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Pro-Staffer Barbara Baird Bags Great Rios in Oklahoma!

Prois Pro-Staffer Barbara Baird attended an all-women’s turkey hunt in Oklahoma where she tagged out early with two Rio Grandes, thanks to her excellent guide from Hunter’s Specialties, Jimmy Estus.  The hunt was sponsored by Hunter’s Specialties, Benelli and SHE Outdoor Apparel.  Watch for more information about the camaraderie of the hunt and a most favorable review of the Benelli Vinci shotgun in Guns & Patriots online.

Great job, Barbara!

Camp Wild Girls and Prois Hunting Apparel Partner to Launch the Camp Wild Girls Home Hunting Party!

After much anticipation, Prois Hunting & Field Apparel and Camp Wild Girls announce the launch of the Camp Wild Girls Home Hunting Party- featuring Prois Hunting Apparel.   Camp Wild Girls CEO, Terri Lee Pocernich and Prois Hunting & Field Apparel CEO, Kirstie Pike have burned the midnight oil bringing this program to fruition.  “This was an idea that quickly snowballed into a fantastic sales and marketing possibility.” states Terri Lee Pocernich,  

The Camp Wild Girls Hunting Party is a home-based party plan with rewards for the hostess.   Home Hunting Parties are scheduled through approved Hunting Party Representatives in the homes of interested hostesses.  Friends, family, neighbors and any other hunting and outdoor enthusiasts are invited to an afternoon or evening of fun.  All Prois Hunting Apparel and Camp Wild Girls gear are available to discuss, view and try on.  Hostesses are eligible for great discounts on gear.  Hunting Party Representatives receive party commission incentives and income which is a great bonus in this hurting economy.  Best of all, women with similar interests are able to gather with comfort and comraderie to discuss what they love best…hunting and the outdoors!  “We are very excited to work together to bring these great products right into the homes of our customers while working hard within the hunting community to spark signs of life in the economy.” explains Pike.  The idea is catching on fast.  “We already have a large number of Hunting Party Representative applications, and we are just going live with the program,” mentions Pocernich, “We are thrilled about the response!”.

For more information about the Camp Wild Girls Hunting Party- featuring Prois Hunting & Field Apparel, email inquiries to  As well, you may log onto and click on “Hunting Party”. 

Prois Hunting & Field Apparel Appoints Katherine Browne as New Pro/Field-Staff Coordinator!

At Prois, we take pride in surrounding ourselves with the best support staff.  With that said, we are pleased to announce the addition of Katherine Browne, who will serve as Prois Hunting & Field Apparel’s new Pro-Staff Coordinator.  “Katherine comes to the table with great people skills, a hunting background and an unsurpassed energy level.”, states Kirstie Pike, CEO of Prois.  “We are thrilled to have her as part of our team and will be looking to her to run with our Pro-Staff program.” Pike explains. 

Katherine, a resident of Gunnison, Colorado, is a lover of all things outdoors.  She has become passionate about elk hunting and doesn’t miss a season in the hills with her fiancee’, Eric.  As well, she is a flyfishing guide on the waters of the Gunnison Basin and can be found pounding the streams year round.  She is the president and founder of the Gunnison Valley Chapter of the Colorado Women Flyfishers and is gaining a great following with her efforts to promote flyfishing among women.  In addition, Katherine has a passion for falconry and spends endless hours training and hunting with her Kestrel, Kyra. 

As Prois Pro-Staff Coordinator, Katherine will be working with Prois and all Pro/Field Staffers to continue to encourage women to enter the hunting and shooting sports.  Afterall, at Prois- we take pride in NOT being one of the guys!

Prois Hunting & Field Apparel Announces Primal Adventures “Extreme Huntress” Contest Winner at SHOT Show…Congratulations REBECCA FRANCIS!

Próis Hunting Apparel and well known TV powerhouse Primal Adventures has been on the hunt for the most hard-core female hunter with the launch of their first ever Extreme Huntress national contest. And now, after countless submissions and with the help of your online votes — they’ve found their gal that can really bring it in the field. Taking home this prestigious title and a hunt of a lifetime is Rebecca Francis of Woodland Hills, Utah.

“This whole contest from start to finish has been an amazing experience,” said Francis. “I’m thrilled to have been a part of a program that encourages and supports women in the outdoors — and cannot wait for my hunt in British Columbia!”

