From the Ladies Room…I think BunBun is Making a Girlfriend.

You be the judge.

It appears BunBun is now shaping his massive pile of discarded fur into a 3-dimensional shape. If we are not mistaken…it slightly resembles a female bunny.  Could this be the rabbit version of the Shroud of Turin?  Well…minus Jesus, of course.



Is this a sign that BunBun is lonely....?


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  1. Hey girls at Prois, just wanted to say that you all ROCK! Everyone looks great.
    I love the Prois look, its Awesome!! If your ever in need of a model to help show your look please feel free to contact me. I’m a host/pro staffer with Team E. Outdoors.

  2. If Bub Bun is a doe I would say she’s getting ready to kindel.(give Birth) If she has beem bred put the hair in a box she can enter an leave and wait. If she has not been bred I would think this is a false pregnancy.

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