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Prois Named Best Women’s Apparel in Outdoor Canada Best New Gear 2010!


It is official…the hard work has paid off!   Prois Hunting Apparel for Women was recently named Best Women’s Apparel for Outdoor Canada’s Best New Gear Awards for 2010.  “We have worked very hard to continue to provide the highest quality and performance gear for women who love to hunt and hunt hard “, states Kirstie Pike, CEO of Prois Hunting Apparel.  “This award means a lot to our organization as it reaffirms the basic vision of our company, which is to provide only the best for the female hunters out there.”

So what is on the horizon for the rest of 2010?  “A lot of hard work!  We are underway with some great programs such as the Camp Wild Girls Home Parties and new dealer programs.  We are knee deep in production and have some amazing gear in the pipeline for late 2010 and 2011!”, Kirstie reports.  “You will be seeing a lot of us!”. 

For more information about Prois Hunting Apparel for women, log onto!

Prois Field-Staffer Jana Waller Bags a Great Wisconsin Gobbler!

Jana Waller, a Prois Field-Staffer since 2009,  bagged this great Tom at 4:00pm on day two of her Wisconsin turkey hunt.  After two full days of hunting and five close encounters with Toms that she just couldn’t get to come in, frustration levels were starting to rise.  Then, to Jana’s delight, her luck changed. “This bad boy made the mistake of walking by my ground blind at 45 yards. Thank God for heavy shot!”, declared Waller. 

It is amazing that Jana has any time left to hunt at all.  Being a Prois Field-Staff member is only a small piece of Jana’s involvement in the hunting industry.  She is a freelance writer, with bylines appearing in numerous hunting websites and magazines.  As well, she has combined her degree in Public Relations and her love for freelance writing to work extensively with hunting-related companies.  She is frequently spotted in a variety of hunting shows.  And, if that isn’t enough, Jana turned her hobby of shed hunting into a career by creating , where she creates custom skull designs for hunter’s European mounts.   Whether it is with a rifle, bow, pen or brush in hand, Jana lives for the great outdoors!

Prois’ Transatlantic Correspondent Takes to the Snow With the Defender!

We are always most excited to receive an update from Julie Caddick (Joolz)!  To those of you who know her, Joolz resideds in the UK and has kept us updated on the happenings in the outdoors overseas.  After an especially long winter, Joolz has the following message!

“H”i to everyone over in the USA.   I hope that you are all enjoying the new year.  We continue to hear that this winter has been the “Worst on record in the UK for the past thirty years”.   This, however, all depends on your point of view. Hardship to most people in the UK means not being able to walk out of their house to their car without a coat.  Therefore, the slightest covering of snow brings everything to a stop. We don’t get anything like the amounts of snow that you get in places out there but still it’s enough to cause real hardship for some of our wildlife. Our deer in particular have found it difficult as most of the food that would normally be available at this time of year has been frozen or under snow for the last three months.  Still, they seem to be coping much better than we would if put into the same situation.


I am determined this year to get out as often as I can and enjoy myself with this in mind we have just purchased a Land Rover Defender 4×4 and have just put it to the test this morning.  We set off down to our wood in a blizzard. There were hardly any vehicles on the road and the M1, which is our major motorway (freeway I think you call them), was deserted. It’s amazing what confidence it gives you having the correct equipment to do the job. I am sure that in our old van we would have had to turn round and come home. The countryside was like a winter wonderland with snow falling heavier as we drove along we took our time and eventually arrived at the gate to the field that leads to our wood. There was no sign of anybody being through the gate this morning so we opened it and drove through. The track drops away to our woodland getting steeper as it goes.  We drove about three quarters of the way down and then turned onto the field .


We gave the Defender a bit of a try off road which it handled easily then parked up and walked into the woods. The snow had stopped falling and the temperature began to rise we spent about three hours shooting while the weather kept improving.   Nobody else came down the wood while we were there… their loss not ours!   I was almost disappointed that the roads were clearing as we drove home but at least we now have the confidence in the vehicle that we won’t miss any shoots this year.

