April 20th, 2010

Prois’ Transatlantic Correspondent Takes to the Snow With the Defender!

We are always most excited to receive an update from Julie Caddick (Joolz)!  To those of you who know her, Joolz resideds in the UK and has kept us updated on the happenings in the outdoors overseas.  After an especially long winter, Joolz has the following message!

“H”i to everyone over in the USA.   I hope that you are all enjoying the new year.  We continue to hear that this winter has been the “Worst on record in the UK for the past thirty years”.   This, however, all depends on your point of view. Hardship to most people in the UK means not being able to walk out of their house to their car without a coat.  Therefore, the slightest covering of snow brings everything to a stop. We don’t get anything like the amounts of snow that you get in places out there but still it’s enough to cause real hardship for some of our wildlife. Our deer in particular have found it difficult as most of the food that would normally be available at this time of year has been frozen or under snow for the last three months.  Still, they seem to be coping much better than we would if put into the same situation.


I am determined this year to get out as often as I can and enjoy myself with this in mind we have just purchased a Land Rover Defender 4×4 and have just put it to the test this morning.  We set off down to our wood in a blizzard. There were hardly any vehicles on the road and the M1, which is our major motorway (freeway I think you call them), was deserted. It’s amazing what confidence it gives you having the correct equipment to do the job. I am sure that in our old van we would have had to turn round and come home. The countryside was like a winter wonderland with snow falling heavier as we drove along we took our time and eventually arrived at the gate to the field that leads to our wood. There was no sign of anybody being through the gate this morning so we opened it and drove through. The track drops away to our woodland getting steeper as it goes.  We drove about three quarters of the way down and then turned onto the field .


We gave the Defender a bit of a try off road which it handled easily then parked up and walked into the woods. The snow had stopped falling and the temperature began to rise we spent about three hours shooting while the weather kept improving.   Nobody else came down the wood while we were there… their loss not ours!   I was almost disappointed that the roads were clearing as we drove home but at least we now have the confidence in the vehicle that we won’t miss any shoots this year.

Wishing you all the best for the seasons to come.


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