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Angie Bags Her First Buck!

Angie recently started hunting and, as it turns out, she loves it! She recently harvested this great 6 point buck!

“As a newly converted hunting enthusiast, I had been searching for comfortable fitting, yet functional clothing.  I am so happy that I found Prois and have loved everything I’ve ordered.  The clothes are so comfortable, fit the woman’s figure perfectly, and are so extremely functional for the woman hunter.  Thank you for filling a need like this!”  Attached are pictures of my first buck.  I’ve been hunting for a few months now and had been holding out for a big buck.  Then this week I got this beautiful six pointer!  I used a Remington 700 7mm-08.  I am wearing Prois fitted pants, Ultra Long Sleeve T, and the Sherpa Jacket.”


Wisconsin Whitetail

 Jana is also well-known to us here at Prois.  She is an avid outdoorswoman who hunts at the family cabin with her father and husband.  She is also a writer for!  She harvested this whitetail on a Saturday evening after a 2.5 hour tracking session the next morning!  Great work!

Wisconsin Whitetail
Wisconsin Whitetail

Jodene’s Colorado Cow~

Jodene is from Prois Country-   Congratulations on this great cow harvested in the fabulous West Elks!   Great Job!

Like Mother, Like Daughter-

Kathleen is Ashley’s (see below!) mom.  She is 54 and has been hunting big game since she was “BC” (before children!).  She was 27 when she shot her first deer.  Since that time, she has hunted in Nevada, Idaho, Colorado, Oregon, Arizona, Wyoming and her home state of California.  She learned to hunt from her husband of 31 years who is also her best and favorite hunting partner!  They then introduced their daughter, Ashley, to the sport when she was very young.  Ashley majored in Wildlife Biology at Purdue where she also shot on the trap and skeet team and now works for the Arizona Fish and Game as their Shooting Sports Coordinator.  Ashely and her father were hunting elk (pictured below!) in Colorado while Kathleen shot her blacktail. 

When asked what Kathleen’s greatest hunting accomplishment has been to date, she remarks that  she harvested  3 species of deer on her 50th birthday in 2004.  A 4 point mule deer in Nevada,  a trophy 25″ spread 2 x 4 blacktail in California, and a small 3 point whitetail in Idaho.  Kathleen also keeps a journal of all of her hunting and outdoor experiences and highly recommends this to any woman who wants to preserve a bit of her past to reflect upon later and for future generations to read and enjoy!

Ashley’s Colorado Bull~

This was Ashley’s first Colorado elk hunt.  She got this clean kill at approximately 50 yeards with a Winchester Model 70, .270-  Same gun her mom uses!  Great job!


Radine is well-known to us here at Prois!  She hails from B.C., Canada and is an avid hunter.  She harvested this impressive bull this fall.  Great Job, Radine!

Prois Partners with the Great American Outdoor Trails Radio Magazine~

We at Prois Hunting Apparel for Women are excited to announce our partnership with Sarah Ferguson.  Sarah is not only the executive podcast illustrator for a nationally syndicated outdoor radio program, Great American Outdoor Trails Radio Magazine (GAOT), but she is also the voice of Women On The Trail, which is a weekly segment on GAOT.  Now, Sarah’s main objective behind Women On The Trail is to advocate outdoors women and to focus exclusively on products that fit them and their needs.  Aside from work, Sarah’s truest passions include dove hunting, pheasant hunting, duck hunting, deer hunting and fishing for anything that swims.  Now, don’t be fooled by Sarah’s bubbly personality or cue appearance, because even when nine months pregnant and being in the throes of winter, that still didn’t stop her from chasing monster, whitetail bucks!

The show can be heard on over 73 different radio stations.  It is also available on the internet in an illustrated version on hundreds of different websites.  If you would like to find exactly where it is airing via radio, simply click on their website, click on the ‘stations’ tab and view.  Tune in! 


Sarah Ferguson of Women On The Trail

Haydyn’s First Buck!

Coming to you from Prois itself…Haydyn (age 13) bags her first mule deer in Western Colorado.  Haydyn started her hunting career last year, but came up short when it came to finding that great buck.  She hit the hills hard this year, and her efforts show!  She harvested this great buck with a single shot.  When asked if she had a great time, Haydyn stated, “I loved it!  I can’t wait for elk season!”.   Mark that as another girl hooked on the sport!  Great job, Haydyn!



Laura is a single mom who got into hunting when her youngest showed an interest in the sport.  She viewed hunting as a way to stay connected with her son, especially during the teen years.  Having been taken under the wing of a neighbor who taught them how to hunt, they quickly learned the sport.  Laura initially started out by videoing bowfishing expeditions.  She soon turned in her camera for her own bow, and the results are clear!  She is hooked.  Pictured above is a photo of Laura with her firt bow kill- a great South Dakota Antelope!  Below is a photo of Laura and her son with his first deer. 

This story appealed to us here at Prois-and not simply because of her passion for the hunt.  Hunting is a sport that transends the generations and wholly bonds families.  Kudos to Laura for taking it upon herself to introduce her son (and in turn, herself) to the world of hunting!