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Prois Hunting Apparel Photo Caption Contest- November 2011

We’ve chosen this month’s photo in the spirit of Thanksgiving! Jump in and take part in the fun! Prois Hunting Apparel for Women is sponsoring a monthly photo caption contest which will be posted here, on the Prois Community Blog.

How do you participate? Simply supply a unique caption to go with our posted photo in the commments section listed below.

Why should you participate? Well, for starters it’s fun! BUT- the winner that is chosen by the Prois staff will become the proud new owner of a Sherpa Beanie in Max-1 or Realtree AP

What are you waiting for!? Give us YOUR caption!


Finally! The esteemed Prois Award Judges (Brenda Valentine, Diana Rupp, Ron Spomer, Ron Schmeits, Guy Eastman, Craig Boddington and Kirstie Pike) have narrowed the field of over 70 entries down to your top 12 finalists! The competition was tough and there were many, many amazing ladies who truly represent the spirit of the Prois Award. The most difficult part of this process is whittling down to only 12!

The Prois Award Page ( will soon be up and live so online voting may commence! Never to be dull, Prois has changed up the voting procedure to keep it exciting! Once the online voting ceases at midnight, December 15th…the confidential judges scores will be added to the overall tally of votes! So…essentially, each finalist could potentially receive up to 700 cumulative votes from the judges! Once the judges scores are added to the overall votes, the winner will be announced December 17th, 2011!

Congratulations to each and every one of you! Who will be the recipient of the 2011 Prois Award? Stay tuned!














Grabbing Life By the Horns! Giving the Crossbow a Try!

By: Gina McCleod

This season has been very busy for my husband and I. Between him guiding, my workouts, and trying to build a house it has been a little hectic. We are so excited to be building our own home, it has been a very long three years when you don’t have a place you can call yours. We are building it at the The Homestead Ranch since that is where we usually are most of the time anyways. Before I got hurt we had a beautiful place with all of our loved ones (dogs, horses, cats, and chickens) so it will be so wonderful to have a big family again!

I had a doe tag this year and since my accident I can no longer pull back my bow because I don’t have full use of my stomach and back muscles yet. I decided to borrow a friends crossbow and go for it. Let me tell you, a crossbow was weird! I have been having a hard time with it and I really hate to admit this, but I shot at a doe at 30 yards and missed! Now, can you tell me how you miss a deer and 30 yards when you have a scope on the crossbow?? I don’t consider myself an “extreme huntress” , but come on! So with Levi not having much time to take me out to hunt and me MISSING, I have had no luck with my doe tag. I defintely need to practice with the cross bow more before I try to shoot any more animals…. I am going to Evergreen,Colorado for 3rd season as I have a buck tag. THis hunt will be with a rifle so maybe I will have a little bit more luck with that! Unlike my hunting, my workouts have been going well and I’m improving very slowly but at least I am improving!

Gina and Levi McLeod continue to live in the Colorado mountains. Levi owns and operates the Homestead Ranch and Black Mesa Lodge in Crawford, Colorado.

Prois October Caption Contest

Jump in and take part in the fun! Prois Hunting Apparel for Women is sponsoring a monthly photo caption contest which will be posted here, on the Prois Community Blog. How do you participate? Simply supply a unique caption to go with our posted photo in the comments section listed below.

Why should you participate? Well, for starters it’s fun! BUT- the winner that is chosen by the Prois staff will become the proud new owner of a Pride Longsleeve Shirt! What are you waiting for!? Give us YOUR caption!

