From the Ladies Room…Scott, Pooping Chicken and a Crazy Little Thing Called Love

I love the early morning time before anyone gets into the office here at Prois.

It’s quiet.

I can eat all of the purple conversation hearts.

I can listen to POTUS.

And I have a few minutes to watch Scott, my betta fish.  It has recently come to my attention that Scott has a new found affection for  Pooping Chicken.  In fact, Scott loves to gaze into the eyes of  Pooping Chicken for long periods of time.  Even more astounding is the fact that Scott has been busying himself with the task of building Pooping Chicken a bubble nest in hopes to win her heart and make babies.

Scott isn’t even swayed by Pooping Chicken’s constant protector, Hulk.

Scott is quite frankly smitten.

I don’t have the heart to break it to him…not only is Pooping Chicken the wrong species…she is plastic and unable to procreate with a betta fish.  Oh, Scott.

Scott demonstrates his undying love for Pooping Chicken...

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  1. I need close ups of the eye contact between pooping chicken and Scoott. Hulk is trying to steal the show and I can’t fully appreciate the connection with him in the way

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