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Norcal Cazadora- Prois Apparel Review

We had the great fortune of meeting La Cazadora at the SHOT Show. AKA, Holly Heyser, Laz Cazadora is a fellow hunter who is lucky enough to devote her time to writing about women in the industry on her Norcal Cazadora blogsite as well as writing for Jesse’s Online. We immediately hit it off…not only is Holly an avid waterfowler ( I will definitely want to pick her brain as we develop our waterfolwer line) but she is intelligent and posesses a wicked sense of humor. Ahh, but I am rambling…

Take a minute to check out what Holly has to say about Prois. As well, the link to her blogsite is listed under ‘links’- her blog is very entertaining and very much worth viewing.


It’s official!  Prois Hunting Apparel “officially” launched our line of high-performance hunting gear for women at the 2008 SHOT Show in Las Vegas.  As we arrived in Vegas, we were met with many obstacles such as website crash, clothing sample glitches, press conference re-arrangements and even a sad taxi cab ride that ended in front of the MGM Grand with us dumping ALL of our media information on the ground in the taxi line. (believe me when I tell you, there isn’t much patience with taxi drivers waiting in line watching you scramble on all fours trying to pick up cd’s, business cards and various other oddities!)   Despite it all, Prois was welcomed to the industry with overwhelming excitement.  Leading women in the industry from writers to tv celebrities to retailers flocked to the booth- every female hunter had the same sentiments… It is about time someone did this!  We were amazed at the outpouring of support and excitement.  Can I also mention that numerous women were so excited that free hugs were offered!  The amazing women we met at the show only reinforced what we already knew…female hunters needed a line of hunting gear that was high-performance and functional, yet created to fit the female form.  Ladies, I think, no wait, I KNOW we have what you want. 

We are excited to mention that we were filmed by the Outdoor Channel as part of their SHOT Show review.  (Photos attached!)  We will post airing time and date!  As well, it seems you will be seeing and hearing MUCH more from Prois.    As well, Prois will be a main sponsor for Sticks and Stones tv and magazine.  Sticks and Stones was particularly interesting to Prois as it spans a wide field of viewers/readers that have many of the same interests that we do- hunting, fishing, rodeo, country music, and yes, even Nascar!  Again- check out this show and publication- it is entertaining and well done!  You will also be seeing us aired on a couple of turkey hunts this year.   We will also be featured in Outdoor Life as part of the Mother’s Day/Father’s Day wish-want issue!  Many product reviews are in the works and we will keep you posted as we go.  We are also in negotiations with other hunting shows regarding sponsorship options with their leading ladies!  Again, we will keep you posted!

We are moving ahead and ready to go!  We are excited to announce we are in the production and field testing phase of our plus size line!  We aim to have this on the market before fall.  As well, we are beginning to prototype our wetlands line!  More exciting options coming!

“Women Hunters”- Why Isn’t There a Real Word For Us?

Not a new concept really, but as I have moved forward in this industry, I have found it quite interesting that there is not a word for “women hunters”.  Of course, there is “huntress”, but that really conjures up images of running through the darkest jungles in attempts to procure flesh for the eating.  Not so fitting for the 21st century.  “Female Hunters”-  sounds sterile to me.  I guess we could go the route of many sports and try “Lady Hunters”.  Sounds like desperate men in bars.  Not nearly the punch that “Lady Titans”  or ” Lady Mavericks” carry.  (By the way, what IS a Lady Maverick?  Anyone?  Beuler?) 

I have scribbled other options….”She Hunter”- uhhh- no.  Sounds alarmingly like the She-Devil.  (although it may be fitting at times, probably not the best tag line).  Words like Chick, Girl and Gal are quite fun while hanging out with the girlfriends, but do not come across in sporting magazines with quite the right spin.  Once again…why is there NOT a word for us.  Odd, huh?

An interesting aside…have you noticed that this does not happen in reverse?  For example, “stewardess”.  (Now hang on, we will get to the evolution of the flight attendant)  As men entered the industry, I don’t recall job listings advertising “Man Stewardesses”  Ahhh…revolution!  Enter the Flight Attendant…   Seamstress?  Nope, not a single “Man Seamstress” or “Male Seamstress” advertisement around.  I don’t believe you will find it in Wikipedia either. What you do find is an absolutely PC tag listed as “Cut and Sew Personnel”.  Woah- that sounds so much better!  “He-Nun”, don’t think so.  I believe I could beat the proverbial dead horse here, but it doesn’t take a “Lady Rocket Scientist” to see where this is going.

