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The Ladies of Prois Are Getting It Done! Check Out Team Turner!

A word from Prois Staffer, Christy Turner
“We had such a wonderful time during Thanksgiving with family and friends out at our Deer Lease in Mills County Texas. I had an opportunity with a Ruger 6.5 Creedmore to harvest a mature Doe and Callie Jo harvested this beautiful Tom with her 22.250
We are feeling very thankful and blessed and Prois was there all week! #proiswasthere

Prois' Team Turner Is Getting It Done!

Prois’ Team Turner Is Getting It Done!

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A Word From the CEO- What Makes the Elevation Vest a Personal Favorite?

By: Kirstie Pike
CEO/Founder Prois Hunting Apparel for Women

Over the past nine years of this company’s existence, we have created numerous products.  Some I love, some I love slightly less even though they are spectacular products.  I typically like to design gear around my needs and hope that resonates with our customers.  The Elevation Vest remains one of my favorite products we manufacture.

How do I love thee?  Let me count the ways…

  1.  This vest has a more streamlined cut and it fits under my jackets better.
  2. The low profile collar makes layering more comfortable.
  3. It is lightweight.  I find this to be a perfect vest for early season hunts where I may need a little more or a little less.  It adds just the right amount of warmth under a jacket in the mornings.  It adds just the right amount of core warmth without a jacket.
  4. I am a huge fan of the Mountain Mimicry pattern.
  5. It is shorter.  While this isn’t something all women prefer, I prefer for the vest to not be so long as to hang below my jacket.  It is just optimal layering for my personal tastes.
  6. I love the small pocket in the back for holding small items that I like to have access to without losing them in the vortex of my pack.
  7. It has an athletic look and feel to it.  It is my go-to vest.
  8. The fleece lining has a great feel to it.
Prois Elevation Vest

The Prois Elevation Vest Is A Favorite for All Conditions.

I prefer this vest for all early season hunts.  Additionally, I will use it in my cold, cold season hunts.  Here are my layering tips for both hunts…
Early Season…layer the Elevation vest over a nice baselayer, preferably merino wool.  Select a mid-weight jacket with windstopper or a rain jacket depending on your climates.

Cold Season…I layer a lot.  And I mean A LOT.  I start with merino bra, merino tank top then merino shirt.  I use the Elevation Vest and cover with the Archtach down jacket.  If conditions are very inclement, I will add the XTREME jacket on top.  Never been warmer!

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