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Prois Hunting Apparel CEO- Kirstie Pike- Harvests BC Black Bear

Pike Harvests BC Black Bear

Kirstie and Prois Hunting Apparel Pro-Staffer, Linda Powell of Remington Firearms, set out in early June for British Columbia for a world class black bear hunt.  Guided by Sabrina Fraser of Itcha Mountain Outfitters,  the duo had an amazing hunt!  5 days were spent scouting on this spot and stalk bear hunt and the bears were plentiful!  Sighting 64 bears over the 5 days in camp, Pike harvested this great black bear on the final day of the hunt.  Powell harvested a fine black bear as well, adding another to her many bear harvests during her hunting career.  According to Pike, “The area was beautiful and remote.  The animals were plentiful, not only did we see scores of bears, but we spotted moose and wolves as well.  I never dreamed I would see this many animals.”

Itcha Mountain Outfitters is located approximately 100 miles from Quesnel, BC.  Established in 1975 by Bev & Anne Fraser then carried on in 1997 by Stewart & Sabrina Fraser, Itcha Mountain Outfitters is rich with three generations of family traditions. This vast and wild area begins in the Nazko valley and rises up to the alpine slopes of the pristine Itcha Mountains.  The accomodations were clean and comfortable.  The guides are top notch, and it was only an added bonus that the Prois team was guided by such an amazing female guide as Sabrina.  “I would have to say that Itcha Mountain offers one of the most female-friendly hunting camps I have ever encountered- the camp itself offers a rugged yet comfortable setting deep within the BC bush.”, states Pike.  The entire experience was topped off with great staff-  Theresa and Darryl- who worked tirelessly to provide and endless supply of coffee and amazing food!  “I will continue to highly recommend Itcha Mountain Outfitters to anyone be it man, woman or child- the hunting experience is unsurpassed!”, states Kirstie.  “I am chomping at the bit to get up there again!”. 

Itcha Mountain Outfitters also offer guided hunts for moose, caribou, mule deer, mountain lion, lynx, wolves and migratory birds.  Check them out at!  Tell them Prois sent you! 


Prois Hunting Apparel Offers Great Dealer Program!

Próis Hunting Apparel for Women (pronounced ‘pro-iss’) provides female hunters with a long-awaited line of high-performance, technical huntwear specifically designed for women who are serious about the hunt.  Próis utilizes only performance fabrics that offer wicking, waterproofing, windstopping and silence.  Combining high-end fabrics with our signature features such as scapular drop pockets, magnetic closures, snap-down zippers, lumbar compartments and thumbholes makes Próis the gear women demand for the hunt.

We have a very competitive dealer program and would enjoy the opportunity to discuss how our products could meet the needs of your female customers.  Our comprehensive line may be viewed online at  Please feel free to email any inquiries to

Thank you;


Prois Hunting Apparel Pro-Staff Spotlight…Kristina Martin!

Prois Hunting Apparel Pro-Staffer, Kristina Martin of Backstage & Backroads (Sportsman Channel), has been on the run this spring.  Not only had she and her husband, country singer Daniel Lee Martin, been attending the gauntlet of early spring trade shows, they have journeyed across the continent doing what they do best…  hunting, fishing and singing.  Their summer schedule is jam packed with appearances and events.

Early June had the couple located in Boca Grande, Florida for 3 sun-filled days of tarpon fishing with Captain Steve Bowler of Fish Tales.  They had great fun angling for these pre-historic looking monsters!

No summer is complete without  attending the CMAfest in Nashville, Tennessee.  This was Kristina and Daniel Lee’s 11th year participating in the CMAfest.  Daniel Lee was once again part of the Total Outdoorsman Celebrity Challenge on June 10th.  June 11th had Daniel Lee hosting the 1st annual Field and Stream’s Save-A-Stream event.  Just when you think he’s done it all, Daniel Lee performed at the Chevy Outdoor zone on June 12th and 14th.  They quickly packed their bags up again and headed north.

Nestor Falls, Ontario was the next stop on the Martin Map.  Settling in at Muskie Bay Resort, a week was spent fishing for Muskie.  Another quick turnaround, and the couple was next spotted in Fargo, North Dakota for the 26th annual Roger Maris Charity Event.  This was the Martin’s fourth year attending this charity event. 

In addition, they were even able to sneak in some turkey hunting, with Kristina bagging this great gobbler. 

