Meet Alyce Tipton…2010 Prois Extreme Huntress Finalist!

Alyce Tipton is one of the top 10 finalists from the 2010 Extreme Huntress Contest and her story is amazing! It is no wonder she became a finalist!

“My love for hunting began when I was about 6 years old. I was the first of three children. My dad wanted a boy to hunting with but got me instead. I hunted with him until his death and I was only 15 at that time. My grandfather hunted small game so that became my new hobby. I got married and my life was busy raising a family and my husband did not hunt. For quite a few years I didn’t even bother to think about hunting. My son came along and that is when I realized that I need a hobby to do with him. We soon started shooting together. Unfortunately, I divorced. However, there was then a lot of time for Zack and I to hunt,fish, and just hang out together.

I met Jim and he turned me on to hunting FIRST CLASS. He bought me my own gun and all the new equipment and clothes. I had never killed a deer until he took me on a hunting trip and really showed me the ropes. I got my first deer about 3 months later and I guess you could say I had Buck Fever after that. It’s nice when the 3 of us go hunting in different places and try to bring home the biggest animal… so far I hold that honor!

I got breast cancer and had to replace the rifle with a crossbow but which is what I used to take down the biggest buck for me yet! He scored 151 Boone and Crockett and won me the Diana Award for the largest buck taken by a woman with a bow in 2007. God knew it was my time to shine. The guys are still trying to out score me but that hasn”t happened yet. I love being out there and because of the breast cancer I appreciate each and every day that the Lord gives me to the fullest.”


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  1. Congratulations! Nice trophy with a crossbow. I have taken wild hogs with a crossbow and like the exactness when using laser sights with this weapon.

  2. Congratulations! Nice trophy with crossbow. I have taken wild hogs with a crossbow, and like the exactness when using laser sights with this weapon. Keep on hunting!

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