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Prois Pro staffer, Jennifer Barvitski, ended the 2008 hunting year by hunting whitetail deer with her husband, Bill; and their niece and nephew, Samantha (age 5) and John (age 8).  Jennifer harvested a nice 150 class whitetail buck with her Bowtech Equalizer bow.  She also took 2 hogs on the ranch for management purposes.  John and Samantha are hooked on the outdoors and loved every minute hunting with Jennifer and Bill.


In April, Jennifer traveled to Peru with her sister, sister-in-law, and mother, to tour the country and hike Machu Pichu.  It was Jennifer’s mother’s dream since she was in the fourth grade.  It was a great accomplishment.  They had a great family girls trip that exceeded all their expectations.


Also in April, along with Prois owner and creator, Kirstie Pike; Prois Pro staffer Barb Baird; and Amy Brown, Director of Public Relations at Bear Marketing; Jennifer went on her first turkey hunting adventure in Missouri.  Jennifer took her first turkey with a 12 gauge Berretta shotgun.  It was a very exciting hunt and the girls had a great experience with LOTS of laughter.




With great excitement, Jennifer is proud to announce the accomplishment of passing all 9 of her architecture licensing exams!  She is now waiting to receive her architect’s license from the State of Colorado.  It was a long and grueling process, but well worth it in the end.


Jennifer will be joining Kirstie Pike at the end of August for an alligator hunt in Louisiana with Dana Wall, also a Prois Pro staffer, and her husband Chad, both of Gator Trax Outdoors.  Hopefully, Jennifer and Kirstie will not melt in the August heat of Louisiana.  Jennifer is super excited to chase and stalk alligators in the swamps with both her bow and her rifle.


Jennifer is also excited for the 2009 fall/winter hunting season filled with elk, whitetail, hog, axis, dove, quail, duck and goose hunting.

Prois Hunting Apparel Pro-Staff Spotlight… LINDA POWELL

Prois pro-staffer, Linda Powell, has been on the road more than 80 days since the SHOT Show in January; covering points as far west as Hawaii, venturing north to Alberta and British Columbia, with stops in AZ, TX, SC, NV and SD in between. Her schedule only picks up speed from here as she prepares for the fall.

In her role as Manager of Remington’s Press Relations team, Linda is responsible for promoting an extensive line of Remington products including shotguns, rifles, ammunition and accessories with added focus on Brand awareness. Throughout the year, Linda and her team implement a strategic PR plan that includes attendance at over 40 events and shows; many of which are planned and hosted by the PR team. She has seen her role expand as Remington’s parent company has acquired other Brands including Marlin, H&R 1871, New England Firearms, Bushmaster Firearms and most recently, Dakota Arms.

 In addition to major trade and consumer shows (SHOT, NRA), Linda also attended several conservation organizations conventions (SCI, NWTF and RMEF) and then there are the hunts or as she prefers to call them “product support events”.  This is obviously what most people consider the most glamorous and enviable aspect of her job, but as Linda will tell you, it is not all fun and games!  Each of these events or hunts requires extensive planning and coordination, not only in advance of the hunt but during, as her primary responsibility is to host the media and promote the company’s products. A typical day may be taking the back seat as an editor or writer is stalking a mule deer, calling in a turkey or focusing on photography needs to support their articles. Regardless of whether she is the hunter or an observer, any day in the field, regardless of the location, she says is a great place to call her office.While Linda’s spring schedule included hunting predators in Texas, turkeys in Hawaii and Arizona, and black bears in Arizona, Alberta and British Columbia with Prois own CEO, Kirstie Pike, Linda’s fall schedule leaves little time to catch her breath. Writers’ conferences (POMA, SEOPA), Remington’s 49th Annual New Products Seminar and a bevy of product support events ranging from waterfowl and upland hunts to pronghorn, deer and elk, Linda is looking forward to one specific hunt. While most of Linda’s travel is work-related, she also spends her time away from the office in the field. At the end of July, she will travel to the Limpopo area of South Africa for a plains game hunt – her third trip to Africa and this one, a personal hunt.

 When asked about the changes she has experienced in her 13 years in the outdoor industry and as a hunter; no question, Linda states it is the impact that women have had in the marketplace. Manufacturers, hunting operations, gun clubs and ranges, and retailers are now marketing to women and developing products to meet their needs. Linda relayed how she struggled on her first hunt back in 1997, wearing men’s clothing and boots that were 2 sizes larger than she wore; she almost fell as she climbed up the ladder to her stand. Unfortunately these were her only choices at the time.  

