From the Ladies Room…Prois Nuclear Holocaust Claims its Next Victim…

Oh Prois.

The nuclear holocaust continues.  In the last week since SHOT and ATA it seems things have been a bit, well, odd.  Odd is typically normal here…but things have been a bit “odder” than normal.

Clyde the betta took on his “Horton Hears a Who” persona.
Inventory, boxes, freight and crates have virtually exploded.
Scott the betta is building his procreational bubble nests for the Incredible Hulk.  This is a story for another day.

If that isn’t all…it seems that the nuclear holocaust has not turned a blind eye to poor BunBun.  It appears BunBun has rapidly shed enough hair to make another bunny.  Additionally…BunBun refuses to leave his pile of discarded fur.

Strange days indeed.


BunBun Wallows in his Discarded Fur...


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  1. Is bunbun pregnant, and making a nest???? Seems like nest making to me:)

    • haa just re read and bunbun is a boy, maybe he wants to be a daddy, lol!

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