2012 Prois Staff Selections

Sara Ahrens

We are very proud to announce our 2012 Staff selections. New to Pro-Staff this year is Sara Ahrens. Sara Ahrens has been a law enforcement officer for 15 years and served 11 years in the U.S. Army and Army Reserves as a Russian and Spanish Interpreter. She is currently assigned to the Patrol Bureau and is an adjunct Firearm’s Instructor and Taser Instructor for her department. Sara is certified as a master handgun firearm’s instructor, rifle instructor and armorer. Sara was the first female to make her department’s SWAT team, where she served for four years as a supervisor. During this same time, she ran her agency’s training unit serving as the Range Master for the firearms program and overseeing the armament section. Sara is an avid shooter and deer and turkey hunter. Sara is married to Michael Ahrens, who is also a Sergeant within her agency. They have two children and as a family they enjoy spending time in the outdoors together. Sara is an NRA handgun and personal protection inside the home instructor. She was recently cast on Season 3 of the History Channel’s Top Shot. Thanks to Top Shot, Sara has had several opportunities to participate more actively in youth shooting events within her surrounding community, which she enjoys.

Beth Ann Amico

Also new to Pro-Staff this year is Beth Ann Amico. Beth is a dynamo in the industry. She is a professional dog trainer and breeder, an outdoor writer, a professional outdoor speaker, an avid huntress, and a conservationist. Beth Ann and her husband John own Deep Fork Retrievers in Choctaw, Oklahoma. Their reputation for producing quality hunting retrievers has led avid hunters such as Fox News host Governor Mike Huckabee and former Oklahoma Governor Frank Keating to their kennel, along with sportsmen and professional hunting guides from across the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Her accomplishments are too many to list in one short paragraph and she has won numerous awards in the industry including a John Madson Fellowship from the Outdoor Writers Association a Maxwell Medallion Award, The Dog Writers Association of America’s version of the Oscar. Beth is heavily involved with promoting women in the outdoors and in hunting and shooting sports. She is an instructor for the Becoming an Outdoors Woman (BOW) program in Oklahoma and Arkansas, where she teaches classes about waterfowling, gun dog training, and outdoor clothing for women. She is also the Event Coordinator of the Central Oklahoma Women in the Outdoors Skills Workshop, an outreach program of the National Wild Turkey Federation (2008 and 2009). Beth has 15 years’ experience hunting upland game, waterfowl and big game. Beth Ann Amico has appeared on several TV shows and has been interviewed numerous times on the radio and in print. She is already a Pro-Staff member of many notable companies including but not limited to Cabela’s and Limbsaver.

Mia Anstine

New to Field Staff this year are Mia Anstine, Kendra Petska, Amy Hanneman, Kelly Heard, Tracey Splechter, and Captain Leslie N. Smith. Mia Anstine has been a longtime supporter and friend of Prois Hunting Apparel. Mia is co-owner of Wolf Creek Outfitters, LLC in Colorado, she writes reviews for the Outdoors Channel and writes a blog, “Adventures with Little Gal,” at the Women’s Outdoor News. She is also on TenPoint Crossbows pro-staff. Mia spends more than 150 days a year in the outdoors hunting, scouting, shooting and fishing. She has hunted elk, mule deer, black bear, turkey, game birds, predators, varmints, hogs, and has many more hunts on her bucket list. Mia mentors women and children hunters and has definitely earned her placed on Prois’ elite Field Staff team.

Kendra Petska

Kendra Petska is a very accomplished huntress having hunted a wide range of wild game including deer, turkey, and waterfowl. She comes from a family of hunters and trappers and at an early age she could be found out with her family chasing whitetails, waterfowl and fishing. She has recently developed a love for Mule deer and took her first buck in 2010. Kendra has written stories for Muley Crazy and Sportsmans News. She will be hunting in Africa this October and she is working to put together a guide service for young girls to go hunting.

Amy Hanneman

Amy Hanneman is talented huntress and has been hunting for the last 8 yeas. She is a member of the Wild Energy Crew of Green Energy Solutions and has appeared on Nosler’s Magnum TV, Eye of the Hunter, and Joe Rossi’s Wildside Adventure. She writes a blog for Bow Hunting Road and has had articles printed in many other publications. She has a very busy hunting season ahead of her and we are very excited to see what she bags! Amy is not only a talented huntress, she is also a RN in the intensive care unit at Saint Patrick Hospital and Health Sciences Center in Missoula.

