Grabbing Life By the Horns! Giving the Crossbow a Try!

By: Gina McCleod

This season has been very busy for my husband and I. Between him guiding, my workouts, and trying to build a house it has been a little hectic. We are so excited to be building our own home, it has been a very long three years when you don’t have a place you can call yours. We are building it at the The Homestead Ranch since that is where we usually are most of the time anyways. Before I got hurt we had a beautiful place with all of our loved ones (dogs, horses, cats, and chickens) so it will be so wonderful to have a big family again!

I had a doe tag this year and since my accident I can no longer pull back my bow because I don’t have full use of my stomach and back muscles yet. I decided to borrow a friends crossbow and go for it. Let me tell you, a crossbow was weird! I have been having a hard time with it and I really hate to admit this, but I shot at a doe at 30 yards and missed! Now, can you tell me how you miss a deer and 30 yards when you have a scope on the crossbow?? I don’t consider myself an “extreme huntress” , but come on! So with Levi not having much time to take me out to hunt and me MISSING, I have had no luck with my doe tag. I defintely need to practice with the cross bow more before I try to shoot any more animals…. I am going to Evergreen,Colorado for 3rd season as I have a buck tag. THis hunt will be with a rifle so maybe I will have a little bit more luck with that! Unlike my hunting, my workouts have been going well and I’m improving very slowly but at least I am improving!

Gina and Levi McLeod continue to live in the Colorado mountains. Levi owns and operates the Homestead Ranch and Black Mesa Lodge in Crawford, Colorado.

  • Gina – I am anxious to hear how your time with the crossbow goes! I am going to have to go to a crossbow ( Thank you MS yet once again) and I have zero knowledge of them. Looking forward to hearing about your learning experience with them. Wishing you much luck on the rifle hunt! Keep up that workout routine!

  • Paula

    Keep practicing! I missed 3 does this season but then with plenty of practice just landed my second 8 pointer at 30 yards. Love those crossbows!

  • Gina

    Thanks Paula! you made me feel a little bit better about missing, I will def keep practicing!

  • Gina

    Gretchen, I STILL have zero knowledge of the crossbow except that I can’t shoot one very well! 🙂 But I do plan on keep practicing because they are fun. I’m hoping next year I will have better experience with them. Good luck to you.