Ladies Day out at Cabelas with Jasmine Johnson!!

by Jasmine Johnson

The Ladies Day Out at Cabelas was a hit!!! We had Prois there to talk about layering and how to dress for the various situations in different environments. We gave away a black Prois Ultra Hoodie to one of the women who attended. I was lucky enough to meet a fellow huntress, who also happened to be a finalist for the Prois’s Extreme Huntress Award, Jackie Gross (BowKrazy with Jackie). The Ladies Day Out Event at Cabelas featured seminars for fly fishing, learning how to shoot a bow and finding a bow that fits you, gun safety, clothing and how to layer for different environments and my favorite, the delicious Dutch oven cooking. On the menu was brisket and jambalaya. There had a wonderful turnout and I loved getting to meet all the outdoorsy women and their families.

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