Kelly Heard

Kelly Heard is also a member of the Wild Energy Crew of Green Energy Solutions. She is a wife, mother and grandmother of three and had been an avid hunter nearly her entire life. She lives and hunts in the beautiful and diverse state of Oregon, which gives me the opportunity to hunt elk (Roosevelt as well as Rocky Mountain), deer (Blacktail, Columbia white tail and mule deer), antelope, black bear, turkey, cougars and coyotes as well as smaller game and upland birds. In addition to these species Kelly has also hunted red stag in New Zealand and British Columbia to hunt moose. She has many more hunts on her bucket list including hunting in Africa. She has also written several articles in as well as Western Wander.

Tracey Splechter

Tracey Splechter has been involved in the outdoor industry since 1999 with Outdoor Connection, a hunting and fishing travel service. Outdoor Connection has given her the opportunity to travel all over North America and meet many great people. Tracey Splechter is part owner of Outdoor Connection, the outdoor booking agency that we have teamed up with to create She is an accomplished huntress and a longtime friend of Prois Hunting Apparel. Tracey enjoys fishing, sporting clays and pursuing big game animals. She was hooked on hunting after her first Kansas turkey hunt. Since then she has hog hunted in Oklahoma multiple times and harvested her first whitetail deer in Saskatchewan. She enjoys whitetail deer hunting in her home state of Kansas with her husband. Tracey’s passion is to get more women involved in the great outdoors. Tracey has two daughters, Alyssa and Alexa, who along with her husband, Adam, reside in southeast Kansas.

Captain Leslie Smith and Issac

Captain Leslie N. Smith is relatively new to hunting but has already had several successes despite the challenges she has faced. While serving in Bosnia Leslie became ill two weeks before completing the deployment and was sent back to the United States. From there, Leslie was admitted to Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C. and doctors diagnosed her with a rare blood disorder. Complications from this disorder led to the amputation of Leslie’s left leg just below the knee and major tissue loss over both legs. She also lost vision in her left eye and later much of her vision in her right eye. She spent seven long months at Walter Reed, undergoing more than 20 operations, in intensive care, recovery and rehabilitation.

In 2010 she had her first hunting experience when she was invited on an elk hunt for injured female military veterans hosted by Outdoor Recreation Heritage Fund and the Paralyzed Veterans of America in Pagosa Springs Colorado. The Elk hunt was filmed for the TV show American Outdoorsman which airs on The Outdoor Channel. Leslie harvested a beautiful bull elk with one shot which was an experience she will never forget. This experience led to a turkey hunt for female injured veterans in Mississippi which was filmed by Mississippi Outdoors. Even though she was coping with recent additional vision loss in her right eye when she was already blind in her left eye she was able to shoot a beautiful Tom. Leslie’s background is in public speaking, public relations, and writing. Leslie has been an unstoppable advocate for injured female veterans and is a very talented public speaker. She serves as soldier spokesperson for the American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial that is being built in Washington DC. She has tirelessly worked to raise awareness for wounded veterans and this much needed memorial. Since her injury she worked on President Bush’s Wounded Warrior Commission in 2007 and spoke at the Republican National Convention for Senator McCain’s campaign in 2008. Through all of these experiences her service dog Issac has been by her side. She is a well-educated, motivated, and an extremely inspirational person. We are incredibly proud to have Leslie as a member of our Field-Staff Team.

We couldn’t have asked for a more worthy group of women to join us on our staff team at Prois this year. Our only regret is that we didn’t have more spaces to fill given the incredible group of applicants. We are so honored to be a part of such an amazing group of women. Prois is not just about clothing. It’s about women having the gear they need to pursue their passions. It’s about the amazing fellowship of women who hunt and enjoy the outdoors. It’s about helping women feel confident and capable in the outdoors. Most of all it’s about taking pride in not being one of the guys!