Kristina Martin

Kristina Martin

For more information about the happenings of Kristina, Daniel Lee and Backstage&Backroads, log on to!




It has been a busy season for Prois Hunting Apparel Pro-Staffer Dana Wall.  Dana, co-host on Gator Trax TV, is not one to let the grass grow under her feet!

In January, Chad and Dana Wall filmed a HOPE Outdoors hunt with Daniel Hoover.  HOPE Outdoors is a Christian organization that helps to take disabled kids and adults on their dream hunts.  This organization is very near and dear to Dana’s heart.  Not only does she work to film these amazing hunts, her home church, Woodland Baptist, holds an outdoor expo, including an expansive 3D archery shoot, to help raise funds for these hunters to help offset the expenses of the hunt. 

January also brought Dana and Chad to Indianapolis for the 2009 ATA show where she did numerous appearances for Prois Hunting Apparel with her fellow pro-staffers.  Soon after the ATA show, Gator Trax TV issued their first season DVD.

April kept Dana on the move as she chased longbeards across the southern states.  They started out in Tennessee.  Next came Kentucky, where they took three special forces soldiers on a once in a lifetime turkey hunt followed by a gospel music and a crawfish boil at the Reverend Jimmy  Stewert’s home.  Dana and Chad were not done yet, they went from Kentucky to Illinois to knock down some more longbeards.  Kansas is next on the list and they are looking forward to  taking down some more birds with their new Elite Bows!

Along with the production of the second season of Gator Trax Outdoors and their full time jobs- Chad and Dana are in the process of building their new home.  Their summer is sure to be busy, but not too busy to invite Kirstie Pike (owner of Prois Hunting Apparel) and some fellow Prois Pro-Staffers down south for a gator hunt and some great Louisiana food!

Season 2 of Gator Trax Outdoors will begin airing on the Pursuit Network in July of 2009.  Tune in!  For more information, log onto 








Prois Pro-Staff Spotlight- Keli Van Cleave

Prois Pro-Staffer, Keli Van Cleave, has been quite a busy lady lately.  She is currently traveling to distant regions pursuing turkey with her bow.  She has some terrific stories coming down the pipeline.   Until then…

We at Prois are proud to mention one of Keli’s recent feats- participating in the ATA Rage 100 Invitational.  23 industry celebrities were invited to shoot their own bow (no target bows) with Rage broadheads.  The shoot was an amazing 100 yard shoot at a 90 meter FITA target, with each participant taking 5 shots per round with a total of 4 rounds per person.  The winners of this celebrity event received monies to be donated to the charity of their choice. 

Keli shot alongside some of the industry’s greatest shooters including Chris Brackett, Tim Gillingham, Pete Shepley and more.  Tim Gillingham cinched up the first place standing while Mike Slinkard took a close second.  Keli finished solidly in the middle of the pack.  According to Keli, “Personally, it was an honor to shoot against all the men who basically started  things in this industry.  We women wouldn’t be here doing what we love for more than a hobby if these men didn’t pave the way first.   I hope I get the honor of participating again!“  

Keli won $500 in the 2009 Rage 100.  She chose to donate her proceeds to the Bighorn Outdoors Youth Adventure Program. 

Keli alongside Chris Brackett in the 2009 Rage 100 Invitational

Keli alongside Chris Brackett in the 2009 Rage 100 Invitational


Prois’ Trans-Atlantic Correspondant!

Julie Caddick is well-known to us at Prois Hunting Apparel.  She is an avid archer and resides in Scotland.  She often pens great updates from the Scottish world of archery.  We find it fascinating to learn more about the European forms of the sport and look forward to Julie’s updates.  Julie’s update on the Scottish Open Championships follows. 

“We spent the Easter weekend at the Castle Douglas for the Scottish Open Championships.  The weather was superb, wall to wall sunshine.  People came from all over Europe.  There were two courses of 36 targets set out on a hillside that contained the remains of an old slate quarry, giving lots of opportunity for good uphill and dowhnill simulated hunting shots.  We took our youngest dog, Bruce, and apart from getting into a slight scuffle with a large husky, he enjoyed himself.  We could not take our older dog, Crow, as the ground would have been too much for him over two days.” 

“I managed to take third place in ladies Bow Hunter and came away with abronze medal.  My husband, Paul, took second place in Gents Hunting Tackle and got a silver medal.  We came home quite happy!”

