From the Prois Ladies Room…Choose Your Super Hero Wisely.

BY: Kirstie Pike, CEO Prois (aka…Manshoe)

Recent events in the Prois offices have lead to an out and out rivalry.

So you want a personal hero.
“It’s Thor”, you say.
“He’s dreamy”, you say.
“He can guard my glitter nail polish”, you say.

Well, I already have a personal hero.
It’s Hulk.
He guards my Storm Trooper candy dish.
Hulk is not dreamy.
Hulk is strong like ox.



 I am thinking that you need to invest a bit more forethought into your super-hero choice.

Just sayin’.


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  1. My superhero’s name would be: Thunderthighs.
    her body type would be like the cartoon lady on the right of your giveaway post. But of course she would need to be dressed in Prois camo. I’m not sure what her super power is yet. She is a strong woman that won’t back down.
    number 23

  2. Poor Thor. I’d still pick him. Ahhh…dreamy…. 🙂

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