Huntress Extraordinaire Kim McCormick

By Kim McCormick, Prois Event Staff

Nestled in the heart of Ennis Montana, not only will you find a spectacular view of the Madison Mountain Range you’ll also find a store run by three generations of hunters, Shedhorn Sports. Recently, I was invited to attend and represent Prois Women’s Hunting Apparel at the 17th Annual Hunters Rendezvous and what a great time I had. Along with 25+ other vendors we started the day off with a group meeting at 8:30 while a big line of folks patiently waited outside for the 9am opening. The store was packed non-stop with customers all day. My first customers of the day were a young couple who had just drawn a Montana moose tag. He was telling anyone in the store who would listen about his tag and she was super excited to be going along with him to watch the hunt. We got her all set up with some Max1 Prois and away they went.

It was a very good turn out and I met lots of accomplished women hunters as well as some who were just starting out. They all said the same thing “Women’s camo, finally! No more shopping for little boys camo clothes.” Many folks just stopped by to take a look and ask where our products are made, I proudly said “Made in the USA”. The hardest part of the whole day was trying to catch the men before they made it to the dressing room to try on the Prois clothing. They sure were disappointed to find out Prois is for us gals!!

One of my sons, Mark Sides, upset because Prois is for women only!

Grabbing Life by the Horns…Introducing New Prois Blogger, Gina McLeod

At Prois, we have always been amazed, humored and touched by the stories of the women we have met through our journeys. As well, we have always felt that it is the sisterhood of like-minded women out there that make this company what it is. It is our pleasure and honor to introduce Gina McLeod- an amazing young lady with an incredible story of grit and triumph. Gina will be hosting her own blogspot with Prois Hunting Apparel…Grabbing Life by the Horns.

Grabbing Life by the Horns…
By: Gina McLeod

Every since I was a little girl, I was an outdoors girl. I had holes in my jeans, dirt on my face, and twigs in my hair. Ok, so maybe I was considered a hellion. While growing up I always had my love for horses and four-wheeling. As a teenager, my boyfriend introduced me to the world of hunting. Because my boyfriend, who is now my husband, was an outfitter I quickly got acquainted with the hunting lifestyle and grew to love it. I would go hiking and scouting with him and then eventually started carrying my own rifle. Eventually, this led to me going out to get a kill of my own.

Well, with hunting also came my love for dirt biking which gave me a great adrenaline rush. This is where this story really begins…. On September 21st, 2008 I was out with my best friend having a great day riding our dirt bikes when tragedy struck and I had a life changing accident. I shattered my T-4 and T-5 vertebrae in my back. I was 24 yrs old and paralyzed from my chest down. The doctor informed me I would never be able to walk again. Well okay, he gave me a 1% chance. I was hospitalized for 3 months and fought with many of the doctors because they were so pessimistic. They continued to tell me I was in denial because I had it in my head I was going to walk again no matter what any of them told me.

I have fought from the beginning and I am still fighting. I can gladly say much of my feeling has returned and I do have some movement in my legs. I work out every day and every month I can see small improvements. The year after my accident I finally went back out hunting with my husband and killed my first buck! As I grabbed onto those antlers I thought “now this is a rush I haven’t felt in a long time”.

Just to be back doing something outdoors again and feeling that adrenaline rush, it was amazing. I am not satisfied where I am at, which is in a wheelchair, and won’t be satisfied until I’m out of my chair. However, I have found that keeping a little bit of my old hobbies in my life has helped tremendously. I definetly do not take my life for granted now and can see things in a whole new perspective. I am grabbing life by the horns….

Levi and Gina McLeod

Gina and Levi McLeod continue to live in the Colorado mountains. Levi owns and operates the Homestead Ranch and Black Mesa Lodge in Crawford, Colorado.

