From The Prois Ladies Room…We have the best friends EVAH!

Tis true…tis true.

Check out just a few of the amazing goodies sent to the Prois offices by our buddies that we fondly refer to as “the Prois Posse”.

Bacon Dental Floss. Check.
Doody Head Game. Check.
Unicorn Meat. Check.
Coffee Dental Floss. Check.
PMS Gum. Check.

So. What we are wondering is this… What are they trying to tell us!?!
Are we PMS’y carnivores that pray on magical beasts?
Is our breath so bad that even bacon flavored floss will improve it?
Are we $h*%heads? Figuratively and literally?

Who knows. But it’s got us scratching. Our heads, I mean. In wonder.

Alas…we love our Posse and thank you Stephanie, Kara, Mia and Michelle for the laughs. We are just trying to figure out if you are laughing with us or at us.

On second thought…we’d rather not know.

A Plethora of Puzzling Prizes from the Prois Posse!!!

So…if you are curious and want to see what crazy antics the Prois Posse is up to…follow us on Facebook!


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  1. LOL! The floss is to get the unicorn meat out of your teeth… DUH… and when someone does/says something dumb, they have to wear the doody head (my stepson used to get his head sniffed for “head-a$$ when he did something goofy)… the PMS gum. I think that’s for Shawna.

    • UGH! SHONDA. My brain was on VACAY yesterday.

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