Montrose RMEF Banquet

Event Staffer Jasmine Johnson, AKA JJ

By: Jasmine (J.J.) Johnson

The Montrose RMEF Banquet was a hit, not an empty seat in the house and Prois was there to talk to women about what they’ve been missing out on. We had in hand Prois catalogs and 20% off discount cards and both went like hot cakes. We also raffled off a Prois long sleeve tee shirt, women would put in their ticket for the tee shirt and then proceed to pet all the Prois clothing on the table, each excited about how soft it was as well as quiet.  The turn-out of ladies was better than anticipated with it being the night before Easter.  It was fun to watch the chain of events after the first wave of women was informed about Prois, they would wander off smiling and then a while later they would be back with husband and other friends in tow excited to show what they had discovered. Their faces lit up with the prospect of having a hunting wardrobe to call their own and no longer having a need to wear their husbands misfitting camouflage. I would like to thank the RMEF Montrose Chapter for having us and putting on an enjoyable event.

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