“When Kirstie first approached me about Prois Hunting Apparel, designed for the serious woman hunter, I knew that her line of clothing was exactly what I had been searching for,” explained Linda. “Several companies have attempted to address the needs of women hunters but have fallen short with poor fit and designs as well as focusing on fashion instead of performance.”  Continuing Linda stated, “Having ‘field tested’ Prois in a wide range of terrain and conditions, I’m sold. Finally a line of women’s hunting apparel that delivers performance and fit with a fashionable approach. Now I am begging Kirstie to add more pieces to the collection!”   


We  just spent every weekend in May preparing a course for the 2009 3D Championships here in the United Kingdom. Things didn’t get off to the best of starts when we found out which piece of Woodland we were using. We decided to go down and have a look around to start preparing shots, unfortunately for us the Gamekeeper that runs the pheasant shoot on the estate did not know we were coming so he was shocked and somewhat annoyed to see two people clothed head to toe in camouflage with two lurcher’s (hunting dogs) walking at heel in the middle of what must be one of the largest pheasant pens in England. After very directly telling us to get off the estate Paul managed to calm him down and explain to him why we were there. When he realized we  had no interest in taking his pheasants he became more helpful and actually ended up asking us where we got our dogs and said that he used to own working Bedlington Terriers and was impressed with how game a dog they are.
After this we always made sure he knew when we were going down the wood and things went a lot more smoothly.The woodland was a large area with lots of potential for shots and the course layers did a good job and used the ground well. I had the job of checking that the smaller Archers could see all the shots from all the pegs on our course sometimes its useful being just 5ft tall.
It rained most of May but luckily the sun shone over the two days of the competition. 600 Archers shot two courses over two days and we had lots of good comments about the quality of the course setting. We always try to make our shots look as realistic as we can and try to use dead ground and any natural features.Our idea of a good shot is one that makes you think yeah thats exactly how you would see that animal.It may have been hard work laying the course but the thanks that we got from our fellow archers some that we knew and some that we have never met before made it all worth while. It  feels good to give back something to a sport that I enjoy so much.I am really looking forward to getting out with my bow again.

Prois Joins Team Huntress in South Dakota!

Nothing beats a weekend in the outdoors with the girls!  Team Huntress, hosted by Pheasant Phun Ranches in Hitchcock, South Dakota.  Activities included Archery Instruction, Shotgun Instruction, HandGun Instruction, Falconry Lectures, Optics Instruction and GPS Instruction.  Despite all of the amazing outdoor activities, spa treatments such as facials, massages, manicures and even wine tasting.  Yoga in the morning and star gazing in the evening capped off the great adventure!  The commraderie was unparalleled and the laughs were never ending!  “This was one of the funniest adventures of my life!”, states Kirstie Pike of Prois Hunting Apparel.  She continues, “We had such a great time introducing women to the many different outdoor pursuits in such a fun and non-threatening environment”.   Other attendees from the Prois camp include Pro-Staffers Anne Vinnola and Barbara Baird. 

For more information on this amazing and unique women’s outdoor experience, check out their website at…. tell them Prois sent you!

If You Haven’t Checked Out the Women’s Outdoor News Yet… Hurry Up! You’re Missing Out!

About The WON

The Women’s Outdoor News, aka The WON, delivers news, reviews and stories about women in the outdoors. Born out of a desire to serve the burgeoning outdoor market for women and to inspire as many women to go outside as possible, The WON pops into email inboxes, RSS Feeds and Twitter Feeds with updates during the work week.

barb-baird-out-standing-in-field3Publisher/Editor Barbara Baird is a freelance writer in travel and outdoor markets. Before The WON she worked as a newspaper and magazine editor. She contributes a column “Out West” to Turkey Country magazine and writes two columns for Show Me Missouri magazine. When not looking for the next story, she can be found fishing, hunting, hiking, kayaking, shooting or whomping up a wild game meal. Barbara and her husband, Jason, teach NRA handgun courses at their local range near Rolla, Mo.

Barbara is president of the Women’s Outdoor Media Association and a member of the Southeastern Outdoor Press Association. She is delighted to be included on the Proís Hunting Apparel’s and Team Huntress’s pro staffs. She’s also mom to four grown kids and mother-in-law to two.

Prois Hunting Apparel Placed in 5 new Bass Pro Shops!

Great news for Prois customers!  Bass Pro Shops is now carrying Prois Hunting Apparel for women at their stores in Springfield, MO-  Orlando, FL-  Sevierville, TN-  Pearl, MS-  and Altoona,IA!  As well, check us out in the 2009 Archery Catalog and upcoming Fall Catalog!  Visit Bass Pro Shops for your outdoor needs!

