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Alberta Bighorns

by Prois Field Staffer Meghan Simpson

Growing up in Alberta and having the privilege of purchasing a bighorn tag over the counter at your local Canadian Tire isn’t something you take for granted. You hunt hard and make it a goal every year to go out with friends or family. In my case I choose family.

Papa Simpson

My dad and I have gone out bighorn hunting for the last five years. A father daughter hunt is uncommon, but we make a pretty good team. Taking horses and packing 4 hours into a cold campsite isn’t for everyone but the thought of holding that ram is worth it. From the first hunt up until now I’ve found better and better gear that can withstand the elements these hunts can hand a person. My Prois High Plains Brush Pants really came in handy while sitting in the snow and glassing for hours. 4 out of the 8 days the temperature never got about -18 Celsius. So a girl has to have good warm gear or there might be some whining involved, which lets face it that automatically comes with having daughters!

I’ve been to five different spot hunting in Alberta both Jasper and Banff boundaries. This includes watching amazing ram on the Cadamin mine, which are what dreams are made of. Although I’ve yet to get a ram, I’ve had opportunities that many girls or boys in that matter would only dream about. My dad has put a lot of time and effort to take his daughter out and ram or no ram he’s my top guide.

Meghan Simpson rocking her High Plain Brush Pants

We have been snowed in all day in our wall tent with a mouse visiting every night for a little leftovers. We’ve both frozen our toes, feet and cheeks and fought off grizzly bears. So you might be lucky enough to be an Albertan but that isn’t always the case when it comes to getting an Alberta bighorn. Most say though its not the places you’ve been it’s the people you were with in those places. This has been true for all of my favorite hunting stories.



From The Ladies Room: Nuclear Holocaust Update: Damnit, Clyde!

As the Prois staff reported on 1/21/2013, our return to the warehouse following the “Show Season Gauntlet” was anything but glamorous. Boxes were stacked to the ceiling, email in-boxes were over quota and the persnickety rabbit seemed dramatically emotional over our absence. To top it off, we had all contracted the SHOT Show plague. The biggest mystery of all, however, was the baffling disappearance of Clyde the betta fish. Now mind you, Clyde takes residence in a plush, covered, heated tank with no visible avenues of escape. Best we could figure, Clyde had sprouted legs and left do to the radiation left behind in the Prois Nuclear Holocaust.

Today, we are happy to report that just moments before Clyde’s tank was scheduled to be dumped, the wee fella emerged from the depths of his filter compartment to show his cute little fish face. “Please, don’t flush me!” Although fishing him out of his tiny hiding place was no easy task (unsavory words may have been spat), we are pleased to say welcome back, Clyde!

Needless to say, the cockroaches are gone and all of the Prois ladies are back in the office with one foot in the stirrup. This horse is movin’ on with or without us- Giddy Up! Watch out 2013!

Clyde emerges from the depths. "Please don't flush me!"

From the Ladies Room…. the Prois Office Resembles Nuclear Holocaust Following Show Season Gauntlet.

Tis true.

It is the impression of many that the constant travel to the trade and consumer show gauntlet is “glamorous”.

Eh. Not so much. Countless hours of windshield time, exposure to the plague…excuse me…the flu and the construction/deconstruction/reconstruction of the Prois booth leave us feeling, well, fussy.

We are back in the proverbial saddle this week and looking forward to a great 2013! Oh wait…the entire office with the exception of one is out with the plague. Email mailboxes are over quota. The answering machine is just plain scary. BunBun seems to be giving us the cold shoulder. And, interestingly, one of the beta fish (Clyde) is MIA. Go figure.

It is, in all appearances, a nuclear holocaust site here. To my understanding, only cockroaches can survive such an event…and that is exactly what I feel like today.

Did I mention we have 7 more shows coming up?

...and what is that inexplicable white light!?!

