NRA Prois Fashion Show!!!

By Hayden Miles

As a Prois event staffer, I am presented with exciting opportunities to attend events and represent this great brand. I was recently asked to attend the first annual NRA Women’s Outdoor Adventure in Park City, KY. I think there are many misconceptions about women in the NRA—mostly that they are buxom blondes with large diamonds on the arm of politicians. How wrong that is!! I got to visit with the most fun-loving, laidback group of women that love the outdoors and love the sport of shooting.

We hosted a Fashion Show on the evening of May 4th. I didn’t realize it beforehand, but I was in for a great treat! I had the greatest group of models (the NRA instructors!) and an even better audience. These ladies were so welcoming to me and to Prois. They truly enjoyed the show and we spent a good two hours after talking about different products, sizing, and what would work best for them. We found the best products for ladies from Florida to Oregon and everywhere in between!

These ladies saw the functionality, quality, and value with the Prois lineup. They were excited to get up close and personal with the clothing—trying pieces on and building different outfits to meet their climates.
Overall, it was a great experience. I got to meet a great group of women and they got to meet and fall in love with the greatest brand there is—PROIS.

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