A Word From The CEO- Wait, What? There Is A Prois Outlet Store?!?

Prois CEO Kirstie Pike!By Kirstie Pike
CEO Prois

Hey Ladies!
If you are reading this, you clearly have a love for great gear designed expressly for women.  Prois has maintained the edge for women’s performance hunting gear for nine years and we aren’t ABOUT to stop.

So what does that mean, exactly?

Well…stop by our Outlet store at www.proishunting.com to check out our close out deals on items that we are closing out of our warehouse.  Many hunting garments, shooting garments, shirts and logo wear items that are soon to be replaced with some amazing new items.

So…gear up for your shooting endeavors, upcoming hunts or future big game hunts.  Some of our most popular items are now on clearance!  And…stay tuned for future sneak peeks at our brand new lines coming down the pipeline!

Go on…pick up some gear at great prices!

A Word From The CEO-  Wait, What?  There Is A Prois Outlet Store?!?

Shooting Tips!

Here’s a round of GREAT tips from Prois Staffer, Tarra Stoddard!


 We worked on our comfortable STANCE (at home). Closing our eyes with an unloaded firearm & swiveling (from waist up) our firearm and stopping when comfortable in stance on our hung target. Adjusting our eyes open to bulls eye when needed. Repeat this exercise thus building our Muscle memory Sight Alignment GRIP: We worked (at home) on being able to pick up & GRIP our handguns in a ready to fire any time we pick up our firearm. A proper & consistent grip is essential to accurate shooting. Together grip & position are the foundations that allow proper execution of the shooting fundamentals.


Some people aim with their non-dominant eye. For some they don’t have a dominant eye. I suggest just aiming with whichever eye is most comfortable and gives clear sight. If your dominant eye is opposite our dominant firing hand turn your head to aim with dominant eye.


Lining up the (dots) sights together to form a perfect fit. That’s the easy part. Now it’s keeping the sight alignment steady until you can get your sight picture that’s the tricky part! Close your left eye and hold the gun up so you can see 3 dots. What you’re going to want to do is line up those 3 dots so that the dot on the front site is in between the 2 dots on rear sights. Try to make the space between the 3 dots as even as possible. Ideally, all the dots should be perfectly in line and kept in line as you smoothly pull the trigger. Practice keeping your sight alignment steady (with your unloaded firearm, target on the wall) while dry firing.


With your sight alignments steady, focus on the front site. You should ideally place the front site slightly on top of what you are aiming at on your target. This will cause your target to be blurry or unfocused. You should be aiming center of mass (point of aim, point of impact). The aligned sights are placed in the middle of the aiming area. Practice keeping sight alignment steady and the front site on your point of aim while you steadily dry fire. (With your un-loaded firearm & target on the wall)


To breathe or not to breathe, that is the question. Proper breathe control allows the shooter to remain steady to prevent body movement. Believe it or breathing has a HUGE impact on your marksmanship. Learning breath control techniques can insure the ability to take a reliable consistent and accurate shoot each time. Become aware of your natural breathing habits and any changes that occur to those patterns when you are shooting. I believe breathing is a very individualistic and personal decision. It seems there are four techniques to choose from. 1. Take a few breaths to relax, clear your thoughts, & focus on the aiming fundamentals; inhale, then pause your breathing while your lungs are FULL of oxygen and take the shot. 2. Take a few breaths to relax, clear your thoughts, & focus on aiming fundamentals; fully exhale, then pause your breathing, when your lungs are EMPTY of most of your oxygen, take the shot. 3. Take a few breaths to relax, clear your thoughts, & focus on fundamentals; exhale partially (about 50% of air) then pause when lungs are HALF full/half empty, take the shot. 4. Do not pause or hold your breath at all, breath NORMALLY, clear your thoughts, focus on fundamentals; take your shot while breathing. While practicing advanced fundamentals (with a unloaded firearm) after sighting, find your breathing pattern while shooting. Test these techniques and apply the one that best suits you! Happy Practicing!


Trigger control does NOT mean a slow squeeze but a smooth (like pulling your finger through peanut butter) trigger pull. Smooth is steady & steady is smooth. Center the first pad of your trigger finger on the trigger while maintaining optimum sight picture until the hammer falls & the firing process is completed. Dry firing (with a cleared firearm) is the key to acquiring this skill. Trigger control does not mean a slow squeeze to the rear; it means smooth continuous pressure to the rear UNTIL the break point is reached.


Smooth is steady & steady is fast! The trigger finger must pull trigger to the rear so the hammer falls WITH little disturbance to the aiming process. (Imagine pulling your finger tip through peanut butter). Novice shooters can take up to five seconds to perform an adequate trigger squeeze, but as your skills improve, you will be able to squeeze the trigger in a second or less. The proper trigger squeeze should start with slight pressure on the trigger during the initial aiming process. Then you apply more pressure after the front sight post is steady on the target & you have applied your breathe control. You should hold the trigger to the rear for one second after the trigger is pulled. This insures a steady position with reduces the disturbance of the pistol during trigger squeeze.

Prois Partners With Mountain Man Custom Calls for Elegant Glass Over Slate Turkey Call

Coming this week!

Prois is proud to announce our partnership with Bill Fleming of Mountain Man Custom Calls.  All Mountain Man Custom Calls are hand-made and hand-tuned. They offer very realistic sounding calls for hunting. They started with slate turkey calls. We experimented with various materials to match up the sound frequency’s that the actual wild turkey hears. After building numerous callsProis  Glass Over Slate Custom Call and field tests we developed a slate over glass sound board call that works. It is a call that gobblers respond to.  Now, the sky’s the limit and they offer a very wide variety of calls from turkey to duck to deer grunt to box calls.

“We were really interested in finding a custom call that was very effective that we could personalize with the Prois brand.”, states Prois CEO, Kirstie Pike.  “The Mountain Man calls fit that mold.  The calls are realistic, classic and of impeccable quality.  We are happy to have our logo on these beauties!”

Mountain Man Custom calls are just that…custom made.  Each call is hand made one by one on a lathe . Each call has 10 coats finish on it.  This classic glass over slate call is functional and beautiful.  Additionally, they are made in the USA.

The Prois Glass Over Slate Calls will be available on line this week.  However, here is a sneak peak!


Prois  Glass Over Slate Custom Call

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