From the Prois Ladies Room… Prois Expands Their Shenanigans to Pinterest

Oh Pinterest! How we love you!

We just have to let it be known the Prois Hunting Apparel has hit the Pinterest world in our typical Prois Style. Not only can you check out the latest Prois gear and the amazing ladies of Prois…you can follow the bizarre antics of our staff- Manshoe, Bird Lady and H3P.  Honey Badger won’t participate.  And we fear her enough not to make her do so.

We can neither confirm nor deny that our Pinterest escapades may or may not include yoga on the boss’s desk, super hero blow pops or cardboard shrines in the shipping room.  Maybe some Mexican Hat Dances on a co-workers desk.  Maybe.

Once Prois hit the Pinterest world, it becomes astutely clear…
Pinterest really isn’t just for crafts, fashion tips and recipes anymore.

Come On…You Know You Want to Check  it Out!

Check out the Prois Shenanigans at Pinterest!

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