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Amy Hanneman

Amy Hanneman began hunting in 2003 and quickly realized that hunting would become her lifelong passion. Since then she’s moved from beginning shooter to successful huntress with bow and muzzleloader as well. Her favorites are do-it-yourself hunts on public lands. Many have been filmed for TV. She also writes for Amy works as an ICU nurse and finds immense joy in helping others. The busy mom of three young boys, Amy feels privileged to pass on the values of ethical hunting and conservation, especially to women and children, in order to maintain America’s outdoor heritage into the future.

Donna Boddington

Donna Boddington is a tough hunter. Period. Whether she’s leading the charge up a goat mountain with debilitating blisters or mustering for another scorching hot day of stalking Cape buffalo she is ready with fortitude and an indefatigable spirit. Her hunting geography ranges from whitetail at her farm in Kansas to big game in South America, Asia, Europe, Africa and Australia. On the Dark Continent she’s taken game small as the dik dik and as large as the elephant and giraffe. She harvested both ibex and chamois in Asia and Europe. On her home continent she’s enjoyed hunting all of our big game species and is still on the quest for a mountain goat.

Beth Ann Amico

Beth Ann Amico Beth Ann and her husband John own Deep Fork Retrievers in Choctaw, Oklahoma. Their reputation for producing quality retrievers has led avid hunters including 2008 presidential candidate Governor Mike Huckabee and former Oklahoma Governor Frank Keating to their kennel, along with sportsmen and professional hunting guides from across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. Beth Ann is also the first woman from Oklahoma to be elected into the prestigious Professional Retriever Trainers Association. An awarding-winning gun dog writer, Beth Ann has called waterfowlers to the page in Retriever News, Retrievers Online, and Labrador Quarterly, as well as Purina, NRA, and NWTF publications, among others. The Dog Writers Association of America honored her with a Maxwell Medallion Award, the association’s version of the Oscar. She was also a John Madson Fellowship recipient from the Outdoor Writers Association of America and attended the nationally acclaimed Wildbranch Outdoor Writing Workshop. Beth Ann has shared her expertise on hunting retriever training with television and radio audiences and even Wall Street Journal readers. As members of Cabela’s Pro Staff, she and her husband have traveled from Mitchell, South Dakota to Gonzales, Louisiana, presenting retriever training demonstrations and assisting customers with their selection of gun dog training equipment. Beth Ann was the first woman elected to the board of directors of the Oklahoma Station Chapter of SCI and helped organize their annual fundraising banquets and membership drives. One of Beth Ann’s greatest joys is sharing her love of the outdoors with other women, and she has taught classes for Becoming an Outdoors Woman and Women in the Outdoors programs.

Niki Atcheson

Niki Atcheson grew up in a Central Africa, in what is now Burundi and Rwanda, as the daughter of Dr missionary parents. Her father hunted and she caught the bug. Years later during the infamous Hutu/Tutsi genocide she completed her University training in Marine Biology in the USA diving all over the world doing seagrass biology studies. Niki began hunting after several NRA courses and hunting Washington State with her father, became a range master, and started hunting her beloved Africa for dangerous game. In particular Niki loves to hunt old dagga boy Cape buffalo and is headed to # 20 shortly. In the meantime she worked guiding for Eugene Yap of South Point Safaris on Mauna Loa. “I guided from 12,000 ft in pure lava fields to the dense lower jungles in one of the most remote areas in the USA. We hunted the genetically purest strain of muflon sheep in the world, huge wild cattle, turkey and other birds, wild goats, boars etc. The flora and fauna there were some of the rarest in the world and I loved learning about each of them and enthusing my clients about each one.” Niki currently cooks, guides and entertains for her husband, Keith Atcheson, of Jack Atcheson and Sons International Hunting Consultants, and their personal Hunters Montana business. “I love taking people into the wilderness and hunting and teaching. Hunters are the greatest people in the world!” Niki also heads up a club of women, The Women of The Four Winds. Many of these women are also professional hunters and teach and share with each other. As well as meeting to discuss important environmental topics, legislature, first aid etc these dedicated women raise money for specialized disabled equipment to get kids and vets in the field in any capacity! “My other passions are gardening, languages, and true life adventure novels especially about women. Women Rock the world!!!” Over the years Niki also occasionally writes articles. Currently she is writing interviews for a new informational website, Prois’s own Kirstie Pike will be featured in the next interview on the website so check it out.

