Montana Bowhunters Association


Bob Savage, Montana Bowhunter member #1


By Kim Blaskowski

In 2009 I was introduced to the world of bow hunting by my husband Chris. That same year we attended the Montana Bowhunters Association Convention and joined the group. I was so excited to be surrounded by a group of people who shared the passion for bow hunting. Since then we have attended the convention every year traveling from place to place each year. Seeing old friends and meeting new ones. Exchanging our hunting stories from the past year and looking forward to the evening of events, games and raffles. This year was different for me and maybe a lot of others as well. Steven Drake put together a wonderful video about the founding fathers of the MBA. Up to this point I had never thought twice about who started this great group and I really felt ashamed. Watching this video, I was educated on who those founding fathers were, the obstacles they overcame and the path they carved out for us. I now have a new outlook on what this organization means to me. No longer am I JUST a member. It is my duty as a member to be actively involved in all aspects of this group. From contacting my congressman about certain bills to volunteering for anything that needs to be done. I challenge all members to be more involved with the MBA. It is our duty to carry on what was started by a group of men some 30+ years ago. It’s not just about meeting up once a year to socialize and tell great stories. It’s about a way of life for us and for the generations to come. If you are not a member of the MBA but another organization, I encourage you to find out all you can about that group’s history and be a productive member.


Montana Bowhunters Association, Uniting the state’s bow hunting sportsmen to work towards a common goal of preserving and promoting the sport of bowhunting in Montana

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