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Pheasant Jalapeno Poppers!

Great Recipe from our very own Montana State Co-Coordinator, Margie Nelson! Great for an New Years Eve Party Appetizer!

Pheasant Jalapeno Poppers

Half pound of Pheasant cut into bite size pieces.  These are the reason I keep the whole bird and not just the breasts!  Or use any other type of bird….they all are awesome!

½ cup of brown sugar

¼ cup of maple syrup

½ cup of Braggs Amino Acids or Soy Sauce

12 whole jalapenos

Small can of sliced water chestnuts

Block of cream cheese

Pound of thick cut bacon cut in half (Dailey’s bacon if you can get it)

Tooth picks

Mix the brown sugar, Maple syrup and soy sauce (or Braggs…my favorite) together in a gallon size zip loc.  Put the pheasant into the bag the evening before you make your poppers and marinate over night…or four hours or so, which ever works.

Cut your jalapenos in half length wise (use gloves, or pee with caution) and take a spoon and remove the seeds and inside vein thing.

Take your Pheasant from the bag and reserve the marinade

Take your jalapeno and put a layer of cream cheese in the inside, put on a slice of water chestnut a piece of pheasant and wrap with half a slice of bacon securing with a tooth pick.

Put your poppers on a foil lined baking sheet (for easier clean up) and brush the remaining marinade over the top of your poppers liberally.

Bake at 375 for 40 minutes….you will know when they are done, when the bacon looks done.

Heat, Eat Bon e Petite!

Holiday Prickly Pear Syrup!

Here’s a fun recipe from Montana State Co-Coordinator, Margie Nelson! This syrup is versatile for lots of uses! Here’s a few!

Prickley Pear Syrup

2 pounds Prickley Pears (choose dark red unblemished fruit)

2 Cups sugar

Juice of one lemon

Water to cover

Prickly Pears are known as Nopales, Tunas or just what they are….Cactus Fruit.  You must take your prickly Pears and remove the Pricks…otherwise known as glochids.  I have found the best way to do this is to stick a fork in one end and if you have a gas stove, turn on a burner and slowly burn them off…it doesn’t take much so a bic lighter will do the same trick.  Do not forget to use a fork!  You will spend days trying to figure out where those little pricks are in your fingers if you handle them too much.  I have heard that they will cook and dissolve if you don’t do this step….I always burn them off.

Then just cut them in half length wise, just cover with water and sugar (for every pound use one cup of sugar) and the juice of half a lemon per pound.  Bring to a boil and smash with a potato smasher.  Then let cook for 30 minutes more on low heat.  Run the mixture through a food mill or a ricer.  The seeds in these things will crack a tooth…..they are like little rocks.

Take your syrup and reheat until at a boil and pour into your canning jars and can as usual.  Or simply store in the fridge in a pretty bottle….

If you want Jelly….Take the syrup and add Pectin as per the directions on the box and can.  If you want Lemonade…..make some and add this Syrup. 

I have often used Prickly Pear Syrup on Pheasant or other wild game.  Just baste the heck out of your meats and bake or broil.  Kinda like a BBQ Sauce…but different!

Prickly Pear Margaritas

1 ½ oz silver tequila

1oz cointreau

1oz lime juice

½ oz syrup

Splash of OJ

Shake with ice and pour into salt/or sugar rimmed glass…..garnish with a lime

This is also good with pineapple juice!

Prickly Pear Salad dressing……super yummy

½ cup of Prickly Pear Syrup

1 teaspoon seasoning salt….I like Cavender’s Greek Seasoning

3 tablespoons vinegar

½ cup salad oil…

Shake and pour over a lovely salad of your choosing…..