Becky Lou Lacock

Becky Lou Lacock spent most of her life as an entrepreneur owning several retail businesses. Her shooting and hunting adventures began later in life, and her excitement and enthusiasm just seems to spill out onto everyone around her. Born and raised in Louisiana, now residing in Texas with her husband Lou, who she owes her “coming out of the house” into the great outdoors. She actively hunts year round across the nation, including but not limited to deer, Turkey, Hogs, Ducks, Birds, and various predators. Sport shooting is also often on her agenda including shotguns, rifles and pistols. She actively competes in Cowboy Action Shooting with S.A.S.S. registered alias of “Sassy Bandit” (Derived from a famous line from the original Lonesome Dove Western). Spending most of her life indoors, she is keenly aware that there are many women that do not consider most outdoor sports simply because they do not have three very important things; 1.) Information, 2.) Encouragement 3.) Inspiration. With her newly defined purpose for life and her entrepreneurial spirit in full swing, Becky Lou works diligently to provide these three things to women across the world using all platforms made available to her. She is noted in the industry for her passionate efforts to inspire and encourage women to experience outdoor activities by speaking and volunteering for women’s groups and educational programs across the nation. With a firm belief of “Let No Woman be Left behind” she also participates, promotes and organizes female group activities and hunts across the country. She works diligently to provide and/or connect with women of all levels of physical and financial capabilities to appropriate opportunities. As a professional freelance writer, she has been published by media outlets in print and online including InterMedia Outdoors’ Game & Fish Magazine / Sportsman Magazine & Beginning in 2010 she has made several television appearances representing women in the outdoors in a very positive, respectful and professional manner and has continued to appear on various productions each year, one of the highlights being featured on the award winning show “Benelli on Assignment” Outdoor Channel for one of Benelli’s first all women’s hunts. Besides being a very Proud Prois Posse member, Becky Lou also serves as Pro-Staff with Commando Call Products, Sure-Loc, Trophy Bag Koolers, Watson Airlock Bags, Her Camo Shop, Hammer Time Wildlife Attractants, and is Pro-Staff Manager for Skull Bound TV Scent Products. Becky Lou has established a reputation in the industry of professional ethical integrity, which is why she chooses to be on staff representing Prois Hunting Apparel, because it’s the perfect fit, literally. Becky Lou has a unique style of writing and has trademarked the phrase “Camo can be Classy”™, and can often be quoted with her favorite line, “Shooting.. it may be for you, or it may not, but it is definitely worth a Shot!”

Tracy And Lanny Barnes

Twin sisters Tracy and Lanny are Olympians in the sport of biathlon, who grew up hunting and fishing in Colorado. They competed together in Torino, Italy, in 2006, and Lanny competed in Vancouver, Canada in 2010, where she posted the best U.S. women’s finish in 16 years. Tracy was crowned world’s best biathlon shooter in March 2011. Currently they are training for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. They claim that biathlon has made them better hunters and hunting has made them better biathletes, as they are able to shoot rifles accurately with a heart rate of 180 beats per minute.

Candice Crick

Candace Crick is a mother of 5 boys, archery guru, married to her soul mate and now host & owner of Vital Obsession TV. She has begun her pursuit towards the North American grand slam solely stick & string. She feels videography is just as rewarding as the harvest! She aims to empower women to feel successful in the woods no matter how experienced they are. Candace quotes we are all unconquerable & anything is possible. She aims to be that open heart & aiding hand to gain women that self confidence. Candace is elated to take Prois along on all of her adventures!

Candy Bowerman Yow

Candy Bowerman Yow is the cohost of Extreme Desire TV. She is an avid horse woman and trainer. She grew up on large ranches and earned a respect for the outdoors and wildlife at an early age. A mother of two daughters and two step daughters and now a grandma to 5 Candy is very passionate about involving families in the hunting industry. Candy has also written several articles for outdoor publications.

Angie Denny

Angie Denny and Husband Scott have owned their outfitting business Table Mountain Outfitters for 16 years and have their own TV Show THE LIFE at Table Mountain. THE LIFE at Table Mountain tells the story of America’s most successful outfitter, Table Mountain Outfitters. Table Mountain Outfitters guide over 200 hunters to big game success each year.

Rebecca Francis

Co-host of Eye of the Hunter TV, Rebecca has been hunting for as long as she can remember. She went hunting every fall with her dad and brothers. For Rebecca, hunting is a time for family, a time to learn and to find balance. It is a time to allow all her senses to be renewed. But most of all, hunting where she goes to feel closest to God. It is in the mountains she hunts that Rebecca knows without a doubt that there is a Creator and Guardian. It is Rebecca’s home. And she won’t go home without Próis.