 So what is it?  Let me hear your ideas!  Save us from becoming the next “Ms. Hunter”.  Who knows, you just might be Wikipedia- worthy! 

Realtree Camo Patterns Offer Realistic Designs

It can be an almost dizzying experience trying to determine what Camo pattern is for you.  As we started our field work with Prois, we were astonished to find numerous patterns out there that can hide you in virtually any climate from marshes to high mountain praries to the surface of the moon.  We were even surprised to learn about camo patterns made of lips…yes, lips.  While that is quite a fetching idea, you won’t be seeing it in Prois gear!  (I am still scratching my head about WHAT sort of concealment one is looking for with that particular pattern…any insigt?)  We have become quite taken with the numerous Realtree options offered by Jordan Outdoor Enterprises.  While the Hardwoods designs have been tried and true for quite some time,  we really found the Max1 and Max4 patterns to be very unique to their climates.  As we are from Coloroado, the Max1 pattern offers a concealment that is absolutely perfect for hunting in sage and trees- great for any big game hunting in such western climates!  Max4 provide excellent wetland concealment, and we are eager to begin utilizing this pattern in the not-so-distant future. 

But wait, there’s more!  Have you seen the new All Purpose (AP) patterns recently launched by Realtree?  Wow!  They offer 2 distinct AP high definition patterns- AP and AP Green.  Both patterns have an amazing detail and 3-D definition unmatched, in our opionion, by any other camo.  We have utilized the AP in all of our patterns because it offers excellent concealment in almost any type of climate.  It is very versitile. 

But, don’t just take MY word for it…I suggest linking to the Realtree website- they have amazing effectiveness photos that show just how efficient these patterns really are…Let us know your thoughts!

Welcome to Prois Hunting- the ‘Quest’

prois hunting

I have frequently called it ‘the quest’. The quest for great hunting apparel and gear that was designed with a woman in mind. Throughout years of hunting, I became amazed at the fact that there was literally nothing on the market for women who hunted. I have spent a small fortune trying to find clothing designed for a woman, but came up short every time- usually with some sad mess with a waistline up to my breasts and floppy sleeves that were great for keeping my hands warm, but left something to be desired when it came to actually pulling a trigger. The ‘quest’ led to some of the largest sporting good stores noted in the free world…yet still nothing for women. I found it particularly unusual that many companies not only did not produce clothing for women, they didn’t even make men’s huntwear in size small. (Wow… I’ll bet my hunting photos look like all of yours!)The ‘quest’ began to become the ‘obsession’ when I noticed that women’s huntwear had to be something of a myth (guarded by a strange wood nymph named Maximilian in distant lands unknown) . How could it be that men could get the most dynamic and technical huntwear that stops just short of Kevlar and Kryptonite, but women were bundled up like Uncle Eddie, tripping over their pantlegs and pulling up their pants every step or two? (sound familiar?)

After much time and research, I found what I call the “booty call frustration”. I skimmed around stores, catalogs, industry magazines and tv shows, and even unimaginable hours on the internet. Did you know it is easier to find camo lingiere than actual, technical gear. I believe I could outfit myself to work in a strip club faster than I could find something worthy of the hunt. (As well, numerous male friends have added much input about specific ‘booty call’ items we should add to Prois…ahhhh, my friends- not happening!). While avoiding all efforts to sound like a frustrated feminist, I found it unreasonable that successful women hunters could not find appropriate gear for their sport. Especially in an age where women make up a huge portion of individuals involved in hunting and shooting sports. Enter Prois…

Simple concept. Melt together technical hunting components, the most functional fabric available and athletic composition – combine that with patterns that are made specifically to fit and flatter the female form, and …Voila! Clothing becomes gear. We are very excited to launch this line- we are certain serious female hunters (whether novice or expert) will love our products. Each piece is engineered for silence, durability and precision… you won’t find saucy ‘unmentionables’ or pink, fur lined vests… Only the most technical and athletic huntwear for women. (just short of Kevlar and Kryptonite…of course!) This IS where clothing becomes GEAR!

Please, enjoy the Prois experience. Submit your comments, suggestions and stories. We are excited to make not only this product line, but this community all about you…about us!


Kirstie Pike
Prois Hunting Apparel