 10% discount on all items ordered at that time!

So…what’s in it for the hostess??
Well, not only do you get to have a party and that is always a good thing…you will earn a whopping 20% of total sales from your party that can be applied to your own purchase or it could be used against any of the samples that you might wish to keep. Bada Bing. Additionally…once your party is over…ship the samples back to us and you are done! This is fantastic for those who fear commitment.

How do partygoers place orders at a party?
We’re glad you asked. It’s so easy. You will be issued a coupon code for your party. Partygoers will simply place their orders online using that coupon code which will earn them their discount at the time of check out. The best part…we will ship orders out the very next day from Prois, so you do not need to go through the messy hassle of receiving a large order and delivering to your friends. Again…this is so easy it hurts.

Do I have to continue throwing parties?
Nope! The best part about being a Home Hunting Party Consultant is that you can throw one party or one hundred parties. It’s up to you. You just contact us whenever you want to throw a party and we will get you set to jet. The fun part? You can throw a party whenever you want! Think of the possibilities. Prois Bridal Shower? Why not. Prois Christmas Party? Absolutely. Prois Groundhog Day Party? Of Course!

What if I am an over-achiever and want to be the best consultant of the year?
Funny you should ask. Each year, Prois sets up a competition for the Home Hunting Party Consultants. We track your sales through the year, and the consultant who sells the highest volume wins a prize of unspeakable value…an opportunity to attend a 2014 Colorado mountain lion hunt with the Prois crew! (Prois will cover the cost of the guide, but travel, licenses, tips and other expenses are on you) How cool is that!? Seriously.

Could it get any better than all that!?!
This is Prois…of course it could! We will be providing a theme for parties each year. Should you choose to use our themes to decorate and plan…all you have to do is send us photos of your shenanigans. The most original use of our theme will earn you yet another prize of unspeakable value! But that is a secret…and a very fun and crazy secret. So get at it! So…for 2013, our theme is…wait for it… “Cougars!….Kitty’s Got Claws” We have NO doubt that you can have some fun with this one!

So…how do I get started with this unique opportunity?
Email us at! You can also call if you want. We will talk to you. (970) 641-3355!

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