Vickie Gardner

Vickie Gardner and her husband Tim operate Alpen Optics (, where she is VP of Stuff. Formerly a “tree-hugging” outdoor education teacher, Vickie stepped outside her comfort zone with the encouragement of friends and learned to hunt. She has since taken elk, deer, and other game. Vickie partners with Paralyzed Veterans of America to hold hunts for wounded veterans of both sexes. The outdoors is a place of healing, and wounded veterans who hunt and fish prove they are not defined by their injuries. Vickie feels honored and inspired to spend time in the woods with America’s wounded heroes.

Julie Golob

Julie Golob is one of the most accomplished professional shooters in the world and captain of the Smith & Wesson Pro Shooting Team. As a young girl, she began shooting and hunting with her father, Pete Goloski. Over her 20-year shooting career, Julie has won more than 120 championship titles in international, national, and regional competitions. Julie is also an author and her first book, SHOOT, was published in February of 2012. With a rigorous competition season, Julie looks forward to hunting as both a thrilling and relaxing pursuit. A foodie at heart, she has a passion for preparing wild game in new ways for the table, sharing recipes and hunting experiences on her website,

Ruth Cusack

Ruth Cusack is the 2012 Prois Award Winner.  Most of her hunts are self-guided remote wilderness drop type hunts for Alaskan big game animals. Whether it’s flying into a high alpine lake to hunt late season mountain goats on Kodiak Island, battling the elements on the Alaska Peninsula hunting coastal brown bear or packing into a river above the Arctic Circle to hunt moose and caribou. She is always ready for the adventure and looking forward to the next opportunity.  Ruth also won the Alaska Chapter SCI Diana award and is now on the Board of Directors.  She also volunteers and donates to many of her local charities. 

Christina Holden

Christina grew up in a hunting family and developed a strong affinity for the outdoors. She’s spent countless hours in waterfowl blinds, always with her yellow lab, Gauge. She is one subspecies away from her Turkey Grand Slam. Christina has written widely, from features on the Chesapeake Bay to hunting articles about youngsters and women. Christina coordinates worldwide hunts for wounded veterans, filmed for Jim Zumbo Outdoors on Outdoor Channel. Her most exciting moments include confrontations with a brown bear in Alaska and a cobra in Africa—and a South Dakota turkey that strutted all the way to her shotgun.

Stacey Huston

Stacey is a wildlife photographer, with images published in numerous outdoor magazines and catalogs, as well as an avid huntress, angler, falconer, and raptor rehabilitator. She was raised in the mountains of northwest Montana, with a deep respect for the outdoors and all things wild. Stacey and her family enjoy hunting with longbows and self bows, and any time spent outside. She much prefers the high country to the mall, and feels more at home in heavy timber than in any town. She is passionate about what she does, and about nature and our place in it. See her photos at

Crystal Ivy

Born in Carrizo Springs, Tx and owning my first .22 at the age of two, it’s pretty safe to say I live, breath and bleed the outdoors and have my whole life. Having harvested dozens of types of species all over the world, I’m blessed to call myself an accomplished hunter and outdoorsmen. I am the Ranch and Wildlife manager for The Back Porch Ranch located in the Texas Hill Country. This where I call home and have been here for 7 years with my two amazing children. I am a life member of Texas Wildlife Association, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and Safari Club International and actively participate in each. I am also a Texas Wildlife Association director as well as serve on the Women Of the Land advisory committee hosting numerous events to support each at the ranch. Upcoming hunts include a 2012 Yukon moose, stone sheep, pronghorn, mule deer, whitetail and a return to Tanzania on a 30 day safari in 2013. Although I enjoy fishing, photography and playing guitar, hunting is my passion!

Stephanie Mallory

Stephanie Mallory owns Mallory Communications, Inc., and provides media relations services for numerous outdoor equipment companies, as well as contributing articles and photos for outdoor publications, websites, and marketing materials. She is also coauthor (with Beth Habeishi) of the book Basic Illustrated Archery, published by Falcon Guides. Stephanie enjoys hunting, fishing, camping, and all things outdoors. She and her husband Brett live in Birmingham, Alabama, with their four children, Ethan, Ransom, Scarlet, and Fiona. Learn more at Stephanie’s website,

Hon. Julie A Mongenis

Julie is a retired judge and the host of award winning and internationally broadcast outdoor television series “Huntin with the Judge”. Julie holds the Trophy Game Record of The World Huntress of the Year 2010. She also holds over 12 World Records for various species taken by rifle, muzzleloader, pistol, and archery. She is an incredible hunter and a great lady!! She hunts everything from varmints, trophy whitetail, monster elk & red stag, chamois, bears, plenty of dangerous game, the Big 5 & many species of Plains game. Julie had already been promoting Prois as an Ambassador when she was selected for Pro-Staff this year.