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Prois Hunting Apparel CEO- Kirstie Pike- Harvests BC Black Bear

Pike Harvests BC Black Bear

Kirstie and Prois Hunting Apparel Pro-Staffer, Linda Powell of Remington Firearms, set out in early June for British Columbia for a world class black bear hunt.  Guided by Sabrina Fraser of Itcha Mountain Outfitters,  the duo had an amazing hunt!  5 days were spent scouting on this spot and stalk bear hunt and the bears were plentiful!  Sighting 64 bears over the 5 days in camp, Pike harvested this great black bear on the final day of the hunt.  Powell harvested a fine black bear as well, adding another to her many bear harvests during her hunting career.  According to Pike, “The area was beautiful and remote.  The animals were plentiful, not only did we see scores of bears, but we spotted moose and wolves as well.  I never dreamed I would see this many animals.”

Itcha Mountain Outfitters is located approximately 100 miles from Quesnel, BC.  Established in 1975 by Bev & Anne Fraser then carried on in 1997 by Stewart & Sabrina Fraser, Itcha Mountain Outfitters is rich with three generations of family traditions. This vast and wild area begins in the Nazko valley and rises up to the alpine slopes of the pristine Itcha Mountains.  The accomodations were clean and comfortable.  The guides are top notch, and it was only an added bonus that the Prois team was guided by such an amazing female guide as Sabrina.  “I would have to say that Itcha Mountain offers one of the most female-friendly hunting camps I have ever encountered- the camp itself offers a rugged yet comfortable setting deep within the BC bush.”, states Pike.  The entire experience was topped off with great staff-  Theresa and Darryl- who worked tirelessly to provide and endless supply of coffee and amazing food!  “I will continue to highly recommend Itcha Mountain Outfitters to anyone be it man, woman or child- the hunting experience is unsurpassed!”, states Kirstie.  “I am chomping at the bit to get up there again!”. 

Itcha Mountain Outfitters also offer guided hunts for moose, caribou, mule deer, mountain lion, lynx, wolves and migratory birds.  Check them out at!  Tell them Prois sent you! 


Prois Hunting Apparel Offers Great Dealer Program!

Próis Hunting Apparel for Women (pronounced ‘pro-iss’) provides female hunters with a long-awaited line of high-performance, technical huntwear specifically designed for women who are serious about the hunt.  Próis utilizes only performance fabrics that offer wicking, waterproofing, windstopping and silence.  Combining high-end fabrics with our signature features such as scapular drop pockets, magnetic closures, snap-down zippers, lumbar compartments and thumbholes makes Próis the gear women demand for the hunt.

We have a very competitive dealer program and would enjoy the opportunity to discuss how our products could meet the needs of your female customers.  Our comprehensive line may be viewed online at  Please feel free to email any inquiries to

Thank you;


Prois Hunting Apparel Pro-Staff Spotlight…Kristina Martin!

Prois Hunting Apparel Pro-Staffer, Kristina Martin of Backstage & Backroads (Sportsman Channel), has been on the run this spring.  Not only had she and her husband, country singer Daniel Lee Martin, been attending the gauntlet of early spring trade shows, they have journeyed across the continent doing what they do best…  hunting, fishing and singing.  Their summer schedule is jam packed with appearances and events.

Early June had the couple located in Boca Grande, Florida for 3 sun-filled days of tarpon fishing with Captain Steve Bowler of Fish Tales.  They had great fun angling for these pre-historic looking monsters!

No summer is complete without  attending the CMAfest in Nashville, Tennessee.  This was Kristina and Daniel Lee’s 11th year participating in the CMAfest.  Daniel Lee was once again part of the Total Outdoorsman Celebrity Challenge on June 10th.  June 11th had Daniel Lee hosting the 1st annual Field and Stream’s Save-A-Stream event.  Just when you think he’s done it all, Daniel Lee performed at the Chevy Outdoor zone on June 12th and 14th.  They quickly packed their bags up again and headed north.

Nestor Falls, Ontario was the next stop on the Martin Map.  Settling in at Muskie Bay Resort, a week was spent fishing for Muskie.  Another quick turnaround, and the couple was next spotted in Fargo, North Dakota for the 26th annual Roger Maris Charity Event.  This was the Martin’s fourth year attending this charity event. 

In addition, they were even able to sneak in some turkey hunting, with Kristina bagging this great gobbler. 

Kristina Martin

Kristina Martin

For more information about the happenings of Kristina, Daniel Lee and Backstage&Backroads, log on to!