148_1lo_winner_sponsors_lrIn addition to taking home the most Extreme Huntress title, Francis will get the chance to bring home a prized trophy or two on her all expenses paid sheep and mountain goat combination hunt in British Columbia. To prepare her for this hunt of a lifetime, she will be fully outfitted in Próis’ high performance hunting gear, along with a slew of other great equipment provided by contest sponsors. The hunt itself will be filmed for a future episode of Primal Adventures on Versus, with the total value of the grand prize package at more than $50,000.

Francis has worked hard for this title as her hard-core adventures have led her to take down the most challenging game including a 700lb African Lion at full charge and a 10 ½ ft. Alaskan brown bear at 24 yards with her bow. You can tell Francis is a hard-core hunter at the heart as each year she looks forward to ‘suffering from a sore butt in the saddle, rubbing elk manure on her pants to cover her scent and crawling through bushes for hours while stalking game’ — as described in her thrilling essay.

Any serious female hunter who has pushed the limits and beyond in the field was encouraged to tell her story, and share her passion with the world. Countless submissions were received online and were then reviewed by a celebrity panel of judges including Larry Weishuhn, Remington’s Linda Powell, Jim Zumbo from the Outdoor Channel, Denise Miller of Otis Technology, Inc, and Prois Hunting Apparel CEO, Kirstie Pike. The top 10 finalists were then chosen and posted on the Tahoe Films website for the hunting public to vote for their favorite.

“We were thrilled at the number of heart-stopping stories we received showcasing these amazing women who really go for it in the field,” says Kirstie Pike, CEO of Prois. “These unstoppable women are truly role models for present and future women hunters out there, and we’re excited to be able to highlight their success.”

For more information about the Extreme Huntress Contest, Primal Adventures, or Próis’ innovative line of serious, high performance hunting apparel for women, contact: Primal Adventures at · Or Próis Hunting Apparel, 28001-B US Highway 50, Gunnison, CO 81230 · (970) 641-3355 ·

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Prois Named in Outdoor Life Best in Show for ATA 2010!

Bow of Show

Niki Atcheson … from Missionary’s kid to big game outfitter to Próis Field-Staff…

At Prois Hunting & Field Apparel for Women, we understand that it is the people on our team that make the business a success.  With that, we are immensely pleased to announce the addition of Niki Atcheson to our Field-Staff team. 

Niki Atcheson grew up as the daughter of medical missionary parents at Kibuye Hospital station in Burundi and Rwanda. It was 1960 and remote at the time. Outside communication happened just once a week on short wave radio. It was here that her passion for hunting began and now, in what some still consider the wild – Butte, Montana – her quest to hunt the world continues.

Out of Africa, Niki became a hunting guide for South Point Safaris on the big island of Hawaii. Remote Mauna Loa supported the world’s most pure strain of Mouflon sheep, as well as many other species. She described the experience: “Hunting from jungle to savannah to barren lava in this exotic location was one of the most amazing experiences of my life.”

Niki could not stay away from Africa, continuing to hunt there while using International Hunting Consultant Keith Atcheson, of Jack Atcheson & Sons, as her advisor. She concentrated on hunting dangerous game, including Cape buffalo. She said, “Zimbabwe is my favorite country to hunt, but I have also hunted in Namibia, Tanzania, Mozambique, Botswana, South Africa and the Cameroons.”

She married Keith and for the past nine years, they have hunted the world together. They also run an outfitting and guiding business, Hunters Montana, for elk, deer and antelope. The couple spends most of their time running Jack Atcheson and Sons International Hunting Agency. They often take their combined family of five children (four girls!) hunting with them.

An avid writer, Niki has contributed many articles encouraging other woman and kids to enjoy her passion of hunting and the outdoors. She firmly believes that the lifestyle of hunting fishing is an intricate part of our connection with to Earth.

She said, “What keeps me guiding through long hours, tremendous work and bad weather is the amazing people I meet. The honor of hunting with clients and seeing them achieve their goals is as much a fulfillment to me as a guide as my own hunting. Hunting has allowed me to meet some of the most giving, courageous and adventuresome woman in the world.”

When spending time back at home in Montana, Niki can be found gardening, watching birds or reading true-life adventure novels. We wonder if these stories can even begin to compare to her own life’s story? We’re thrilled to have this big game guide, American huntress on the team at Próis.