Joni Marie Kiser

Joni is an avid bowhunter who has hunted all over the world; taking more than 24 big game animals to date with her bow. Additionally, she is the 6th woman on record to ever take a Brown Bear with a bow. She is a National Factory Pro Staff shooter for Xpedition Archery and HHA Sports. A former Archery Pro Shop owner, Joni is still very passionate about sharing her love of bowhunting by teaching other women to shoot/hunt. She is the owner of Rockstarlette Bowhunting an Outdoor Lifestyle clothing brand where she also leads several women’s group bowhunts each year. She coaches participants to get ready for the hunt and hunts with them to help alleviate nerves making their first bowhunt an amazing experience! She is a volunteer instructor for Alaska Department of Fish and Game, teaching Archery classes. Joni is currently a writer for five hunting magazines including: Pope and Young Ethics. She was honored to receive the Diana Award from Safari Club International AK for her work in Conservation and her dedication to promoting ethical hunting. Joni is the Alaska State Coordinator for Prois and loves promoting Prois and everything the company stands for.

Kendra Brinkham

fullsizeoutput_99cKendra grew up in the sandhills region of Nebraska with a family full of hunters.  She is an avid outdoors woman who enjoys hunting the numerous species of big game, waterfowl and upland birds Nebraska has to offer.  Kendra has also been fortunate enough to travel to Africa and take several plains game animals including her greatest trophy, a bull Gemsbok.  Kendra and her husband Sam live on the Pitzer Ranch were they raise cattle and registered quarter horses.  She will be traveling to Argentina for a Red Stag hunt in 2017, something that has been on her bucket list for many, many years.



Tad Mecham

Tad has been hunting her whole life, being outdoors and hunting is not what she does, but who she is! Tad and her husband Clint, are avid Houndsmen, and their passion is hunting with the hounds.. Tad and Rebecca Francis just got home from Alaska where Becky guided her to her Monster Brown Bear! Tad inspects semi’s (DOT COP) for a living, when she’s not in the hills hunting or under a truck, you can find her riding her Harley in Beautiful Southern Utah.

Missy Sharrone

Missy craves the peace, comfort, and passion of the woods. Spending time in a tree stand allows her mind to leave the regular world behind and focus on the one of life’s greatest pleasures, hunting. White-tailed deer, black bears, wild boars, and turkeys are some of Missy’s favorite game animals to pursue. She especially loves bowhunting, and took her first wild turkey with a bow. Missy enjoys competing in 3-D events, to keep her archery skills up to snuff. Born in North Dakota, but raised in northeastern Ohio, Missy also loves fishing and camping and spending time outdoors with her family.

Jacquie Shore

Jacquie Shore is a professional hunter who has been featured along with her husband on several shows. They are now the hosts of the new series Hitmen Canada on Wild TV. Jacquie is the proud mother of four and has a background and degree in Biology. She worked for many years for the Ministry of Natural Resources in Ontario doing wildlife and flora research.

Kristen Monroe

Kristen is an award winning freelance writer. Her outdoor passion is reflected in her work. If she is not holding a shotgun, bow or fly rod, she is defensive handgun training. She believes it is her duty to protect her own children. And she is the happiest blues singer on earth.

Meghan Simpson

Growing up with a family of hunting fools, and by hunting fools I really mean hunting addicts isn’t all that bad of a situation. From the time that I was just 9 years old I was skinning Dall sheep and begging to take out a hunter of my own. My dad, Stan Simpson is the outfitter of “Ram Head Outfitters” so I’ve had many opportunities in my life where most young people wouldn’t even dream of. I shot my first ram when was 16 years old, and ever since then even thinking about stalking an animal gives me butterflies. My grandfather, dad, and uncles have made an enormous impact on my life with hunting, and that includes bow hunting. Hunting is shared not only by my sister Bailey and me, but by our cousins as well. It usually makes for a great dinner conversation, about when and who had the most exciting hunt, and that can go anywhere from mountain lions to rattlesnakes!

