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Looking for the Ultimate Women’s Pack-

HELP!  Marcy from Arizona is looking for a pack designed for women hunters.  Not just any pack…  THE pack.  Her wishes?  Camo fabric. 
Should be able to pack at least 50 pounds and still be comfortable
Straps should not only be shorter than men’s packs, but also slanted for the shoulders of women. 

What suggestions are out there?  



Boots.  My stories about hunting boots sound like clips from Goldilocks and the Three Bears…these are too big, these are too small, these are too thin or these are too cold.  I have long searched for hunting footwear that can withstand what the elements provide.  I assure you, I am not a shoe person by nature.  You will not find Gucci or Jimmy Choo shoes in my closet.  The extent of my footwear collection consists of Simples, Crocs, Sketchers and a mountain of flip flops.  Comfort and function are key at all times because frankly, if the feet hurt, then the fun is over…and if my fun is over…so is everyone else’s.  You can thus see why it is in the best interest of all around me to find great footwear.

Kenetrek has filled that bill.  Jim Winjum of Kenetrek has engineered the Women’s Mountain Extreme 400 boot.  I have had the pleasure (and how often can you use that word when describing boots?) of field testing these boots and can only rave about them.  First; they are created for a woman’s foot.  The design is somewhat narrower than the men’s boot, but the great part is that the heel is narrowed to reduce slippage and rubs.  I tried these with both thick and thin socks- I literally had no rubbing or pressure points.  Second; support.  The Extreme 400 has a heavy duty nylon midsole with steel shanks.  This really didn’t mean much to me until I spent some time hiking about the rocks in Montana and just as the song says, “I’m a believer!”.  They are bomb proof!  The sole is quite thick, but don’t be alarmed because this boot is very lightweight for all of its function.  In fact, weiging in at 3.2 pounds per PAIR, there is no excess baggage here.  Third; warmth.  Insulated with 400 grams of Thinsulate, these boots are warm.  That’s not the best part.  The Extreme 400 comes with a WindTex waterproof membrane.  Now, if I was reading this review, I would think the writer just took that information from a hangtag.  OK, so maybe I took the VERBIAGE from the tag, but here is what the ‘WindTex waterproof membrane’ means to me…you can literally wear this boot in and out of streams without any (and I mean ANY) moisture seeping into the boot.  The tongue of the boot is a singular piece with triple stitiching- it is waterproof as is the padded collar that extends up the booot.  Fourth;  quality.  Did I mention triple stitiching?  The boot is made of full grain leather that is lieterally made in one piece…no seams.  I looked.  The rubber is tightly bonded and the sole is reinforced for protection.  So many great features- so little time.

The Women’s Mountain Extreme 400 retails for $325.  As this may seem a higher price point, I can attest to the fact that they are worth every penny.  Not just for the reasons listed above, but also because these boots will last for many years.  I try to put it in perspective this way- we don’t flinch at spending $500 for ski boots that actually fit.  Why?  They have too feel good and work hard.  Running shoes?  No problem to pay over $100 for a pair, yet if you are putting miles on them, you can only eek out about 6 months max on that pair.  I foresee using these boots for years- so if I am buying one pair of boots to cover many years, these boots are much cheaper in the long run than the $200/year I shell out for running shoes.  Yes, that smells distinctly of ‘women’s spending logic’, but the funny thing is…you all understood!

Do me a favor…check out these boots.  There are numerous dealer locations, but  click on and go to Kenetrek Mountain Boots. 

Prois Teams Up With Strongbuilt World of Hunting


Prois Hunting Apparel is proud to announce the partnership with Strongbuilt World of Hunting. This award winning show can be seen in over 90 million households each week. Join Ted Jaycox, Ray Boone, Ken Killen and Honda Killen as they feature big game hunting, whitetails, bear, caribou, elk and moose. This crew is highly entertaining and provides the viewer with a quality hunting experience that is free range, close-up and exciting.

Starting in June, new episodes of Strongbuilt World of Hunting will be viewed on the Pursuit Channel Mondays 12pm EST, Wednesdays 10pm EST and Sundays 4pm EST. Past episodes may be currently viewed on the ManChannel. Internet based XON TV also features past episodes. Tune In and Check Them Out!

Gobbler Down in Style!!

Just wanted to say how great it is to be able to turkey hunt in clothes that actually fit.  It feels so good to go hunting in gear that is comfortable and makes me feel like a WOMAN hunter.  My Prois gear is top of the line and I can’t wait to wear it for deer season this year.  Any woman who is looking for hunting gear has to try Prois, you’ll be hooked.  I know I am!!!!

 God Bless,

Dana Wall/ Gator Trax Outdoors

Prois Hunting Apparel Teams With Gator Trax Outdoors With Chad and Dana Wall



Prois is excited to announce their sponsorship with Gator Trax Outdoors with Chad and Dana wall. Aired on the Pursuit Channel (Direct TV), Gator Trax Outdoors can be viewed Thursday Nights at 7:00 pm CST and Sunday mornings at 11:00 am CST starting 3rd quarter 2008. Tune in to watch Chad and Dana in their pursuit of whitetail, turkey and more! Their adventures span the US and even Mexico. Chad and Dana present over the edge hunting, quality filming and great action. As well, they are absolutely fun to watch and have terrific chemistry.

But don’t just take our word for it…

Tune in and check them out!

For more information about Gator Trax Outdoors with Chad and Dana Wall, visit them at