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Prois Pro Staffer Becky Lou Lacock is #feelingfamous!!!


Prois staffer Becky Lou Lacock is #feelingfamous!

“FAMOUS: (fay-muss) 1. Widely known 2. Legendary 3. A person whose picture appears in the 2015 catalog for Prois Hunting & Field Apparel for Women. ~~ (well..1 out of 3 aint bad!!) #proiswasthere”

Lynn Sherwood Puts the Prois Pants Through the Paces!


“HA! I resemble that comment about “cammo clash”!!! In fact, ’twas that in fact about me?!?!? wink emoticon BUT just look at those Prois Hunting & Field Apparel for Women pants in the field – whoa, baby, I was fortunate to have comfy, cute, AND functional gear in the field, if I do say so myself! THANKS, Britney Starr and Team ‪#‎ProisWasThere‬.”

Prois Marketing Coordinator Alex Brittingham Goes to the Dogs!


“Had fun running my brother’s dog, Doc, this weekend in the PARC Hunt test. He nailed his marks, getting him his first 2 junior passes. Nitro ran master and got dropped before the 3rd series due to his blind average. After hunting all season and doing very little actual training, I was very pleased with his performance. I think if I could calm my nerves before going to the line and slow my casting down a bit he would have made it to the 3rd series… Sorry Nitro!” #proiswasthere