Name That Employee!

In light of some recent desk pranking here at Prois, we thought it would be interesting to invite all of our followers on a magical, dangerous and highly entertaining adventure: a tour through 3 Prois employee desks.  Can you guess which desk belongs to Katherine, Joni and Shonda? These fascinating glimpses into the psyche of each one of these ladies may be disturbing to some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.

Desk Number 1: Our first desk is meticulously organized, color coordinated and very professional. Hands down the most focused desk we will see today. Silly putty seems to be the only indication that the owner of this work space is in fact human and not a robot. There is also a sassy reminder pinned to the cork board to warn any trespassers that the owner of this desk is full of salt and vinegar.

Desk Number 2: Ok, hold on tight, things are about to get weird. The second desk we will be touring today contained some of the most interesting items. Behold: a Barbie Human Centipede, a woopie cushion, Nerf gun, feminine douches (please note that these items are used as part of a prank and in no way suggest poor feminine hygiene), more Silly Putty, a princess wand, a tiara, a wooden back scratcher, and some old Christmas and Valentines day decor.


Desk Number 3: Wow, talk about the inability to let go of childhood. How much glitter and unicorns does a girl really need to get through the day? Apparently, a lot. Here we find and excessive amount of chewing gum (hinting at terrible breath), fireworks, glitter fingernail polish, glittery high heels, Animal Spirit “knowledge cards”, a strange porcelain unicorn box, a unicorn mug, and fish tank accessories. Intriguing…

Well, hope you enjoyed the tour! Think you know who owns each desk? Let us know! Also, make sure to follow Prois on Pinterest at, where each one of these nut-ball employees diligently display their antics on their own boards. Kirstie (Manshoe), Joni (H3P), Katherine (Bird Lady), Shonda (Honey Badger) and of course Bunbun bid you a fabulous afternoon!


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  1. #1 Shonda, #2 Katherine, #3 Joni. How well do I know y’all.

  2. I’m gonna throw out a DUH! 1 – Shonda, 2 – KATHERINE (my soul sister) and 3 – Jonibaloney 🙂

  3. OK, I have to take a guess at this!!! I am going with Desk 1-Shonda, Desk 2- Joni, and Desk 3- Katherine. 🙂

  4. Desk One is shonda’s
    Desk Two is my sister from another mister
    Desk Three is Joni’s

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