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Cabela’s Great Outdoor Days in Grand Junction Colorado

Jasmine Johnson is a member of Prois’ elite Event Staff. She is a student, athlete, artist, and a talented huntress. In addition to her many talents she is fluent in American Sign Language.

By Jasmine Johnson

Cabela’s Great Outdoor Days in Grand Junction Colorado was a blast. I really enjoyed speaking with a wide variety of women and men who were very impressed with the quality, fit, and innovative features that Prois Hunting Apparel has to offer. They commented on how comfortable and soft the material was and loved the features such as thumb holes, lumbar heat pack pocket, and the signature snap-down ducktail feature found on our Eliminator and Xtreme jackets. As I answered questions and showed them the line many men still were not aware that this was a women’s hunting apparel line until they flipped through the catalog. Even after their discovery many men still wanted to buy some.

The highlight of my day occurred when I observed two ladies trying to speak with a Cabela’s clerk. When I saw that they were signing to each other I realized that I could help. I approached them and introduced myself in sign language. We had an amazing hour long conversation during which I learned that Staci and her friend/interpreter Deena are from Craig, Colorado. Staci is a huntress and outdoors women with a great sense of humor and she had not let being deaf limit her in any of her pursuits. We really hit it off and I made new friend and hunting companion in the process. I truly believe that Staci and I met for a reason and none of this would have been possible without Prois.

Prois September Caption Contest

Jump in and take part in the fun! Prois Hunting Apparel for Women is sponsoring a monthly photo caption contest which will be posted here, on the Prois Community Blog. How do you participate? Simply supply a unique caption to go with our posted photo in the comments section listed below.

Why should you participate? Well, for starters it’s fun! BUT- the winner that is chosen by the Prois staff will become the proud new owner of a PROIS Cap in brown, black, khaki, Max-1, AP, or pumpkin ! What are you waiting for!? Give us YOUR caption!

Stacey Huston at Cabela’s Fall Great Outdoor Days, AKA Strong Enough for a Man, but Made for a Women

By Stacey Huston, Prois Field Staff and Wildlife Photographer

Prois Hunting apparel for women; top notch form fitted women’s hunting clothing. I wear them in the field daily and even to town. I keep my Sherpa jacket in my truck every day, because life in the outdoors you never know when the weather will change unexpectedly. I love these cloths and for me, that is huge because I am not a cloths and shopping kind of girl.

Last weekend at Cabela’s Fall Great Outdoor Days in the Boise Idaho I was able to spend a few days representing Prois and meeting other women who love the outdoors. I was able to help out a few special women that are headed out into the “wilds” on their first adventures. One individual that came by my booth had drawn her first Idaho elk tag, and was searching for hunting cloths that fit, would keep her comfortable, and that would last. Her husband’s comment to me while she was trying on the Pro-Edition Pants was.. “I have the best in outdoor clothing to wear when I go out hunting, I think she should to.”

I had a dozen or so men stop by my both who would check out the silent fabrics, open and close the quiet pockets and zippers, pull on the taped seams, smile, and then they would proceed to grab a coat off of the hangars commenting about how well made they are and what a great new brand. But upon donning the items they would realize that something just wasn’t right, and that these cloths, though they ARE made for use, durability and comfort, are just not cut to fit a man. Some found it funny, and I will admit a few were slightly annoyed when I would point out to them that Prois is a woman’s clothing line. I couldn’t help but get a little satisfaction as I thought about how many women felt the same way for decades, making due with men’s camo that never quite seemed to fit right.

Stacey Huston and her adopted Cabela's family

Another woman that I met over the weekend was going out after deer and elk this season. She had just come in the store from attending a body building competition. She was very excited about the possibilities of the upcoming season but apprehensive. I showed her what Prois had to offer, and as she walked away I heard her telling her husband that she just might go goose hunting with him this winter after all especially if she had a cloths that she could stay warm in.?I visited with a couple men, who were taking the small steps necessary to get their wives and daughters into the outdoors with them. Baby steps I told them and a fantastic looking camo jacket as a gift might not hurt. We had a great time, and I sure hope that someday soon I will get to hear from some of the people I met this weekend. And I would love to see photos of their adventures with Prois.

