From the Ladies Room…. the Prois Office Resembles Nuclear Holocaust Following Show Season Gauntlet.

Tis true.

It is the impression of many that the constant travel to the trade and consumer show gauntlet is “glamorous”.

Eh. Not so much. Countless hours of windshield time, exposure to the plague…excuse me…the flu and the construction/deconstruction/reconstruction of the Prois booth leave us feeling, well, fussy.

We are back in the proverbial saddle this week and looking forward to a great 2013! Oh wait…the entire office with the exception of one is out with the plague. Email mailboxes are over quota. The answering machine is just plain scary. BunBun seems to be giving us the cold shoulder. And, interestingly, one of the beta fish (Clyde) is MIA. Go figure.

It is, in all appearances, a nuclear holocaust site here. To my understanding, only cockroaches can survive such an event…and that is exactly what I feel like today.

Did I mention we have 7 more shows coming up?

...and what is that inexplicable white light!?!

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  1. the white light is vision…a positive direction…nope aint being corney….prois rocks..seeya at RMEF

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