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Prois Field Staffer Michelle Bodenheimer Takes Mentoring Seriously

Prois staffer Michelle Bodenheimer says, “I cherish the opportunity to mentor my son in the outdoors. Under Oregon’s Mentored Youth program, I am able to foster his love of hunting and all things wild. This weekend he harvested his first ruffed grouse for the freezer. The smile on his face says it all! My Prois Hunting & Field Apparel for Women Archtach Down Jacket helped keep me warm and cozy in the field. Happy mom = happy kid. Really, what more could I ask for?”

Michelle Bodenheimer#proiswasthere

Prois Hunt Staffer Nancy Rodriguez Seeks Shelter!

Prois Staffer Nancy Rodriguez says: “Well round two of my elk hunt has come to an end, and unfortunately I have tag soup simmering on the stove right now. That’s hunting. We battled rain, high winds, fog, and snow. You name it, we got it!”

So, what does a Prois girl do on the mountain top when a storm blows in? She makes a garbage bag shelter and rides it out!! Gotta keep hunting!!!” #proiswasthere #toughconditions #tagsoup #prois #womenshunting #elkhunting

Nancy Rodriguez

High Plains Brush Pants Review


By Azura Dee Gaige

Having a pair of hunting pants that are light weight but also able to deal with burs and stickers is a great

combination. The pants are designed to drape over your boots so it more convenient than having to pick

out stickers in your socks. I would recommend anyone who’s hunting in Eastern Oregon and

Washington, around a lot of sagebrush and hitchhiker stickers, these pants will make the hunting

experience more desirable.

Thank you Prois as Always, Azura Dee Gaige