Husband Hawk, honorary Prois Husband

Brand names have never meant anything to me. I couldn’t tell you what brand of shoe is popular and in style. I don’t understand what it is about specific names of clothing you see kids wearing today but when women ask me how I stay warm and comfortable in the outdoors, I will happily tell them Prois, not only because I admire the wonderful group of ladies involved, but because I have tried them, put them to the test and quite simply, they work. From the early archery season to duck hunting over an ice flow in the dead of winter Prois is my choice in outdoor apparel, comfortable, functional, and fashionable.

From the Ladies Room…A Journey of Quips, Musings and TUMS…the story of Prois!

By: Kirstie Pike, CEO Prois Hunting & Field Apparel for Women

I was recently approached to pen an article about the journey (or what we fondly refer to as the ‘Death March’) that resulted in the birth of Prois. I quickly realized that placing this into 800 words would be tricky given my rather verbose tendencies. (See what I mean?) As Prois has grown into a nationally branded company, the lessons and stories we have learned could fill volumes. As well, many of my quips and musings rank among the “Things We Shouldn’t Share With the Outside World Without Legal Counsel Present” category. Other quips and musings rank among the “Things That May Make Your Friends Question Your Sanity” category. Well, with those limitations… it looks like I should be able hit that 800 word limit after all.

The ‘Death March’ has been an incredible journey. When I look at where we started, I am still amazed that we were able to grow this business. Given the fact that there were no “Idiots Guide to Starting a Manufacturing Business During an Epic Recession” references, nor was there a “100 Imperative Lessons for the Idiots Starting a Manufacturing Business During an Epic Recession” audio series…we learned pretty early that we were on our own as we developed this fledgling idea into an international manufacturing corporation.

I do believe that I would now be qualified to author either one of these potentially best-selling references. (Not that I believe I am a pundit on entrepreneurialism. I simply believe in learning through mistakes. Needless to say, I have learned a lot.) I believe the Table of Contents could look something like the following…

• Chapter 1: Look Before You Leap. On Second Thought…Don’t. (Really, you would chicken-out if you knew what was about to happen . Let’s be honest)

• Chapter 2: Global Sourcing- Where in the WORLD do I find THAT? Literally. (Did you know you must order each component in a zipper? Ordering those suckers from China is more challenging than it might appear.)

• Chapter 3: The Fabric of our Lives- the Guide to Chic Fabric Buzzwords. (Apparently, it IS easy to confuse 100% polyester with, well, 100%polyester. Yes, it is different. Who knew?)

• Chapter 4: What’s in a Name- the Reality of Trademark Rejection. ( Much worse than a bad break-up. At least a break-up cannot potentially result in a cease and desist order. Well, not usually.)

• Chapter 5: Minimums. Don’t be Fooled by the Name. (I am still wondering what to do with my 20,000 plastic cap snaps that didn’t work. Thankfully 20,000 was the MINIMUM.)

• Chapter 6: NAFTA- the Guide to Navigating the North American Free Trade Agreement Without Gouging Your Eyes Out with an Ice Pick. (This was a traumatic experience that causes an acute outbreak of hives when I discuss it)

• Chapter 7: Label Libel- (Check out the inside of your clothes. Did you know that the 15 various labels sewn into the uncomfortable seams of you shirt are actually required by law?! This must have been instituted by the same people who deem the removal of mattress tags a crime punishable by death.)

• Chapter 8: Bar Codes Have Nothing to do with Tequilla. (As a true testament to the fact that nothing is free…did you know you must BUY each bar code you use? Each and every one. What a racket. I think I need a drink)

• Chapter 9: Sales- Where’s Waldo? (So, you have a great product and you want to sell it to major big box sporting good chains. Easy, right? WRONG. Finding the buyer for your particular product is a process that rivals the search for the Holy Grail. I am no longer surprised when I find the buyer in an underground cave muttering the words “my precious”)

• Chapter 10: Marketing- Everyone is Your Best Friend…Until You do NOT Sponsor Their TV Show. (I originally thought everyone just plain liked us and wanted to be our friend. Silly girl. Don’t you know that apparently manufacturers can only have friends if they give out free gear AND pay someone to wear it. Who knew?)

