Only at Prois . . .

By Katherine Grand

Prois is unlike any job I’ve ever had.  I can truly be myself and there is no limit to the shenanigans and “your mom” jokes that can occur within the course of a day.  This blog will celebrate some of the occurrences that could only happen at Prois.

1. Only at Prois could you freeze your bosses prized pencils and then have to negotiate the release of your kidnapped beta fish all in the course of a morning.  Said beta fish was kidnapped in order to secure the return of said prized pencils.  Finally said fish was located by yours truly during a game of Hotter/Colder.

Kirstie Pike's prize pencils in their frozen tomb

This picture was posted this morning with the caption "OK, Katherine Grand....return the pencils and I will return Jazz Hands."

2.  Only at Prois could you find the following To Do list posted next to the companies “Corporate Strategic Plan”

Joni Viles prioritizes her day . . .

3.  Only at Prois do rabbits perform tricks for beer.

Dance BunBun! Dance!

4.  Only at Prois does labeling a package with “Caution: Unicorns Inside” get your request processed in record time.

A package lovingly labeled from Prois Field Staffer Britney Starr

5. Only at Prois can you come back from lunch to a new ‘pet” trapped under a margarita glass on your desk.

To: Joni Viles From: Kirstie Pike and Katherine Grand

6.  Only at Prois is there a real danger of super hero action figures getting into your snack stash.

Hulk really enjoyed Joni's meringues

&.  Only at Prois does the CEO of the company magically transform into a friendly robot called Coronabot

Coronabot, we love you a lot

7.  Only at Prois does the boss’ desk get used for yoga practice while she is away.

Nice form Joni!

8. Only at Prois does employee satisfaction directly correlate to the amount of time our CEO spends reading us stories.

Joni especially loves stories about friesians

9.  Only on trips for Prois is throwing ninja stars an acceptable hotel activity.

Your accuracy is really improving Joni!


Stay tuned for more strange and hilarious happenings that could only happen at Prois in our new blog series “Only at Prois”





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