Britney Starr

Owner of Starr & Bodill African Safaris, Britney Starr is a native of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Britney graduated in 2008 with a Bachelor’s degree in journalism from Western Michigan University, and when she is not helping her clients achieve their dream of hunting in Africa, she enjoys writing about her hunting and shooting experiences.  A member of numerous outdoor based organizations and founder of the Women’s Outdoor & Shooting Industry Dinner, Britney truly has an affinity for all things hunting and strives to connect with and empower other women that share her passion or are interested in becoming more involved in the outdoors.

Gretchen Steele

Gretchen Steele of Coulterville, IL owns and operates Steele Photo Services. Gretchen is Southern Illinois native and has been traversing the wild spaces of Illinois since her childhood. Following a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis in 2000, and facing the accompanying disability, she retired as Public Health Nurse in 2003 to pursue her passion of outdoor and wildlife photography full time. Her award winning work has been featured in many outdoor media outlets, and has been exhibited in various venues across the nation, including multiple IL DNR publications and campaigns. A lifetime of wild crafting and wild foraging has made Gretchen a well respected authority on Illinois and Midwestern edible and medicinal wild plants and fungi. As a self proclaimed “River Rat” Gretchen is an avid waterfowler, bowfisher, and angler. Gretchen is a strong advocate for women in the outdoors and the healing and healthful properties of regular exposure to nature. She regularly assist’s other disabled persons in discovering the therapeutic benefits of outdoor activities, as well as serving as mentor for youth waterfowl hunts. Gretchen is Pro Staff and house photographer for Southern Illinois Outdoors, DownRiverOutdoors, Silver Creek Kennels and Hunt Club, Retrievers Unlimited HRC, and Muddy River Shooting Preserve. Gretchen pens regular columns for Heartland Outdoors, Bow Adventures, Women’s Outdoors News as well as two outdoor related blogs; Through the Lens and Walkin’ With the Wild Woman. Gretchen is an active member of Delta Waterfowl, Retrievers Unlimited HRC, Illinois Bowfishers, Bowfishing Association of Southern Illinois, The Pink Whistle Society, and the Professional Outdoor Media Association. Her photography can be seen at

Anne Vinnola

Anne has written scores of hunting and taxidermy articles,and has a popular outdoor blog, and a humor blog where she writes about the fun folks she meets. Along with her husband of 29 years she owns the Colorado Institute of Taxidermy Training, Inc where they have trained wildlife artists from all over the world. They also run a busy full service taxidermy studio, Big Timber South Taxidermy. A self-proclaimed political junkie, she works hard to help her favorite candidates get elected and protect our Second Amendment rights. Anne hunts big game, waterfowl, and upland birds. She is gearing up for her first African safari for June 2012. Anne says. “Two things I want my children and future generations to have is pride in and willingness to fight for their hunting heritage.”

Bailey Simpson

Hi, my name is Bailey Simpson, I am an avid hunter and I love being outdoors. I have been very fortunate in my life that people who can make my hunting dreams possible surround me. Starting with my parents, Stan and Debbie Simpson, who own Ram Head Outfitters. It is an outfitting company in the Northwest Territories and it is where my sister and I practically grew up. I have spent every summer there since I was 6 months old. I could not have asked for a family more hunting orientated than mine. My grandfather, Dave Simpson, bought his first outfitting area from Andy Russell in the 50’s and was also president of the Alberta Outfitters Association (APOS) for several years, helping develop the first hunting zones in Alberta.
My Uncle, Flint Simpson, outfits for Bighorn sheep in Canmore, Alberta and my other uncle, Frank Simpson, outfits for Stone Sheep in British Columbia. So you can imagine the hunting stories that get told around our family dinners! I ended up being the first and youngest women to take an archery Dall sheep. I hunted Mountain Caribou the next year with my sister, Meghan, as my guide. My caribou was also taken in my parent’s area and still stands as number 5 in the world for archery in velvet at the time I harvested it. I have been fortunate to hunt in Canada, the United States and Mexico and have taken animals in each country. My goal is to be the youngest woman to take an archery grande slam. I have had the most incredible opportunities in my life to do things that I love and they were made possible to me by my love of the outdoors and hunting. I truly appreciate every opportunity that I have to spend in the outdoors.

Keri Butt

Keri Butt is an outdoor freelance writer, blogger, public speaker and hunting instructor. She has written articles for magazines like; Deer and Deer Hunting, Bowhunter and GameKeepers. Keri’s regular column and blog, “Antler Addict,” are featured in Illinois Outdoor News. Whitetails and bowhunting are the passions that fuel her existence.


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