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by Sabrina Haverfield Date Added: Tuesday 11 June, 2013
Bought two of these, one for myself, one for my daughter to take on safari in South Africa. While we didn't fit in as far as the traditional olive drab safari clothing that other's in our group wore, I guarantee you we were the most comfortable in the 120 degree heat we were hunting in for seven days. The fabric was light and kept us cool but it also protected us from the sun! I thought for sure we'd get sunburned through the shirt but it was like wearing 100 SPF sunscreen. The shirts even held up to the hundreds of thorn bushes and trees that we hiked through. Our legs and arms were scratched up as if we'd been thrown into a barrel of water with a bunch of cats, but the shirts? Not even a snag. Even our PH asked how the shirts were working out for us and I told him it beat the cotton safari gear I'd gotten from brand x, hands down. It was a successful hunt for both of us and it was made that much better by having the perfect gear!

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