From the Ladies Room…. It Looks Like Katherine Has Stumbled Upon Shonda’s Family Reunion

It’s true. As Katherine has found herself on the road at the Dallas Safari Club show, she stumbled into this crazy nest of honey badgers. Given the fact that Prois employee, Shonda,  is aptly nicknamed “Honey Badger”, it appears that Katherine must have found Shonda’s family reunion.

Weird. We didn’t know that Shonda had kinfolk in Texas. She never shared that with us. That said, Honey Badger doesn’t share if Honey Badger doesn’t want to share.

Prois Staffer, Teri Lancaster, Gives Her 2 Cents About the Prois Ultra Hoodie!

“In October, I got the opportunity to tag along with my favorite hunting partner, my husband, when he was fortunate enough to be drawn for a tag for an elk in Wyoming. So prior to heading out to Wyoming, of course I HAD to go shopping so that I could be properly outfitted with new clothes, camo that is. So I fired up my laptop and went shopping on of course! I purchased a few items with one being the Prois Ultra Hoodie. I purchased the Ultra Hoodie in one size larger than I normally wear, for I wanted to use it as a layering piece and not just as a lightweight shirt. I LOVED the bilateral zippered front pockets! They are roomy enough that I was able to put my phone, chapstick, and small pack of tissues in one pocket and actually put a full water bottle in the other pocket – all with out the fear of losing any item as we trekked along the Wyoming plains and mountains. I liked the thin moisture wicking material and the thumb holes on each sleeve. The only thing Prois could do to make this shirt the bomb would be to add the pockets in that back that are on the Ultra Backcountry shirt – hint hint! I purchased the Prois Ultra Hoodie in both Max1 and Realtree AP. The Ultra Hoodie is definitely a staple in my camo hunting wardrobe for all seasons.”

MSRP: $69.99

Introducing the 2012 Prois Award Recipient…. RUTH CUSACK!

A very hearty congratulations to your new 2012 Prois Award Recipient….RUTH CUSACK! We have absolutely no doubt that Ruth will be a great representative for Prois and the women in the hunting industry! She is amazing!! Congratulations, Ruth!


Each and every contestant in this award is quite simply amazing in their own rights and we want to congratulate each of them for making it to the top 12. We also have to say that we are so proud of the grace and dignity with which each of these ladies has conducted themselves during this contest. They are all amazing and we are humbled to have learned more about each of them.
This is the second year Prois Hunting Apparel for Women has held the prestigious Prois Award, which was created to honor the amazing huntresses out there who also commit their time and efforts to conservation, management and community education.  This year, over 80 entries were submitted and the top 12 finalists were chosen by our elite panel of judges who include Ron Spomer, Diana Rupp, Guy Eastman, Julie Golob, Craig Boddington, Tracy Barnes, Jim Zumbo, Lanny Barnes and Kirstie Pike.  The top 12 finalists worked furiously to obtain online votes and the online voting ceased at midnight December 16th.  At that time, Prois added the cumulative judge scores to the online scores to determine the winner.
Ruth will win an amazing prize package including a 2 species hunt in Namibia with Mogwadiri Hunting Safaris, gear package from Prois Hunting Apparel for Women, firearm by Weatherby, Heartbreaker Bow from Bowtech, bow rest from Rip Cord, Optics by Swarovski, knives from Buck Knives,  arrows/broadheads/logowear from Shoot Like A Girl, scent-free products by Her Camo Shop, customized journal by Hunter Hills Journals,  shooting sticks from BOG,  European mount racks from Skullhooker,  boots from Zamberlan and high altitude drinks from Acli-Mate!  Whew.
Ruth will also be flown out to attend the 2013 SHOT Show press conference which will introduce her to the industry media.

Twin Biathlete Race Update!

