November 19th, 2013

Judge Julie Hunts for Hope

Keegan's buffalo!

Prois Pro-Staffer Hon Julie A. Mogenis  recently dedicated her time to a very special cause, Hunts for Hope.  Hunts for Hope is near and dear to her heart because it is an hunting event to introduce children with terminal illness to hunting.  Julie met some wonderful kids, Keegan is a 13 y/o boy with brain cancer, thankfully he is in remission. His mother runs a cancer program that raises money to send prize boxes to cancer kids all over the country called Team-Keegan. The other child was Emma, she has Falconi Anemia. She is wonderful, her growth is stunted due to her illness, but she has such a great spirit.  Keegan
hunted a buffalo, and Miss Emma hunted a Corsican ram. It was truly a blessing meeting these positive children and getting to know them and having the opportunity to share hunting with them.

Emma's gorgeous Corsican ram and Judge Julie

After the children hunted, Julie had the opportunity to hunt a bully buffalo. He was huge.  He was becoming too rough with the ladies, so the herd outcast him. Julie took him with a crossbow at under 30 yards. Beautiful one shot wonder.

Julie's gorgeous buffalo!

The Event the link is:
Bambi Harrell is an amazing huntress with a great background as well.


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