Barb Baird in Kansas City

Here's Barb Baird with a foreign model from Cabela's. She wasn't nearly as friendly as Marsha, the mannequin from Colorado. Photo by Jackie Thompson.

By Barbara Baird, Prois Pro-Staff

As a member of Próis Hunting Apparel’s Pro-Staff, one of my favorite tasks is to meet other huntresses and discuss not only the importance of choosing performance-based clothing, but also why they hunt. Recently, I had the opportunity to meet many women at Cabela’s Fall Great Outdoor Days in Kansas City, Kansas.

“Outfitting the Female Hunter” was the seminar topic. Prois offers the complete line of functional, performance-based apparel. Layered properly, it works with the huntress. It is a tool, just like the firearm or bow that she chooses for the hunt.

Mostly, I met women that came to buy camo for upcoming whitetail, mule deer and elk hunts this fall. They looked for warmth and function from their investments. And camo is an investment.

They hunt because they want organic meat and because they understand that hunters are conservationists. They also mentioned, again and again, the solitude and spirituality that being outdoors offers them. They like the connection between themselves and Mother Nature.

Here's Beth Ann Amico, a dog trainer and outdoor writer, from Oklahoma, who was there with her husband, John. They gave seminars on getting your retrievers ready for the fall hunting seasons. Photo by Jackie Thompson.

And, it was heartening to see all the fathers bringing their daughters by, either to shop, or for the girls to tell me that they were going hunting with their dads. A lot of them were too young to fit into the clothes yet, but still, it was great to witness the relationships out there between dads and their daughters, boyfriends and girlfriends, husbands and wives – all who have an extra bond because of the outdoors.

The Marsha factor

In fact, the mannequin refused to wear the Prois ball cap one afternoon, and instead, chose a Mad Bomber cap. But then again, her ears were cold. Photo by Jackie Thompson.

But, one thing … I missed Marsha. For some reason, Marsha returned to the sender early. According to CEO Kirstie Pike, they sent the oldest, most reliable mannequin (named Marsha) out and she promptly came back – a UPS reject. So, since I was Marsha-less, I had to “make-do” with a Cabela’s mannequin, that was quite cold and heartless. She wasn’t as easy as Marsha (who is headless and only a torso chica) to take out for a drink, and don’t even get me started about what we had to do to dress her. Think “Arm Removal 101.”

So, next time, I’m going to write in my contract that unless Marsha shows up for the party, well, I’ll need to rethink the whole idea.

We wondered if it was safe in the fitting rooms. Photo by Jackie Thompson.

Cabela’s Great Outdoor Days in Grand Junction Colorado

Jasmine Johnson is a member of Prois’ elite Event Staff. She is a student, athlete, artist, and a talented huntress. In addition to her many talents she is fluent in American Sign Language.

By Jasmine Johnson

Cabela’s Great Outdoor Days in Grand Junction Colorado was a blast. I really enjoyed speaking with a wide variety of women and men who were very impressed with the quality, fit, and innovative features that Prois Hunting Apparel has to offer. They commented on how comfortable and soft the material was and loved the features such as thumb holes, lumbar heat pack pocket, and the signature snap-down ducktail feature found on our Eliminator and Xtreme jackets. As I answered questions and showed them the line many men still were not aware that this was a women’s hunting apparel line until they flipped through the catalog. Even after their discovery many men still wanted to buy some.

The highlight of my day occurred when I observed two ladies trying to speak with a Cabela’s clerk. When I saw that they were signing to each other I realized that I could help. I approached them and introduced myself in sign language. We had an amazing hour long conversation during which I learned that Staci and her friend/interpreter Deena are from Craig, Colorado. Staci is a huntress and outdoors women with a great sense of humor and she had not let being deaf limit her in any of her pursuits. We really hit it off and I made new friend and hunting companion in the process. I truly believe that Staci and I met for a reason and none of this would have been possible without Prois.