November 26th, 2013

Big Box from a Big Box

By Katherine Grand

Kristin loves big boxes

Today was the second time we have received a refrigerator sized but very light box from one of our big box dealers.  When I saw this box I said “I bet it is a couple returned items and a broken fishing rod.”  New employee Kristin Sidelinger was skeptical but sure enough it was!  Apparently a Prois Jacket and a broken fishing rod can easily be confused more than once.  The empty space in the box was filled with empty boxes and packing paper.  The big box employee was far from amused when I sent her an e-mail with the following photos.  Even though the situation is silly, Kristen and I are quite happy to have this epic box in our midst especially since Prois CEO Kirsite Pike is off adventuring in Ireland and we are unsupervised.  Now we have a spaceship, time machine, lion cave, submarine, or anything else our active imaginations can come up with to play with!  Thank you big box store that shall not be named!!

So nice and roomy!


ummmm . . . .

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