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4 Days Left to Enter the 2014 Prois Award!


Are you a dedicated female hunter? Do you have a passion for conservation and community outreach? Then YOU could be the next Prois Award Winner…
This year’s winner will go on a 2 species hunt with Mogwadiri Safaris in Namibia in 2016. She will also receive an amazing gear package from Prois, Weatherby, Caribou Game Bags, Swarovski Optiks, Otis Technologies, Montana Decoy, Wac ‘Em Broadheads, Skullhooker, Americase, Hunter Hills Journals, Grubs Boots, Incredisocks, Zamberlan, Icebreaker, Buck Knives and Buckwear!

Prois Field Staffer Alex Brittingham Beams With Success!

Alex Brittingham


“I am so proud of these dogs! JP handled Boudreaux through two more senior passes and he is now 4 for 5 and needs one more pass to earn his senior title. Nitro went 5 for 6 on senior passes and is now officially a senior hunter. He also made it to the 3rd series of his first ever master hunt test in the same weekend… Can’t beat that!”  Alex Brittingham

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Cristina McGannon Denslow Lays Down A Beatiful Buck

Longtime Prois Buddy, Cristina McGannon Denslow gets her beautiful buck!

“What a day! Harvested this beautiful 7 pt buck today. The list of people that had a hand in getting me to this point is just to long, but I am beyond grateful for all the words of encouragement, advice and support that I get as a female hunter. I am where I am today because of all of you. And a HUGE thank you to Robin Egbert for meeting me at the butcher to take pictures and give this buck the respect he deserves. A lot of meat in the freezer (including venison pork roll and jerky) and a day I will never forget.”-Cristina

Denslow's 2014 Buck

Enter Prois’ Newest Photo Contest!

While everyone else is packing it on this fall, Próis gals are packing it out! Click this link and enter your best picture of you packing out your meat and/or horns for your chance to win a Próis Pro-Edition Jacket! If you already have this jacket you can opt to receive a $250 gift card instead. The photo with the most votes wins! Voting closes Friday October 10th! What are you waiting for???

Click this link to enter today!

Click this link to enter today!

Megan DeHaan’s Gorgeous Non-Typical Archery Buck!!

By Prois Hunt Staffer Megan DeHaan


Who woulda thunk….. A few days after I send in my Prois Award entry with a story about this buck I haven’t arrowed yet…..I GOT HIM!!


I had pictures of this buck in our game camera several times before season. I had him patterned, everything was good to go. My husband even saw him opening day and passed knowing that I really wanted to shoot him. The next day I saw him but he never gave me an opportunity to shoot. There was either a tree in front of his vitals or he was quartering too me. I kept trying and after that day he vanished and I thought he would never show up. I went out several times and never found him again, until last night! I can thank my son, who as I left gave me a sticker to wear and said it was good luck. I couldn’t believe my eyes! I had a nice four point come in and I was going to set up to shoot and out of the corner of my eye MY BUCK!!!! My adrenaline was already pumping, I knew the deer were kinda jumpy that night so I didn’t hesitate, I drew back, he walked away a bit, stood behind some trees, it seemed to take forever but finally about a minute after I drew back, he stopped broadside. THWAP!! He jumped, ran to the middle of the field, started getting top-heavy, and stood there. I knew it was a good shot.  I waited and waited to make sure to give him time and it ended up getting too dark to see so I pulled out of there for safe measure. I went back about 30 minutes later and he went about 20 more yards and had died. I GOT HIM!!!!! I’m so elated. As you can see he has an extra split sort of main beam. He sticks out like a sore thumb, so unique I couldn’t pass him up! Thank you PROIS for such Badass camouflage!!!!!! He couldn’t see a thing!!!