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Katherine Grand’s First Turkey, Prois was There!!


After having the time of our lives this past fall at Double B Outfitters on our ladies Prois Whitetail hunt the crazy ladies of Prois once again descended on the sleepy and utterly unprepared town Ozona for another incredible hunt. This was by far my favorite guided hunt to date. My trusty guide Blake Osteen was happy to hike with me for miles daily in pursuit of thunder chickens. I enjoy an active spot and stalk style of hunting so Blake was the perfect match for me. He is an excellent caller and I learned so much about turkey hunting from him.


Prior to this hunt I had yet to bag a turkey although I had hunted the last 4 years although only for a weekend at a time and nowhere that had the density of birds that Double B Outfitters boasts. While hunting with Double B Outfitters I heard and saw more turkeys than I had in all my previous hunts combined. Furthermore my calling was enough to make the bravest Tom turn tail and run. Luckily I got a lot of practice calling in this hunt much to the chagrin of everyone trying to relax at the lodge. On future hunts I will be driven a least a mile out from the lodge before I am allowed to use a diaphragm call.

On the second day of the hunt we were hiking while Blake was calling periodically and suddenly we heard a gobble extremely close to us. We had to post up right where we were when we realized we were covered by two groups of Toms. One group was coming in from behind us and one group was on the hill above and in front of us. We dropped down to a seated position, Blake handed me a shooting stick, and I got in the best position I could given the circumstances. Suddenly I saw the colorful heads of two different Toms on the hill and began to shake and breathe hard in my excitement. I started to draw up my shotgun but Blake whispered words of reassurance and told me to stay still and wait as he couldn’t see the birds well enough yet. The Toms were milling about and gobbling behind some brush and an occasional glimpse of their bright blue, red, and white heads was all I could see. The group that was coming in from behind us gobbled loudly and was converging on us at that same time. Blake spotted a good Tom and my opportunity for a shot and told me to shoot when I was ready. I drew up as my heart was beating a million miles an hour and shot. Blake told me I missed as three Toms from the group that approached behind us took flight over my left shoulder. Without thinking I swung, shot, and dropped a Tom mid-flight. I couldn’t believe it as I saw the Tom I shot at drop from the air like a ton of bricks. I leapt up with shot gun in hand and ran to the Tom lying on the ground. Blake approached the scene and was excitedly laughing and grinning ear to ear at my shot and frenzied run up to my Tom.


Instinct took over for my last shot and I could not believe that I had my first Tom on the ground. The flood of emotions including elation, gratitude, and excitement I felt in that moment was overwhelming. It was such and incredible hunt. Blake had never guided someone that had shot a turkey in the air and was so excited for me and surprised that I had turned and shot at the flying birds before he had a chance to say anything to me. He was still looking toward the bird I had shot at to make sure it was a clear miss when he turned as I shot and saw my Tom falling from the air.


Although the Tom I shot was smaller than the first bird I missed, I wouldn’t change a moment. That hunt built my confidence and I was much calmer when I shot my second Tom, an older Tom that was later nicknamed Rocky as he was a fighter and was missing tail feathers and his wings were all beat up from strutting and fighting. That was a more ideal scenario where I was posted up in a good spot and the Toms came in right where we expected them to.


Not only was the hunting incredible at Double B Outfitters but the group of ladies that attended were fantastic. We laughed until our sides ached, and shared many delicious meals at the lodge lovingly prepared by Kendra and Linda. The lodge was comfortable and well appointed, the weather was perfect, and a fantastic time was had by all. The guides were superb and we made memories together that will last a lifetime. We cannot wait to go back there for our next Prois and Double B Outfitters hunt in Ozona TX.


Prois staffer, Kelly Cohen, took a beautiful gobbler this weekend! Chalk another one up to the ladies of Prois Hunting Apparel.

“Got out to do a little turkey hunting and it was a successful morning!!!! This is probably the prettiest turkey I’ve ever taken. You can bet this will be a full mount on my wall.”





There’s no shortage of laughter to be had when the ladies of Prois get together for a hunt. Whether they are successful or not, they are sure to have a good time. Luckily, this year’s trip was full of both.

The ladies arrived in usual Prois fashion, ready for all they might encounter… They came equipped with shotguns, AR’s, and sombreros… You just never know what you might run into.


Prois Double B Sight In

Amber Brandly Double B

They made sure to do their stretches, check their equipment, and pray to the Turkey Gods before going out each morning…

Prois Double B Hunt3

Prois Double B Hunt8

Prois Double B Hunt7

A face mask selfie before getting into the blind is a MUST!

Double B Hunt

As is “photo bombing” Prois CEO, Kirstie Pike…

Double B Photo Bomb

The trip wouldn’t be complete without the group photo and the “accidental” dropping of Prois staffer, Lisa Jane Barron.

Prois Double B Hunt 10

Prois Double B Hunt11

The ladies of Prois Hunting & Field Apparel would like to thank the crew at Double B Outfitters for an amazing weekend filled with endless amounts of laughter and fun! See you next year!

Prois Ladies Hunt Double B

Kirstie Double B

Katherine Double B


Bridget Krause

Katherine Grand First Turkey

Kirstie Pike Goat


margie nelson turkey1


What do you do when you are too old for Easter egg hunts in the back yard? You shed hunt instead! Here’s an update from Prois staffer, Azura’dee Gaige!

Azura'dee Gaige

“This little evening hike turned out to be a successful Easter egg hunt by myself. Sweet deal.” ‪#‎Proiswasthere‬


Prois CEO, Kirstie Pike, and Prois staffer, Amber Brandly, finished strong on their women’s hunt at Double B Outfitters!





We said “Get the Lead Out”… so they did! The Prois ladies only hunt is underway and these ladies aren’t wasting any time. Katherine Grand and Bridget Krause shot two nice thunder chickens yesterday afternoon. Congrats ladies!

Bridget Krause

Katherine Grand First Turkey



Prois staffer and marketing coordinator, Alex Brittingham, took this nice black bear over hounds a few years ago on the Jicarilla Apache Reservation in New Mexico.

Prois would like to know what YOUR preferred bear hunting tactics are… Spot and stalk, calling, baiting, or hunting with hounds?

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