So there it is. A brief discourse (and possible best-seller to be sure) on the journey that has brought Prois to the outdoor industry. All we can say is that each day is an adventure…sometimes a journey, sometimes a death march. Either way, TUMS and Ibuprofen are in constant demand.

Check it out…758 words!



Enter Today For The Chance To Win A Hunt Prize Package Worth More Than $25,000

Próis Hunting & Field Apparel, the leading manufacturer of performance-driven hunting clothing for women, continues to celebrate females who dominate in the field with its annual Próis Awards. As of today, August 16th, the company has officially given the ‘green light’ for all huntresses who are hardcore at heart to enter the prestigious contest.
And the competition will be stiff, as there is only one winner who will take home the coveted prize: a hunt of
a lifetime for Elk, Mule Deer, Whitetail and Wolf in the pristine Canadian Rocky Mountains with Savage Encounters. Plus, she’ll be fully outfitted with the latest hunting gear from top equipment manufacturers and Próis Awards sponsors — a killer package that rings in at more than $25,000 in value.

“Próis and its contest partners are passionate about recognizing strong, successful female hunters who consider hunting a lifestyle, and are involved in conservation, management and the hunting community,” says Kirstie Pike,
CEO for Próis Hunting & Field Apparel. “We’re excited to kick off the start of the 2011 Próis Awards, and receive some amazing stories about fearless women who live to hunt – and hunt to live.”

The ‘No guts, No glory’ statement holds true with the Próis Awards, the winner must have passion, determination and an unbelievable story to tell that will inspire female hunters around the globe. If this sounds like you, visit www.Próóisaward for details on how to enter. Submissions will be accepted until midnight September 31, 2011.

Essays and photos are reviewed by a panel of industry expert judges, and the top 12 chosen will then be posted onto the Próis Awards website on October 15, 2011. Here the hunting community has until December 15, 2011 to cast their vote on which candidate they believe should be crowned the 2011 Próis Award Winner. The finalist with the most votes will officially be announced as the winner to the industry at both the 2012 Archery Trade Association Show in Columbus, OH and the 2012 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, NV.

2011 Próis Awards sponsors include: Próis Hunting and Field Apparel, Savage Encounters, Outdoor Connection, Blacks Creek, Hunter Hills Journal, Ripcord Arrow Rest, Bowtech, Swarovski Optik, Bog-Pod, Acli-Mate and Zamberlan.

The Próis Awards panel of industry expert judges includes Diana Rupp, Editor in Chief of Sports Afield Magazine, Kirstie Pike, CEO of Próis Hunting & Field Apparel; Craig Boddington, Outdoor Writer; Guy Eastman, Publisher of Eastman’s Hunting Journals; Ron Shmeits, Presdent of the NRA; Ron Spomer, Writer, Wildlife Photographer & TV Host and Brenda Valentine, NWTF Spokesperson & TV Host.

For complete contest rules and regulations, visit For more information about Próis’ innovative line of serious, high performance hunting apparel for women, contact the
company at 28001-B US Highway 50, Gunnison, CO 81230 • (970) 641-3355 • www.Pró

To check out the latest updates on Próis field and pro staff and company news, visit the Próis blog at Find Próis on Facebook:
Follow Próis on Twitter:óishunting

Lanny Barnes Wins Summer National Championship Title, Tracy Barnes is Runner Up!