Wishing you all the best for the seasons to come.


Prois Pro-Staffer Stephanie Mallory Chases Mississippi Gobblers

Prois Pro-Staffer, Stephanie Mallory, recently attended a Lifetime Hunt in Macon, Mississippi.  Sponsored by the State of Mississippi, this outdoor writer’s hunt was attended by fellow journalists Karen Lee, Tes Jolly and Mike Lambeth. 

Mallory reports, “The plantation in Macon is a beautiful place with a lot of history.  The “Treaty of Dancing Rabit Creek” was signed in 1830 on the plantation.  This was the largest of the great Coctaw cessions and provided land for what is now one-third of the state of Mississippi.”  In terms of hunting, the plantation was full of birds, but most were in transition and not coming to the calls.  “They would gobble a couple times off the roost, then they’d shut up.”, Stephanie notes.  Her guide is hopeful that there should be great hunting in the next week as the hens will be nesting and the gobblers will grow desperate! 

Stephanie is a freelance writer and owner of Mallory Communications, Inc., a public relations firm. Stephanie has pursued a career in freelance writing, editing and photography. Her byline has appeared in more than 100 magazine articles for national and regional publications. She lives in Birmingham, Ala. Married to Brett Mallory, Stephanie is the proud mother of four (yes, four!) beautiful children.

Pro-Staffer Barbara Baird Bags Great Rios in Oklahoma!

Prois Pro-Staffer Barbara Baird attended an all-women’s turkey hunt in Oklahoma where she tagged out early with two Rio Grandes, thanks to her excellent guide from Hunter’s Specialties, Jimmy Estus.  The hunt was sponsored by Hunter’s Specialties, Benelli and SHE Outdoor Apparel.  Watch for more information about the camaraderie of the hunt and a most favorable review of the Benelli Vinci shotgun in Guns & Patriots online.

Great job, Barbara!

Camp Wild Girls and Prois Hunting Apparel Partner to Launch the Camp Wild Girls Home Hunting Party!

After much anticipation, Prois Hunting & Field Apparel and Camp Wild Girls announce the launch of the Camp Wild Girls Home Hunting Party- featuring Prois Hunting Apparel.   Camp Wild Girls CEO, Terri Lee Pocernich and Prois Hunting & Field Apparel CEO, Kirstie Pike have burned the midnight oil bringing this program to fruition.  “This was an idea that quickly snowballed into a fantastic sales and marketing possibility.” states Terri Lee Pocernich,  

The Camp Wild Girls Hunting Party is a home-based party plan with rewards for the hostess.   Home Hunting Parties are scheduled through approved Hunting Party Representatives in the homes of interested hostesses.  Friends, family, neighbors and any other hunting and outdoor enthusiasts are invited to an afternoon or evening of fun.  All Prois Hunting Apparel and Camp Wild Girls gear are available to discuss, view and try on.  Hostesses are eligible for great discounts on gear.  Hunting Party Representatives receive party commission incentives and income which is a great bonus in this hurting economy.  Best of all, women with similar interests are able to gather with comfort and comraderie to discuss what they love best…hunting and the outdoors!  “We are very excited to work together to bring these great products right into the homes of our customers while working hard within the hunting community to spark signs of life in the economy.” explains Pike.  The idea is catching on fast.  “We already have a large number of Hunting Party Representative applications, and we are just going live with the program,” mentions Pocernich, “We are thrilled about the response!”.

For more information about the Camp Wild Girls Hunting Party- featuring Prois Hunting & Field Apparel, email inquiries to  As well, you may log onto and click on “Hunting Party”. 

Prois Hunting & Field Apparel Appoints Katherine Browne as New Pro/Field-Staff Coordinator!

