Meet Kelly Cohen! 2010 Prois Extreme Huntress Top 10 Finalist!

Prois Hunting Apparel is excited to announce our third featured Prois Extreme Huntress Finalist! Despite the fact that there can only be one announced winner to the Prois Extreme Huntress contest, the stories of the top 10 finalists were all simply amazing. We felt that each of these finalists deserves a moment in the spotlight. Meet Kelly Cohen- this is HER story!

“Here’s how hunting became a part of my life. I didn’t grow up in a hunting family. We moved from the city to the country when I was 6 years old. In our town there any many festivals and I remember my mom taking me to a Native American Pow Wow. They were selling rabbit furs and all I knew is that I wanted lots of them. I couldn’t stop talking about them.
As it turned out, I got lucky. My sister had married a country boy that liked to hunt. He took me out rabbit hunting. Yes, I got my first one. We got home, skinned it out, salted it down and that was my first skin. I was 10years old. Life went on and I got into showing horses and playing sports. When I was 14, one of my friends on my softball team did a lot of coon hunting with her family and their hound dogs. They invited me out one night. For me, this was a whole new world, listening to the dogs running in the orchard, hearing them tree. I remember walking up and seeing the coon hissing at the dogs. It was awesome! I got to join them a couple more times.

Soon, another opportunity came my way. I got to go out turkey hunting with my brother in-law and his cousin. I was just along for the ride. Morning came, we decided to split up. I went with my cousin in-law. Sitting there listening to him call and the turkey gobbling back, that was incredible. Seeing that turkey strutting around, fanned out, I was thinking how neat it was watching nature. Who came back with a turkey….We did. I couldn’t wait to get back in the field, but until then I kept busy. I would go out shooting guns and I started shooting a long bow at targets. I got pretty good. I did not get to hunt for a couple years and by this time I was a senior year in high school. Every senior had to do a senior project to graduate. For example, one could choose to build an engine or build a fountain. I chose to make a bear rug and bear jerky. I was lucky as a friend of our family was a bear guide and taxidermist. Bear season was open and I finally had a chance to go out bear hunting for the first time. It was a bright and early morning while I was helping to “collar up” the dogs. One never knows where those hounds might end up, quality tracking collars are important. I put the dogs on the hood of the truck and away we went. We soon heard the dogs sound off and blow up so we decided to turn them loose. This was exhilarating. Dogs were treed we started our hike to them. I was getting worn out, but hearing the dogs get louder and louder kept me going. I shot my first 300lb bear. I was hooked. I learned how to skin, flesh the hide, salt it, put it in the different solutions, tumble it, and finally I started to make my first rug.

Hunting for me continued taking up new game. I am an avid bear, deer, pig, upland and waterfowl hunter. I also love to fish for bass, trout, and salmon. I have taken some pretty nice game, but size doesn’t matter to me, it’s just a plus. I live off the land, I rarely have to buy meat from the store. I love to make down pillows and I’m also building up my furs to make a critter blanket. One Christmas, I gave all my co-workers squirrel skins and mounted a pheasant for my boss. I try to keep and use every part of the animal I take. For a couple years now I have helped guide bear hunts with my friend. I love training the hounds and my own lab. There’s nothing better than a good dog! It takes a lot of time to train a hunting dog. I also have an amazing bird dog Sampson. I could tell you how many birds that I would have just walked by if it hadn’t been for Sampson, birds he flushed up or the ones that get lost in the high weeds that he finds or even jumping in ice frozen water to bring back a bird. I wouldn’t trade my lab in for any other breed. They’re so universal.

I love being a part of the different hunting organizations such as Ducks Unlimited, Turkey Federation, Elk Federation, CA Houndsman, NRA. I faithfully attend and participate in their banquets and activity threw out the year. I’ve really enjoyed taking Sampson to the Dock Jumping competitions. Sampson and I have had so much fun trying to learn the art of dock jumping in our area. When the houndsmen competition or field trials roll around, you can be assured we’re there with our hound dogs.

This month I ’am celebrating my 25 birthday, as I look back over the years from my 1st rabbit pelt, my buckaroo days, national sport competitions, to where I am today, I am thankful for the support and encouragement from my family and friends and to live the life I am living today and looking forward to tomorrows adventures.”

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