#proisproud Prois Staffer Cindi Baudhuin Continues To Push The Envelope!

Update from Prois Staffer, Cindi Baudhuin!
“Spent the day shooting my first 600 yard
F-Class match. I had two goals for today, to learn and to have fun. I accomplished those and, taking into consideration this rifle/scope/load combination has only been together for two days, I am pretty darn pleased with my shooting! Posted scores of 185 (3x), 179 (3x) and 181 (3x) with winds that could best be described as bi-polar!”

#proisproud  Prois Staffer Cindi Baudhuin Continues To Push The Envelope!

Safari Tips!

Here’s a round of some safari tips from Prois Staffer & Texas State Co-Coordinator, Stephanie Wottrich!

Tip 1

Get a good import person. I prefer Lynette Lilley with Wells Worldwide Logistics. We have used several over the years, but she has proven to be the best. They will walk your items through customs, accept your items from freight, etc.. .makes your life a whole lot easier.


Tip 2

Have an idea of how you want your animals mounted. You don’t have to be specific, but if there is a chance you want a wall pedestal, or full body, skin it as such. Your taxidermist can always trim excess, but if it’s too short… you’re outta luck. If you want anything as a skull mount (example, I shot a Lichtenstein Hartebeest, I did a full flat skin rug and a european mount.) BE SURE TO TELL THEM YOU WANT A EUROPEAN MOUNT. Often the prep teams over there will saw the skullplate off to make shipping easier and cheaper for you.


Tip 3

Have your taxidermist make you plastic coated tags for all parts of every trophy.The info on the tags should be your name, the tannery name/address and taxidermist name/address.Take WAY more than you think you need, you will want one on EVERY piece of EVERY animal you take, and you will take more than you plan on. Example, Kudu, you want to do a shoulder mount and pillows from back hide… you will need minimum of 3 tags for that one animal.


Tip 4

RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH. SOme countries lure you in with low daily fees – but trophy fees are high… hunt animals in their indigenous lands, you will have better adventure and pay less. South AFrica, while great, is 90% high fence. Know that you will be hunting high fence before going in, so not disappointed if that is not your cup-o-tea.


Tip 5

A lot of my information has to do with MONEY. Which is a big factor on safari. Plan in advance that you will need to pay dip/pack and crating and freight. If in South Africa, the very best is Swift Dip, they have the best prices and excellent quality/turnaround. I have verified with my taxidermist here as well. Many outfitters have “deals” with dip/pack, but if you know in advance, you can make sure yours are picked up by who you want them to be. This can literally make 40-60% difference in cost! Do your taxidermy here. TRUST ME. It is NOT worth it to do it there and ship it. Maybe it will be a little less money, but the quality is not as good, you don’t have as many choices, and you have to decide how you want it mounted while there.

Tip 6

Join Safari Club INternational, get involved with a local chapter (they are in just about every state/region). Not only will you gain knowledge from those who have been there, you can get a good deal on a hunt at the annual fundraisers for the chapters, then you can add more animals, making your budget go a lot further. Plus, you can meet the outfitters and make sure you get along well before you go spend a week with them

An African safari is a dream for a lot of hunters, with the upmost preparation on the forefront and knowledge you can have a successful and safe trip with memories that will last a lifetime!


Prois Teams Up With Raven’s Essentials To Offer All-Natural Backcountry Personal Care Products

Prois has teamed with another great local company, Raven’s Essentials, to offer our customers a plethora of natural personal care items.  These items are all handmade with all natural ingredients to nourish your body and your skin. Furthermore, Raven’s Essentials has launched a new line of Camo Face Paint that is perfect for women with sensitive skin or prone to breakouts.  Together, Prois and Raven’s Essentials have women covered for all of their hunting needs.

Raven’s Essentials was created out of the simple desire to provide pure and natural soaps.  Since its inception, Raven’s Essentials has expanded their offerings. These unique personal care products proved to be a perfect match for Prois.  “Finding quality products that are natural and scent free is a challenge. I loved the products the first time I used them.  They are non-greasy, odor-free and compact.  Perfect for the backcountry.” mentions Prois CEO, Kirstie Pike.  “I am pleased to be able to offer these products to our customers as I truly believe in the brand.”

DRIVEN All Natural Camo Face Paint from Raven’s Essentials is made with seed butter/ beeswax based blended with only natural plant derived oils and tinted with naturally derived inorganic pigments. The tinting provides excellent coverage and is gentle on your skin. It wipes off easily with just a towel. Perfect for the backcountry.

Raven’s Essentials is also excited to bring you Driven Caffeinated Lip Balm. Carefully formulated with the perfect combination of oils and beeswax to nourish and moisturize your lips, while providing long lasting protection without feeling either too waxy or oily. And did we mention CAFFEINE!? That’s right, a nice steady trickle of caffeine to
keep you alert and driven. You will want to reapply often, but not because you have to. No synthetic ingredients are used and are scented with only 100% pure essential oils.  If you are looking for a non-caffeinated lip balm we also carry Raven’s Essentials Lip Balms.

Another of our favorite Raven’s essential products are the Raven’s Essentials Lotion Bars.  Protect your skin from the elements with a hard lotion that is solid at room temperature and comes in a convenient metal tin. Created to nourish your skin with botanical butters, beeswax, olive oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, hemp seed oil and rosehip seed oil; the beeswax leaves a gentle, protective coating on the skin and seals in the other ingredients for longer-lasting
absorption without leaving the skin feeling greasy or sticky and works as a natural barrier of protection from cold and wind.  These bars are perfect to keep in your hunting pack for instant moisture when your hands or skin gets dry.

Last but not lease Raven’s Essentials and Prois have teamed up to bring you Prois All Natural Liquid Castile Soaps. A cleansing and moisturizing soap in liquid form with a Coconut oil/Olive oil base. Hand crafted in small batches, so appearance may vary from batch to batch and separation is normal, just shake! Scented with 100% pure essential oils and free of synthetic ingredients: Gentle on your skin and safe for the environment.  These soaps are perfect for your multi-day backcountry adventures or for at home.

All Raven’s Essentials products are available on the Prois website at www.proishunting.com.  Add some to your shopping cart and give it a try!