Tracy and Lanny, Twin Biathletes, competed in the US and North American Summer Biathlon National Championships this past weekend in Burlington, VT. Lanny took home a first and third place finish and a Summer National Championship title and Tracy boasted 2 second places finishes. The first race on Saturday was a 7.5km sprint with two shooting stages and three 2.5km loops. The athletes battled through severe heat and humidity in Vermont which left the athletes exhausted and overheated after the 7.5km. Tracy only missed one shot out of the 10 total for the day. She was on her way to battling for the win, but fell before the finish and lost valuable time and had to settle for second place. Lanny missed one shot in both of her shooting stages to finish in 3rd place. Sunday’s race was a pursuit format. The athletes started in the order they finished, but were separated by 30 seconds instead of the usual time back from the sprint race the day before. The athletes had an even bigger challenge than yesterday’s heat. Rain soaked the moss covered asphalt saturday night and into sunday morning and left the trails slick and dangerous. With hairpin downhill turns, the athletes buckled down and held on tight while making the turns and hoping not to slide off the course on their roller skis. Lanny skied a conservative race and posted only one miss out of the 20 shots for the day not only finishing in first place and taking the Pursuit Summer National Championship title, she was the best shooter on the day for men and women. Tracy struggled in the range on her first shooting stage, but battled back after that to finish second behind her sister. The races this past weekend were the first of two race series that determine who will head to Europe in November for a chance at the early season world cups. The points the twins earned this weekend put them in a great spot leading into the next set of trials in October in Utah. The best two of four races from this past weekend and the races in October will be used to determine the European Team for the winter. Check out for pictures and updates on the U.S. Biathlon World Cup trials and other races and competitions. The twins will now head back to Colorado for two months of hard training before the next races in Utah in October.

Prois August Caption Contest

Jump in and take part in the fun! Prois Hunting Apparel for Women is sponsoring a monthly photo caption contest which will be posted here, on the Prois Community Blog. How do you participate? Simply supply a unique caption to go with our posted photo in the comments section listed below.

Why should you participate? Well, for starters it’s fun! BUT- the winner that is chosen by the Prois staff will become the proud new owner of a PROIS Cap in brown, black, khaki, Max-1, AP, or pumpkin ! What are you waiting for!? Give us YOUR caption!

Prois is Looking for Prois Fans to Submit Their Hunting Stories for the 2012 Catalog!

Calling all fans and customers of Prois Hunting & Field Apparel for Women!!
Prois is in search of the Prois Fan Story for the 2012 Catalog!

The search is on…quite literally! We are looking for the 2012 Prois Customer Story for the 2012 Prois Catalog! Last year, we included an amazing sheep hunting story from our friend, Michelle Murphy! Her story was such a hit that we have decided to include a Prois Fan story in each of our catalogs. Could your hunting story be featured in the next Prois catalog? Absolutely!
Here’s how…

1. Share your hunting story with us in 1,000 words or less. Word format preferred.
2. Include 1-2 photos of your hunt with you sporting your Prois Gear!
3. Submit your story and photos to us by September 30th, 2011.
4. We will notify the winner via email that she will be included in the next Prois catalog!
5. But wait, there is more…the selected winner will receive some great Prois gear as well!

So what are you waiting for!? Send us your stories and photos today! Send all stories and photos to! It’s that easy!

For more information, feel free to contact our offices at (970)631-3355 or email us at!

Michelle Murphy- 2011 Prois Catalog Fan Story!

Prois Hunting Apparel for Women and Outdoor Connection Team Up to Form PROISHUNTINGTRIPS.COM- Offering Female Friendly and Women’s Only Hunts!

By: Kirstie Pike, CEO Prois Hunting & Field Apparel for Women

Throughout the years, I have seen many advertisements for a variety of booking agencies- agencies that promise the moon and stars when it comes to booking your hunting or fishing adventure of a lifetime. Huh. Call me skeptical. Maybe I am jaded by mass media campaigns. Maybe I bolster some serious trust issues. Either way, I really had a hard time believing that any booking agency would cater to my wishes, wants and insecurities when it came to setting up a world-class hunting or fishing experience. There, I said it.

As I got to know Tracey Splecther, Vice President of Outdoor Connection, through mutual friends and Prois Pro-Staff, my curiosity got the best of me. I guess it was time to really look into a top-notch agency like Outdoor Connection. After all, what did I have to lose? I started to peruse the Outdoor Connection catalog of hunting and fishing opportunities. I was amazed by the variety of expeditions they offered around the globe. I do believe I dog-eared half of the pages in my own catalog to add to my ever-growing bucket list of potential hunts.