At Prois, we take pride in surrounding ourselves with the best support staff.  With that said, we are pleased to announce the addition of Katherine Browne, who will serve as Prois Hunting & Field Apparel’s new Pro-Staff Coordinator.  “Katherine comes to the table with great people skills, a hunting background and an unsurpassed energy level.”, states Kirstie Pike, CEO of Prois.  “We are thrilled to have her as part of our team and will be looking to her to run with our Pro-Staff program.” Pike explains. 

Katherine, a resident of Gunnison, Colorado, is a lover of all things outdoors.  She has become passionate about elk hunting and doesn’t miss a season in the hills with her fiancee’, Eric.  As well, she is a flyfishing guide on the waters of the Gunnison Basin and can be found pounding the streams year round.  She is the president and founder of the Gunnison Valley Chapter of the Colorado Women Flyfishers and is gaining a great following with her efforts to promote flyfishing among women.  In addition, Katherine has a passion for falconry and spends endless hours training and hunting with her Kestrel, Kyra. 

As Prois Pro-Staff Coordinator, Katherine will be working with Prois and all Pro/Field Staffers to continue to encourage women to enter the hunting and shooting sports.  Afterall, at Prois- we take pride in NOT being one of the guys!

Prois Hunting & Field Apparel Announces Primal Adventures “Extreme Huntress” Contest Winner at SHOT Show…Congratulations REBECCA FRANCIS!

Próis Hunting Apparel and well known TV powerhouse Primal Adventures has been on the hunt for the most hard-core female hunter with the launch of their first ever Extreme Huntress national contest. And now, after countless submissions and with the help of your online votes — they’ve found their gal that can really bring it in the field. Taking home this prestigious title and a hunt of a lifetime is Rebecca Francis of Woodland Hills, Utah.

“This whole contest from start to finish has been an amazing experience,” said Francis. “I’m thrilled to have been a part of a program that encourages and supports women in the outdoors — and cannot wait for my hunt in British Columbia!”

148_1lo_winner_sponsors_lrIn addition to taking home the most Extreme Huntress title, Francis will get the chance to bring home a prized trophy or two on her all expenses paid sheep and mountain goat combination hunt in British Columbia. To prepare her for this hunt of a lifetime, she will be fully outfitted in Próis’ high performance hunting gear, along with a slew of other great equipment provided by contest sponsors. The hunt itself will be filmed for a future episode of Primal Adventures on Versus, with the total value of the grand prize package at more than $50,000.

Francis has worked hard for this title as her hard-core adventures have led her to take down the most challenging game including a 700lb African Lion at full charge and a 10 ½ ft. Alaskan brown bear at 24 yards with her bow. You can tell Francis is a hard-core hunter at the heart as each year she looks forward to ‘suffering from a sore butt in the saddle, rubbing elk manure on her pants to cover her scent and crawling through bushes for hours while stalking game’ — as described in her thrilling essay.

Any serious female hunter who has pushed the limits and beyond in the field was encouraged to tell her story, and share her passion with the world. Countless submissions were received online and were then reviewed by a celebrity panel of judges including Larry Weishuhn, Remington’s Linda Powell, Jim Zumbo from the Outdoor Channel, Denise Miller of Otis Technology, Inc, and Prois Hunting Apparel CEO, Kirstie Pike. The top 10 finalists were then chosen and posted on the Tahoe Films website for the hunting public to vote for their favorite.

“We were thrilled at the number of heart-stopping stories we received showcasing these amazing women who really go for it in the field,” says Kirstie Pike, CEO of Prois. “These unstoppable women are truly role models for present and future women hunters out there, and we’re excited to be able to highlight their success.”

For more information about the Extreme Huntress Contest, Primal Adventures, or Próis’ innovative line of serious, high performance hunting apparel for women, contact: Primal Adventures at · Or Próis Hunting Apparel, 28001-B US Highway 50, Gunnison, CO 81230 · (970) 641-3355 ·

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Prois Named in Outdoor Life Best in Show for ATA 2010!

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