“We took this photo on the Sunday morning before going to the shoot.  It is a Roe Buck.  Sorry about the quality of the picture, but we were looking almost straight into the morning sunrise.  If you look closely you will see that his antlers are in velvet.  There was a doe with him, but we did not manage to get a photo of both of them!”



Who could ever think that PETA could actually go too far? 

So- just in case you thought you had seen it all…PETA publishes MOMMY KILLS as a comic book for the legions of PETA CHILDREN.  After I finished laughing, I found I was offended…are you?


Click here to view entire PETA COMIC BOOK  mommykills

Prois Hunting Apparel Pro-Staff Spotlight… Stephanie Mallory

An Alabama native, Stephanie Mallory spent her childhood roaming the Bankhead Forest with her father who instilled in her a passion for the outdoors. After graduating from Auburn University with a degree in corporate journalism, Mallory decided to combine her education and passion into a career focused on the outdoors. As a freelance writer, photographer and public relations specialist, Mallory has written hundreds of magazine and Internet articles and has co-authored the book, Basic Essentials of Archery published by Globe Pequot Press. In addition, she provides public relations services for a number of outdoor-related companies.


Stephanie has been a pro-staff member of Prois since 2008.  She has been remarkably busy over the last few months.   The recent show season (aka: ‘the gauntlet’)  has led Stephanie all across the country promoting her company, Mallory Communications, Inc.  In addition, she has been spearheading Public Relations efforts for Realtree, Muzzy, BigFoot Bags, Source Outdoor Group, Darton Archery, Darkwoods Blinds, ZackTack and QuickSlide.  If that isn’t enough, Stephanie also continues her freelance work for the Alabama Game and Fish, Wheelin’ Sportsmen, Women in the Outdoors, Southern Sporting Journal and many more publications. 

So what else can this remarkable woman do?  For starters, Stephanie is the mother of 2 young boys and if that isn’t enough, she is currently expecting twins!  “My travels are pretty limited right now because of the pregnancy and I have been advised against doing any hunts for the meantime.” Mallory states.  She may be on a Hunting Hiatus as her pregnancy progresses, but expect her to head for the hills as soon as she is able! 

Mississippi Waterfowl Hunt

Mississippi Waterfowl Hunt





Introducing the Ladies of Team Huntress!

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Team Huntress empowers women in the outdoors through educational clinics and workshops. Operated through the amazing PheasantPhun ranch in Hitchcock, South Dakota, Team Huntress offers clinics in gun safety, archery, gear, optics, GPS, photography, field care, taxidermy and more! But what makes this different? Team Huntress not only provides a great entry to the world of hunting and the outdoors, they do it while offering great spa ammenities such as wine tasting, massage and spa treatments! Check it out!!

Prois Hunting Apparel has partnered with Team Huntress and PheasantPhun ranches in efforts to fuel the passion of the outdoors in women everywhere! 


Anne Vinnola has been very busy this year with her new blog at titled  ‘Annie Got Her Gun”.  Located on the web at,  Anne writes about taxidermy, field care, second amendment issues, product reviews and more! 

December provided Anne with pheasant hunt in South Dakota at  PheasantPhun ranches with Prois Pro-Staffer Keli Van Cleave and Prois CEO, Kirstie Pike.  A great time was had by all and tales of her adventure can be found on her blog!

Anne Vinnola, Kirstie Pike, Keli VanCleave

She has recently signed the contract for her first book with Arcadia Publishing.  It is a pictoral history about her hometown of Canon City, Colorado and is scheduled to be released in 2010. 

If that isn’t enough, Anne is working closely with TeamHuntress to put together an Outdoor Adventure Weekend for the ladies.  TeamHuntress promotes empowering and educating women in the outdoors through a variety of clinics held at PheasantPhun ranch near Hitchcock, South Dakota.  Topics include archery, optics, gear, photography, gun safety and more.  What makes TeamHuntress different?  It’s spa-like offerings of massage, facials and wine-tasting after a great day in the outdoors!

Anne is also working to put together several ladies-only hunts for the rest of 2009 in her efforts to continue to promote female hunters.  It is only an added bonus that some of these hunts will be filmed- please watch for announcements!

Anne also continues her freelance work with Bowhunting.Net, and Sportsman’s News.  Check her out!