Girls Trip Results in Buck Harvest!

Sonora is well known here at Prois Hunting Apparel.  She recently set out on a hunt with some buddies…

“After 5 days of strict 5am to 7pm hunting, our spirits were pretty low.  We thought it was in the bag since we had 2 doe and 3 buck tags and our “sweet spot”.  We arrived early the first morning only to discover a large pack of coyotes had taken over our hunting grounds.  Feeling frustrated, we went and looked for other areas and the only thing that turned up was a very small, but smart herd of does that decided to stay 1,000 yards away from us at all times.  We moved to an entirely different management area, no does allowed, but we did see some big prints.  My spirits lifted when I saw this massive 4×4 while going on a lunchtime stroll.  My hunting buddies were having a nap when he popped out from me and ran faster than the wind.  I was hooked!  Well, soon I discovered that big deer get big by being smart.  He eluded me three times; in and out of my binos like a ghost.  I surrendered, Denise and I finished our last morning hunt with a nice big grouse, and laughed out our “bad luck”.  While driving, and we never road hunt, there was this nice spiker with some does.  I couldn’t believe it, and neither did Denise when I told her there was a buck out in the field.  I had to tell her to jump out and shoot.  She did.  At least we didn’t get skunked!  All in all, it would have been okay if we came home with nothing, because I am going back next year and my big boy will only be bigger!  Happy Trails!”

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