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the Goat Chronicles- Topo Maps and Reading Glasses…Seriously.

Kirstie Pike
CEO- Prois Hunting Apparel

Seriously…how much time can be spent staring at a topo map?  Well, as we continue on with the Goat Chronicles, I will keep a running tally of the hours Steve spends gazing at lines and contours.  To date- 4.5 hours and counting.  In fact, I am thinking we need to do an intervention.  I received a phone call last night as I was heading out to the ranch- it was Steve.  This was not the regular late afternoon, “How was your day?” phone call…no…it reeked of something different.  The conversation goes something like this…

Steve-  “Hey, what’s happening?”
Me-  no chance to reply
Steve- “Can you pick me up some reading glasses?”
Me-  outright laughter
Steve-  “Seriously”
Me-  “Uh…yeah.  Seriously?”
Steve-  “Seriously.”

OK- so I happened to have my 14 year old daughter with me as we swung by the store.  We were somewhat perplexed.  Where do you buy reading glasses in Gunnison?    This was not a purchase I had made to date.  Safeway sounded promising.  We scoured the store until my daughter made me relent and ask for help.  “Do you have reading glasses?”, I ask.  I was directed to a location secretly nestled between the lottery tickets, the gift cards and the fire logs.  Oh yeah- this was certainly the first place I should have looked. 

I was quite surprised at the amazing selection offered.  As we perused the various styles, colors and options- something amazing caught our eyes at precisely the same moment…ZEBRA STRIPED READING GLASSES with their own handy-dandy zebra skin protective case.  Who could pass up THAT one?  After conferring with various shopping patrons, it was unanimous- roughly 1/8th of the population of Gunnison agreed that Steve MUST have those glasses.  Seriously. 

We presented him with what we felt was the Holy Grail of reading glasses.  Anyone who knows Steve would know that he is seldom, if EVER rendered speechless.  Well, this amazing gift actually left him speechless. 

“Seriously?”, he asked.
“Seriously.”, my daughter giggled. 

There is nothing quite like a rugged outdoorsman pouring over topo maps with Zebra Striped glasses…nor will there ever be.  He logged another 30 minutes!

The Goat Chronicles- Great Weekend Scouting

Unbelievably, our 16 year old daughter has found the great fortune of drawing a highly coveted (and VERY difficult to obtain) mountain goat tag in Colorado.  Might I mention that despite the fact that both Steve and I have been putting in for the same tag for over 15 years, our daughter drew her first year! 

We pulled out early on Sunday morning to get into the high country for some scouting.  The weather was stupendous and held all day…a rarity for Colorado.  We made it into the 13,000 foot peaks before noon and spent a great amount of time glassing the high country for goats.  The area is quite rugged but breathtaking nonetheless.  A 360′ look affords us views of some of the magnificent 14,000 foot peaks located in our back yard, as well as views of the beautiful Tayler Park and Cottonwood Creek basins.  Again, I sit back and realize that we do, in fact, live in God’s country.  After scrambling up the faces and scree fields, we found some promising areas that we will frequent over the next month.  Stay tuned!

Kirstie and Steve Pike
Owners Prois Hunting Apparel

Victory Archery Launches Pink Arrow Project to Battle Breast Cancer!

Victory Arrows Hits the Mark with Breast Cancer Awareness!

Victory Arrows Hits the Mark with Breast Cancer Awareness!

 How do you participate?  It’s easy…AND you don’t have to be a woman!  Simply use the Victory Archery Pink arrows -  that’s all.  Proceeds of sales of these unique arrows goes to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.  Men…by simply adding one pink arrow to your quiver, you can show your support in the battle to stop breast cancer.  So come on…what are you waiting for? 

Did I mention that they are REALLY easy to find in the brush!?  Added bonus, to be sure!

Prois Partners with Bear Enthusiast Marketing Group!



Prois Hunting Apparel for Women is pleased to announce our partnership with BEAR marketing for Public Relation support.  Bear, known for their work with high-profile companies such as Trijicon, Rinehart and Fiocchi, are leaders in the industry and have been promoting outdoor companies for over 40 years.  Prois’ media room can be viewed on the Bear website at