A Word From The CEO- Things That Make You Say, “Huh.”

Kirstie Pike
CEO Prois

Now, I know that all of us at Prois have, well, very unique personalities.  Our office is ripe with oddities, inappropriateness and things I can’t really identify.  Over the years, we learned to pull the most offensive of these oddities out of the public eye because we may or may not have been responsible for some therapy sessions for a friend’s 11 year old son.  Additionally, we have to be cautious with new UPS delivery personnel until we can determine if they will turn me in to the Better Business Bureau.  (Fear not, within a week we have them trained to announce themselves as British royalty when they enter the building.  This is an especially fun game!)

I have become somewhat oblivious to the weirdness of this place as it is our ‘normal’.  Where I used to thrive in environments with rules, regulations and socially acceptable behavior, I now find that environment somewhat oppressive.  Ok, REALLY oppressive.  I feel that if an office does not have larping equipment, a human size Incrediball and a rabbit mascot who is losing his hair…then there couldn’t possibly be good employee morale.  We don’t even need to mention the benefits of a Pepsi machine rigged to dispense adult beverages.

HuhSo today I was walking into the bathroom and literally laughed out loud at the ridiculousness of our decor.  I have walked through this gilded door many a time, but today it struck me as funny.  Somewhere along the line I felt that Wonder Woman was perfect decor for the bathroom.  But why did I feel the need to put a clock in there?  Seriously?  I do like the way it compliments the Wonder Woman poster though.  I feel like it has a feng shui feel to it.  But then…the gargoyle at the door really TRULY makes a statement.  The fact that it was hung by Katherine Grand actually speaks volumes, but that indeed is a story for another day.