Meet Hon Julie A Mogenis!!

New to Pro-Staff this year is Hon Julie A Mogenis.  As a young girl in Virginia, Julie taught herself to hunt squirrels with a .22.  She had no idea that her first squirrel hunt would eventually lead her to becoming a guide, a Texas rancher and a respected internationally broadcast TV personality.

Born on an Army base in Bad Canstatt, Germany, Julie was a world traveler before the age of 2.  Once stateside she moved many times, not as an Army brat but as the daughter of an FBI Special Agent .  By the time the family had settled back in Virginia she had become very involved in outdoor sports; softball, track and field, mountain climbing, and tennis.  Although Julie was exceptional in everything she participated in, it was by playing tennis that she truly made her mark.

Julie attended American University on a tennis scholarship majoring in political science and abnormal psychology.  After graduating from AU in 1978, she continued working on her masters degree.  She became restless and decided to take time off to travel.  During her travels abroad  she decided that she would attend law school.  Something about Texas appealed to her and she applied and was accepted to South Texas College of Law in Houston.  While still a student at South Texas, she was a junior prosecutor in the Harris County Criminal Courts.  After graduating in 1983, Julie decided to follow her dad’s footsteps and joined the FBI.  Her employment with the bureau did not satisfy her lust for the outdoors nor challenge her in the way she expected.

So Julie returned to Texas, opened a private investigation firm and married a fifth-generation Texan.  It was not long before she was hunting two-legged animals during the week and four-legged critters on the weekend,  Hunting had become a fundamental element in her life.  Even though her plate seemed to be overflowing, when Julie was approached by the community to be their municipal court judge, she accepted the appointment and began her judicial career.

One thing led to another and Julie soon determined hunting was a passion she could not resist.  She and her husband Sam closed the investigation business and moved to the Wee “b” Rockin, her Texas Hill Country ranch where she supervises ranch operations as well as her guide business, Third Eye Guides and Outfitters.

Six years ago she launched her television show, “Huntin With The Judge” which she uses as a vehicle to promote both indigenous and exotic hunting while practicing fair chase ethics whether in an estate (high fence) or in free-range venues.  In 2004, Julie was the unfortunate victim of a hunter’s negligent misfire and became an incredible survival story and a recovered trauma patient from the University of Texas Hospital in San Antonio, Texas.  During her recovery there, Julie was solicited by the Armed Forces Foundation, a national organization based in Washington DC, to be the Executive Director for Outdoor Sports Programs.  Since then Julie has teamed up with many organizations focused on getting the wounded military personnel out of the hospital and into the woods and on the water. Her favorite organizations are Combat Marine Outdoors, and Outdoor Adventures from the Heart

Julie is now a retired judge and the host of award winning and internationally broadcast outdoor television series Huntin with the Judge.  Julie holds the Trophy Game Record of The World Huntress of the Year 2010. She also  holds over 12 World Records for various species taken by rifle, muzzleloader, pistol, and archery.   She is an incredible hunter and a great lady!! She hunts everything from varmints, trophy whitetail, monster elk & red stag, chamois, bears, plenty of dangerous game, the Big 5 & many species of Plains game. Julie had already been promoting Prois as an Ambassador when she was selected for Pro-Staff this year.  Welcome to the team Julie!!

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  1. Live by the sword die by the sword. The judge is an “real life example” of the true face of fiearms. Firearms have no place in a modern non subsistence life style. Where firearms not only injuried her but could have been a child. All her training and she was injuried.

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