Grabbing Life by the Horns- A Silver Lining Leads to a Trophy Whitetail

It’s funny how sometimes horrible things happen in your life but within that horrible event good things happen that never would have happened if not for that horrible event. That’s how I feel sometimes when I think of my accident. No doubt is has been the hardest thing my husband and I have had to deal with, but in the same sense it has brought us closer and we look at life in a whole new perspective now. Things you would have thought important before are no longer, and you learn to be very grateful for what you do have. We have also met some wonderful people since my accident and that is how this little story began….

I went to Panama in January of 2011 for stem cell therapy. While we were there, my husband and I met a wonderful couple. They too were there for stem cell therapy because the wife has Multiple Sclerosis and the disease had taken over her body at a rapid speed. She too was in a wheelchair. While I was in treatment, Levi started talking to them man and their conversation soon turned to hunting. We come to find out they own a whitetail ranch in Texas. We immediately became close friends with them and they opened the invitation to have us down to their ranch.

So this January we went to Texas and they let me shoot a VERY beautiful whitetail. Bigger than any deer most people could only imagine shooting. We had an awesome time down there. We are so fortunate to meet people like them who also are going through tough times but still are so gracious and kind. We hope to visit again to see them and maybe go hunting again. It surely was a great way to start off a new year. The whitetail scored 200 and even though the picture doesn’t show very good detail he has great palmation on his left which is about as wide a my palm across. Beautiful animal, awesome time, and wonderful people. You can’t get much better than that!


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  1. God is love – everything happens for the good.


  2. Glad you came to Texas to hunt(I live in Georgetown). I, too, enjoy hunting and have many fond memories of hunting rabbits with my father and mother at a young age of 12 up in Maine (where I grew up).
    I have hunted with gun, bow, and spears and took a nice 200-pound wild boar with my steel spear in Hondo, TX. My mentor was Gene Morris (The Spear Chunker) from Alabama, who recently died while hunting in his tree stand in Alabama. Gene has a Spear Hunting Museum in Summerdale, AL…if you are ever down that way to the Coast…stop in and see his huge collection of animals taken with a spear. I have not gone hunting recently, but plan to next season.

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