By  Lanny Barnes
We just wanted to update you on how the racing season is going so far. We are just a few weeks into a five month season. Having been sick earlier in the season, Tracy is taking some time off from racing to do some training while, I (Lanny) just participated in the World Cup Hochfilzen, Austria. Unlike Sweden, they had tons of snow and was winter wonderland.
I had a sprint race and a team relay. I shot well in the sprint, but had a rough day skiing. Luckily in the relay our team was able to put together a decent result and finished 12 out of 26 teams. We finished higher than our ranking at 14th last year and it was a good start to try and break into the top 10 next time.  Everyone on our team put together a good performance and as the anchor leg I was able to shoot clean (hit all my targets) to hold off the Canadian team and the other 14 teams behind us. We are now in Bled, Slovenia for the final World Cup before Christmas. Our races will start Friday-Sunday. Bled is one of the most amazing places in Europe. The town sits on a lake that has a castle on the cliffs overlooking a church on an island in the middle of the lake. There are also huge mountains that add to the backdrop. It is a really beautiful and inspiring place to train and race. We will keep you posted on how the races go. These are some pictures from last weeks races and also the town of Bled.  Happy Holidays!

Skull Bound Nominated for Best Combination Show for the Sportsman Channel Choice Awards!

Did you hear the news that Skull Bound is up for BEST COMBINATION SHOW for The Sportsman Channel Choice Awards?!?!!!  It’s true!  Prois Pro Staffer, Jana Waller and Jim Kinsey have worked furiously to create a unique show that features amazing hunting, conservation awareness and perfect representation of the women’s hunting community.

Congratulations, SkullBound!


Prois Extreme Jacket and Pants: Gear Review

Prois Field Staffer and Prois Award Winner Andrea Fisher

Andrea Fisher is on Prois’ elite Field Staff Team.  She was the recipient of the 2011 Prois Award where she won the hunting trip described in this gear review.
By Andrea Fisher
My recent hunting trip to Alberta, Canada proved to be an extreme test of the Prois Xtreme jacket and pants combination! Zero degree Fahrenheit temperatures are certainly a test of ANY outerwear and Prois has really hit it out of the park with the design and features of these two pieces! I can only say I was SO happy to have this quality outerwear, because it kept me outside, hunting, in the treestand and in the blind, warm and comfortable for the duration of my hunt despite severe cold conditions!
Both the jacket and pants are very well constructed of a polyester waterproof and breathable fabric that was quiet, and offered protection from the wind, and insulated with 150 gram 3M Ultra Thinsulate that was perfect for the very cold conditions encountered on the hunt. Both jacket and pants are fully lined with the Prois smooth tricot lining. The jacket sleeves have deep inner knit cuffs that seal out the wind and the cold, and the pants have zippers on the lower legs to help when putting on or pulling off boots. Elastic drawstring closures at the bottom of the jacket could be cinched snug, sealing out the wind and cold, and the elastic drawstring closure at the waist of the pants keep the fit snug, keeping body warmth in. A slick added feature is the safety harness access at the neck of the jacket, allowing a safety harness to be worn under the jacket. The Prois ducktail on the back of the jacket came in very handy, allowing me to drop the tail to sit on, as the treestand seats had fresh snow almost every morning, and the extra layer kept me warm and dry! The jacket has several zippered front pockets, that perfectly held my camera and other small items, and the zippered side pockets are large and roomy. The hood has a drawstring for pulling it closer to the head, and the hood was warm and ample.

On most days, my jacket and pants were worn over my baselayer set of medium weight fleece, and a medium weight wool sweater. This worked well sitting in the treestand in temperatures of 20’s and low 30’s. However, the mercury really plunged and some mornings the temperature was zero degrees Fahrenheit, and I did make some changes to my layering strategy: I first put on a baselayer set of a silk top and bottoms, followed by the fleece baselayer, and wore my Prois fleece vest over my sweater. Then, followed by my jacket and pants. This worked well for me, and I was warm and comfortable sitting in a treestand or in a blind!

The Xtreme series is must-have gear for those hunting in extreme cold conditions! I absolutely LOVE mine and believe me, I will not be without it on a winter hunt! Thanks, Prois!!!!!