My opportunity to utilize these services actually fell into my lap very soon after meeting Tracey as I was invited on a world class whitetail hunt with her in Saskatchewan. A dream trip, to be sure. I was immediately put at ease by one simple fact…Outdoor Connection inspects each and every outfitter that they utilize. As a woman traveling to another country to hunt, I found this fact very settling. I needed to know exactly what to expect from the outfitter, the lodging and the guides. Essentially, Outdoor Connection ensures that what the outfitter advertises is what the hunter actually experiences. What a concept- truth in advertising! But on a serious note, this is a very important feature that, in my opinion, sets Outdoor Connection apart from the rest of the pack.

Ok…I must admit it…another facet of the OC service is the fact that their diligent staff ensure all questions and arrangements are clearly communicated. Again, this was a great feature for me personally, as anyone who knows me can attest to the fact that I can tend to book myself into to “worst case scenario” hotels, motels, camps and rental cars. No lie. It was nearly a foreign concept to me to have all aspects of my hunt arranged. Not only were details arranged…they were…well…safe and quite clean in comparison to my usual traveling haunts!

In addition, Outdoor Connection has a number of ‘female friendly’ hunts and outfitters in addition to a limited number of ‘women only’ hunts. To me, this is a great draw and it is a feature that I promote loudly and proudly. I believe OC has recognized the fact that women are entering the sport of hunting at record rates. With that, they recognize that many women prefer the assurance of ‘female friendly’ camps and women’s only hunts. In addition, Tracey Splechter has teamed up with the NRA Women on Target Hunts program as a Field Hunt Coordinator. I personally find these services extremely important as it sets up many opportunities for me to book trips through my business or with friends and family where I am assured all women will feel comfortable. Over the past few years, I have been approached by numerous female hunters who may not have friends, family or significant others who hunt. The women-only hunts are a great alternative for these ladies.

A match made in heaven? Perhaps…Outdoor Connection and Prois Hunting & Field Apparel for Women are thrilled to announce their partnership with the female hunter/fisher in mind. The two companies have combined forces to create your source for women’s only hunting/fishing expeditions and female-friendly outfitters with the Outdoor Connection seal of approval. Log on today and open up a whole new world of hunting and fishing adventures for the outdoorswoman!

Women Only Oklahoma Hog Hunt

Meet Alyce Tipton…2010 Prois Extreme Huntress Finalist!

Alyce Tipton is one of the top 10 finalists from the 2010 Extreme Huntress Contest and her story is amazing! It is no wonder she became a finalist!

“My love for hunting began when I was about 6 years old. I was the first of three children. My dad wanted a boy to hunting with but got me instead. I hunted with him until his death and I was only 15 at that time. My grandfather hunted small game so that became my new hobby. I got married and my life was busy raising a family and my husband did not hunt. For quite a few years I didn’t even bother to think about hunting. My son came along and that is when I realized that I need a hobby to do with him. We soon started shooting together. Unfortunately, I divorced. However, there was then a lot of time for Zack and I to hunt,fish, and just hang out together.

I met Jim and he turned me on to hunting FIRST CLASS. He bought me my own gun and all the new equipment and clothes. I had never killed a deer until he took me on a hunting trip and really showed me the ropes. I got my first deer about 3 months later and I guess you could say I had Buck Fever after that. It’s nice when the 3 of us go hunting in different places and try to bring home the biggest animal… so far I hold that honor!

I got breast cancer and had to replace the rifle with a crossbow but which is what I used to take down the biggest buck for me yet! He scored 151 Boone and Crockett and won me the Diana Award for the largest buck taken by a woman with a bow in 2007. God knew it was my time to shine. The guys are still trying to out score me but that hasn”t happened yet. I love being out there and because of the breast cancer I appreciate each and every day that the Lord gives me to the fullest.”