Prois’ Transatlantic Correspondent…Winter in the UK

Julie “Joolz” Caddick~
Winter has finally arrived here in the British Isles we have had the first ground frosts of the year and the winds are sweeping in from the north bringing hail and snow. I can’t complain though as we have had one of the mildest autumns that I can remember. As the seasons change and the leaves fall, you notice things that summer kept hidden. The woodland in which we practice archery is not very large and with less cover on the trees.  It is possible to see across it in places. Two streams join together and flow southwards out of the wood, dividing it up and helping with the setting of shots by providing dead ground and interesting settings. We have seen footprints in the mud along the banks earlier in the year and now that the vegetation has thinned out, the culprit has been seen. It is a Mink.  These animals are not native to the British Isles but have escaped from fur farms and have found our countryside very much to their liking. We share our woodland with a pheasant shooting syndicate who put down a good number of young birds for the shooting season and no doubt they will have lost some to the mink.  I think the young birds will will already have a price on their heads.  I think that I have found its den (not sure if this is the correct name for a minks home. Maybe somebody over in the USA knows?) under some tree roots about a foot above the normal water level of the stream there are two entrances with well trodden pathways leading to them. I spent a good twenty minutes struggling to get a good look inside but will have to go back with some  waders as the only way would be to wade waist deep in the stream. This may seem a strange thing to want to do but I have always found the homes of animals interesting ever since I was five years old and looked into a foxes earth and saw three pairs of amber colored eyes staring back out of the darkness.

I feel privileged to see these things and rewarded for taking the time and making the effort to get out into the woodland.  Far too many people over here never venture out of towns and city’s and have become detached from the natural world.  They really do not know what they are missing. Field Archery has given me the opportunity to visit many places that are off the beaten track and to observe our wildlife in all its shapes and sizes from the Red Deer Stags of the Highlands to the tiny shrews that live among the fallen logs and moss. Of all the British Wildlife, foxes hold a special interest for me as they seem to have the ability to survive no matter what odds are against them. They have even found opportunities to survive in urban areas by scavenging on the things that we throw away… this is a testament to their will to survive. So as the weather gets more and more winter-like I will not sit in the warm comfort of my home.  I will go out and experience all the conditions that our climate throws at us whether its doing Archery or simply walking my dogs, I will enjoy each day what ever it brings and look forward to the coming year.
So as the snow deepens and the temperatures drop remember… There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing!   (See why we love her!?)
        Best Wishes to you all and good luck in the new year.

AT LAST! The Much Anticipated XTREME Line is Now Available from Prois Hunting & Field Apparel Online!

The XTREME Series has arrived! This jacket has it all! Soft, silent shell of our 100% polyester 8000/5000 waterproof/breathable fabric. Well insulated with 150Gm 3M ULTRA Thinsulate- this jacket will not leave you out in the cold. Lined with our 100% nylon tricot for added ease of layering and movement. Deep chest and hand pockets. Innovative inner sleeve liner keeps arm mobile yet reduces drafting and maximizes dryness. Safety Harness access at the base of the neck with magnetic tab closure allows the huntress to wear harness under the jacket. Hood with exterior drawstring closure that pulls hood away from the face, thus maximizing peripheral vision. Drawstring at waist to enhance warmth. Includes the signature Prois Ducktail Feature that is designed to provide additional warmth and dryness to the backside…simply unsnap and the tail drops down an additional 12 inches that optimizes dryness when sitting in the elements. This jacket offers maximum function at a great price!


Prois also Introduces their insulated, heavyweight pants that are engineered to withstand the coldest conditions mother nature has to offer. Constructed with 100% polyester 8000/5000 waterproof/breathable shell that is soft and utterly silent. Insulated with 150 Gram 3M ULTRA Thinsulate and lined with our sleek nylon tricot. These pants are the ultimate in warmth whether you are trekking across the frozen mountain terrain or awaiting that trophy buck in a treestand. Elastic waistline with added elastic drawstring and cordlock. Large cargo pockets with pillowtop closures. 9″ boot zippers added for ease of donning. The Prois XTREME Pants are designed to meet the needs of THE serious hunter.

Both XTREME Jacket and Pants are available in Realtree AP HD and Realtree Advantage Max1.  Both items are also included in our annual HOLIDAY SALE!  Check it out now!