A Word From The CEO-  Prepare for the Prois Olann Line!

By: Kirstie Pike
CEO- Prois Hunting & Field Apparel for Women


Mother Nature nailed it with wool.  Then she upgraded when she made Merino Wool.  With that, Prois is thrilled to announce the upcoming Olann Line of merino hunting gear for women.  The Olann line is comprised of three pieces; a racerback sports bra, a racerback tank and a ½ zip merino longsleeve.  Worn together, these pieces offer support, coverage and warmth in a layering system that can be adapted to any weather.
So why merino wool?  Here’s why…I have long been a fan of merino wool.  I spend a lot of time hunting and in the outdoors.  A LOT OF TIME.  I am out it hot weather, warm weather and freezing weather.  No matter what the weatherman wants to throw my way, I have found that merino is my ONLY choice for baselayers and shirts.  No matter what I am doing whether it is hiking, horseback riding, hunting or enjoying a day on the river, my only choice is merino.  Just in case you want to know why, I shall dutifully enumerate my reasons for the love of all things merino;

  1. Merino feels great on the skin. No matter what thickness of merino you are using, it does not itch.  It’s breathable and luxurious.
  2. Talk about thermoregulation. I have worn merino in -20 degrees and it is by far the best baselayer to use on the core.  Additionally, I have hunted in 90+ degree weather and even though I have been sweaty, I was never unduly warm.  It truly is the perfect baselayer.
  3. It wicks. Wool is great for pulling moisture from the skin and radiating it out.  This helps the fabric dry faster and keeps the user more comfortable.
  4. It doesn’t stink. It simply doesn’t.  I used it to excess during a past bighorn sheep hunt and really put it through its paces.  I admit it.  I stink.  A lot.  Yet, with a 3 piece layering system I never had any odor.  Unlike the synthetics, merino does not trap odor.
  5. It lasts. Merino is expensive.  Yet it is entirely worth every penny.  As mentioned, I use my merino.  I use it a lot.  Yet the pieces I have hold up great.  A couple of older pieces look a little worn, but hell…so do I.  I don’t dry my merino and have found that it holds up an exceptionally long time.


With all of this in mind, we decided to add the Olann merino system to the Prois Lineup.  We believe that women need only the best to enhance comfort and success.  Watch for the release of the much anticipated Olann line later this fall!  Did we mention it will be available in our new Cumbre Veil pattern…exclusive to women!

A Word From The CEO-  Prepare for the Prois Olann Line!

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