From The Ladies Room: Nuclear Holocaust Update: Damnit, Clyde!

As the Prois staff reported on 1/21/2013, our return to the warehouse following the “Show Season Gauntlet” was anything but glamorous. Boxes were stacked to the ceiling, email in-boxes were over quota and the persnickety rabbit seemed dramatically emotional over our absence. To top it off, we had all contracted the SHOT Show plague. The biggest mystery of all, however, was the baffling disappearance of Clyde the betta fish. Now mind you, Clyde takes residence in a plush, covered, heated tank with no visible avenues of escape. Best we could figure, Clyde had sprouted legs and left do to the radiation left behind in the Prois Nuclear Holocaust.

Today, we are happy to report that just moments before Clyde’s tank was scheduled to be dumped, the wee fella emerged from the depths of his filter compartment to show his cute little fish face. “Please, don’t flush me!” Although fishing him out of his tiny hiding place was no easy task (unsavory words may have been spat), we are pleased to say welcome back, Clyde!

Needless to say, the cockroaches are gone and all of the Prois ladies are back in the office with one foot in the stirrup. This horse is movin’ on with or without us- Giddy Up! Watch out 2013!

Clyde emerges from the depths. "Please don't flush me!"

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