Prois Field Staffer, Stephanie Mallory Tells Us About One Tough Granny!

Prois Field Staffer, Stephanie Mallory, tells us a story of one tough granny who kills an wolf with an axe as the wolf is attacking.


You shouldn’t mess with 56-year-old Aishat Maksudova, a grandmother from Russia, as one wolf found out just last week.

Maksudova, who lives in the village of Novo Biryuzyak in the Dagestan region, was herding sheep and cows with a group of villagers when she heard the sound of a calf being attacked by a wolf. When she confronted the wolf in an attempt to scareit away, it attacked her, but she didn’t back down.

“When I raised my arm up like this, the wolf was just holding my hand,” Biryuzyak says. “Trying to claw my hand. I wanted to open his mouth and put my fist all the way there, all the way to his throat. But I could not open him. So I just left my hand, and the wolf was just clawing into it, pulling on it, pulling away like this. And then I took the axe and hit him on his head.”…

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