Incredible + Socks = Incredisocks

Prois Staffer Teri Lancaster

By Teri Lancaster
“Socks? She’s reviewing socks?”  I know – that’s what you are asking yourself right now – but stay with me.. really… these socks are WORTH reading about.  I’m not usually one to pay more than $10 for a pair of socks and would have never even thought about buying these socks. However, these socks were given to me by fellow Prois gal and original badassery guide, Angie Denny from Table Mountain Outfitters.  I was there in last September  tagging along on my husband’s elk hunt.  The first night out I acquired a huge quarter size blister on top of another blister.  I was definitely in a bad way.  I think I had about 5 bandages on top of one another to try to alleviate additional rubbing on the blister.  By the end of the third day hunting I was miserable.  The fourth morning when we showed up early to hunt and Angie saw me limping I showed her my blister. “OUCH”. She ran upstairs and brought me down some socks. I think I looked at her sort of dumbfounded and even replied “I have socks on”.  She said, “Try these socks from Prois.  They are really good socks, I promise.”  Ok – she’s in her boots 12 hours a day, mostly 6 days a week, so I know she know’s ‘good socks’!   I can truly tell you that these socks are worth EVERY penny!  The reinforced toe and heel are definitely thicker than other socks I’ve tried.  But the best part of the socks are truly that they keep your feet dry and after 3 days of wearing them straight they didn’t stink. Not that I put them up to my nose, but REALLY, do you need to put socks up to your nose after 3 full days of wearing them to know if they smell or not? I’m sure Angie is probably wondering where those socks went to – hmmm, should I tell her they are safe and sound in Florida with me?  Shhh… we’ll just keep that little secret between us.
This sock is made with 200 thread count, patented 3 dimensional weave with an Italian weaving machine so it fits like an Italian suit; perfectly. Incredisocks are antimicrobial, odor absorbing and moisture wicking for supreme long wearing comfort which makes for the perfect travel companion. Backpacking or simply working, repetitive wearing is not an issue, they won’t need laundering. Incredisocks are the ideal choice for travelers, sports enthusiasts, or those just seeking the best comfort available in sockwear.  Made from bamboo charcoal, the sleek designs only confirm Incrediwear’s commitment to perfection. This recipe ensures a perfect match no matter what your desire. Whether you are a competitive athlete, or simply have cold, tired feet, Incredisocks evoke luxury and sophistication that is unavailable in other socks. Keeping you warm when it’s cold and cool when its warm, Incredisocks performance unequivocally lives up to the promise of excellence. How do Incredisocks and Incredibraces help to increase circulation? The natural properties of bamboo release negative anions into your body causing an internal vibration of the cells and resulting in increased blood flow, which means more oxygen to the tissues. Why don’t my socks not stink after I wear incredisocks? The fibers used in Incredisocks contain anti-microbial properties that kill odor causing bacteria. In fact, Incredisocks can be worn for extended periods of time without washing. One test drive in these socks will make you a believer! Join the Incredi-movement today!
MSRP $18.90

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